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E-Commerce and Digital Download Solutions For Bloggers

We’re proud to talk E-Commerce with Yvonne Heimann in a Google HOA (Hangout on Air). The live conversation aired Sunday, March 30th, 2014 with Yvonne Heimann, Sheryl Loch and myself. We addressed e-commerce solutions and the benefit of offering digital downloads. Is blogging for profit a concern for you? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Be sure to watch the video (embedded below) for the complete conversation.

Who Is Yvonne Heimann?

Yvonne Heimann of Ask Yvi is a pro website designer focusing on SEO, online privacy, website security and responsive design. Yvonne provides her clients Social Media and Email Marketing services as well as private or group lessons.

E-Commerce & Digital Product Topics Discussed

Yvonne tackled several challenging questions on incorporating basic e-commerce solutions on blogs as well as the prospect of offering digital downloads. Blogging for profit doesn’t set that far in the back of most blogger’s minds and that very topic will lead the discussion today. Listed are several of the topics discussed in addition to the live Q&A session.

  • First, let’s define exactly what we’re referring to when we say, “E-commerce”.
  • Is it better to run a blog separately from an E-commerce site or merge them together?
  • What are some of the better WordPress plug-ins for E-commerce?
  • How much effort should marketers/bloggers put into protecting their digital downloads.
  • How difficult is it to capture double opt-ins from paid customers.
  • How difficult is it to incorporate up-sells into your E-commerce sales funnel?
  • What are a few steps we should take to maximize the initial launch of an E-commerce site or individual digital products?
  • Do you have any market research tips we can use to validate products before we create them?
  • Is there life beyond PayPal and should we look at merchant accounts?
  • How easy is it to setup affiliate members into your e-commerce sales.
  • What has you excited in your business’ near future and how can our viewers find out more about you and what you do?

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Adding Ecommerce and Digital Downloads to Your Blog 

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Hangout Participants:

Yvonne Heimann
Sheryl Loch
Brian D. Hawkins

Your Interaction

Interaction for this live event was exciting with somewhere between 63 and 111 viewers and almost a hundred comments by the end of the show. If you didn’t get to watch live, no worries, the HoA video is embedded above and I’d still love to see your thoughts, ideas, and questions in the comments below.