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Content Discovery Tools Part 2

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Last week I featured Swayy as one of the Content Discovery Tools I use. Today I’d like to share several others tools I use to fill in the gaps. I use these sites and tool to discover great content to share, primarily with Buffer, but they are equally effective for finding great reads, new connections, post ideas and sharable content for any social sharing platform. Before we get started, I just want to mention that I an not necessarily using these tools the way they were intended, at least for the topic of content discovery. For this post, I’m focusing on finding great content to consume and share with our followers; I use Buffer but these tools will work with whatever sharing method you prefer.

Renting attention is easy, earning it is hard. Mike Volpe, CMO of HubSpot (Quote found via

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I’ve been with Triberr for years and, truthfully, I was getting a little overwhelmed with it late last year. In fact, last November I announced I was pretty much dropping everything to focus on Google Plus, YouTube and Twitter – temporarily. My plan was to start working things like Triberr, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest back into the mix after the first quarter of this year. That turned into six months for a couple of networks and I may never go back to a few others. Anyway, I added Triberr back into my routine a couple of months ago and I’m glad I did. I have an entirely different focus when it comes to Tribber than I did previously.

My Tribber Then

In the past I was concerned about reach and the number of retweets I could generate. I was stressed daily tring to keep up with the constant approvals. More than that, I was frustrated with other members adding posts to share that had nothing to do with the Tribe’s topic; things like dog grooming posts in blogging tips or marketing Tribes. Third, I was totally against the re-blogging concept. Dino showed me how to turn that function off and we essentially agreed to disagree on the reblogging concept.

My Tribber Now

Now I’m really enjoying Triberr. I don’t worry about the “numbers” and I focus on the community and content. Reblogging isn’t even a part of Triberr any longer (for any member) and I am super-selective on the Tribes I join. I check Tribes to be sure they’re being run and moderated correctly before joining or accepting an invite. If I see crocheting or baking tips in a social media marketing tribe, I don’t bother joining. So now I get quality content to share within Triberr and beyond. By beyond, as with each of these discovery tools I’m mentioning, I take that same content I like and share it across my appropriate networks using Buffer.

Social Buzz Club

One of the featured I love about Swayy is the daily emails I receive loaded with sharable content and that’s exactly what I get with Social Buzz Club. Social Buzz Club is a free collaborative content sharing system in the form of a membership site where members share one another’s content using a point system. As exciting as that is, the free membership, as far as the point system is concerned, simply isn’t a great use of my time with its 10 to 1 sharing ratio. With that said, the Social Buzz Club is loaded with amazing content by some great bloggers, at least within my niche. Not only do I receive emails with clear titles that I can check out, it’s not much effort at all to earn a point before I sent the link off to buffer. Social Buzz Club allows you to share directly from their site and even has a scheduling feature. I share via Social Buzz Club first (using just one of my Twitter accts) and then open the post up (Don’t forget to remove the Buzz Club frame so you’re sharing the right URL) in the originating blog to share via Buffer or comment. Truthfully, if I didn’t have so much going on in so many accounts, I’d look for sites like Social Buzz Club, and their scheduling feature, and not even bother with Buffer. Another cool thing about Social Buzz Club is when I share through their system, the @ name of the member is automatically included. This is important and saves me the time of searching on their blogs for it.

With over 34,000 members, is a content discovery powerhouse. Without going into the many designed uses of, (discussions, groups, member ranking/voting, events, and jobs), for this post I want to focus on the “Explore” function. There’s enough great content listed in to make your head spin. Seriously, the discussions alone are worth their weight in gold for the trending insights but you will find member-shared content such as:

Wrapping Up

I want to keep this post down to a reasonable length today so I’ll keep it to those three tools listed above but I will, very quickly, list a handful of others that many of you are probably already using.

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I like Swayy too. It’s a nice content discovery engine.
My current content discovery model includes;

  • Feedly
  • G+ Stream

My readers resonate with content I create and curate on social, seo, and content marketing automation tips and techniques.

What’s Your Favorite Way of Discovering the Best Content to Share?

I’m sure the best answer would be to simple create it but since none of us are quite there yet and we want to network and offer the most value for our readers and followers, I wonder what you are using. Are you using and of the “tools” I mentioned or something else? Do you have trouble finding great content? Do you run out of time before you get to the good stuff? I’d love to see your comments, ideas and questions below.