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Finding Shared Circles on Google Plus

Three Ways How To Find Shared Circles on Google Plus

image - Google Plus CirclesMany of us have joined Google Plus and are posting, sharing and commenting but, are not getting much action back. There is no use in doing any of those things if there is no one seeing it so; we need to find more people to talk with. We don’t just want anyone, we want to find people who like the same things we do. Yeah, I don’t like Rap music, I don’t speak Japanese, I don’t own an iPhone, I don’t need to see every animated GIF from the last 20 years…so people who spend all their time sharing about those topics are really of little to no interest to me.

So, how do we find people with our shared interest if we don’t want to sit and look through our friends list for hours? Well, we need to find circles that others have shared and then we could possibly find an entire list of like-minded people just that fast.

  1. One way to find shared circle is to do a search in Google Plus just for that. In the G+ search bar type in “shared a circle with you” (leave it in the quotation marks). That will bring up some post of shared circles from all of the G+ users that posted their circles publicly. Yes, it will still be a heck of a search to scan and find group names that you may want to check out, but it does work.
  2. The second way to find shared circles is much easier thanks to someone that has made a public Google Doc. That list all (so far there are 971) the shared circles they found and they seem to keep adding more. What is great about this list is it is labeled with the circles name, number of members and the originator of the share. BONUS! Now, you can check out the doc at  Shared Circles Google + Doc
  3. The third way to see a variety of Google Plus shared circled is to pop over to the Shared Circles on G+ Page.This is an actual G+ page that tries to pick up shared circles. If you circle the page and then notify them when sharing a circle it will increase the chance of your post getting picked up by them.They also have a “sister” page that is working to share Brand/Business Pages and you can see it at G+ Business Pages Directory.

Please take note that these pages are not officially connected to Google in any way.

Go ahead over and try the search, check out the G+ pages and take a look at the doc list. You may just discover a whole group of people that have your interest and are also looking for more people to talk with.

If you are on G+ and have not tried out the Hangout Feature because you just are not sure how to use it…check out our Youtube Playlist with 4 easy videos of How to Use Google Plus Hangouts!

Let us know if you are finding more cool people to interact with on G+!

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  1. THanks for this great tip! 😀 That’s a huge list of circles! Never knew something like this existed in Google Plus. Thanks again!

  2. Great tip. I’ve never imagined I can drive such a natural traffic from Google+, which has too few members yet.

  3. Such a nice article! I have been always wondering how these things work in G+ when I came to your blog… Thanks to your tips my online marketing process could be more effective, I can reach more people in my niche to get connected with them. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I’m still new to G+ and it has been killing me!
    You can’t imagine how much this helps, thanks a lot. I hope you can write more on the G+ subject, maybe i’ll manage to catch up with it eventually.

  5. Great tips! This is a big help to hype up one’s social media marketing campaign. . .

    Have a great day!

  6. Dan Keller says

    I started getting serious about Google Plus a couple of weeks ago and still trying to figure out the best way to get things set up. I only have about 90 friends in my “blogging peeps” circle so your tips will surely help.

  7. I signed up to Google+ some time ago, but I stopped going there when I realized that no one I know uses it. This post gives me something to do with it besides searching blindly for connections. Thanks for the tips!

  8. It is Mushfique, and it looks like they’re keeping it updated.

  9. Few compared to Facebook Muzika, a lot compared with most social sites.

  10. I understand Stan, I have trouble keeping up too. I’m lucky enough to have a secret weapon though. We call her Sheryl!

  11. It’s not the size that counts Dan, it’s the way you use it. Wait, what? lol

  12. We hope it helps Doug. It sounds like a great opportunity to add new friends. The same friends on multiple networks can be fun but so can finding new friends.

  13. Cristian Balau says

    Good tips and article but I see no point in spending time doing this. Everyone got super excited when G+ went out, especially internet marketers. Now, not even them are active anymore, no to mention about people in the mainstream.

    G+ may have a chance in the future, but for now I don’t see it. I see just another Google social media fail.

  14. Isabel Singh says

    Since Google+ doesn’t rely solely on Circles, there’s every chance it could become extremely popular in spite of them. But I suspect those friend buckets soon go the way of Google Wave, the company’s other misguided read on how people behave online. I am a user of Google + too.

  15. The Doc is great. I loved the huge list. Thanks for Producing it here.

  16. Google+ when launched everyone were excited to use it. But after using it and reviewing, it was clear that it has many loopholes. Due to which internet marketers tried to avoid using it. You have made an attempt to sort how to make a proper utilization of Google+ through your post. Thanks for posting!

  17. Sheryl_Loch says

    Hello Mushfique, I’m really glad people made the list. Saves all of us a whole lot of time. I hope you find some cool people.

  18. Sheryl_Loch says

    Hi muzika, I think we will see more people joining Google Plus everyday. Remember that Facebook has been around for years and just became main stream in the last couple.
    These things take time.

  19. Sheryl_Loch says

    Hi Cindy, I hope you can find a great group full of people that share your interest.

  20. Sheryl_Loch says

    Hello Stan! Just think, you maybe think you are new to Google Plus but…everyone is still petty new. And you are already way ahead of most people just by knowing what it is. 😉

  21. Sheryl_Loch says

    If I am your secret weapon…you are in BIG trouble. LOL

  22. Sheryl_Loch says

    Hi Kevin, finding people with your same interest is so hard sometimes. So here’s to your Great Social Media Campaign of 2012!

  23. Sheryl_Loch says

    Hi Dan, I remember seeing a couple of blogging circles that had been shared in that Google Doc. I sure don’t remember how many people there were but hopefully you can find some new peeps to add to your circle!

    Be sure to connect with Hot Blog Tips on Google + if you aren’t already. Brian knows all the cool bloggers. LOL!

  24. Sheryl_Loch says

    Brian, your “Man Card” is now revoked! LOL!

  25. Sheryl_Loch says

    Hi Doug, I do hope you can find some circles that share your interest. With all of the people joining…there has to be a group just waiting for you.

  26. Sheryl_Loch says

    I thought you went to G+ so you could get away from the same people that were everywhere else?! To bad that I was on Google plus before you so who is the stalker now? LOL!

  27. Sheryl_Loch says

    Hello Cristian, thanks for stopping in and giving us your 2 cents! We like hearing from all sides…it makes life more interesting!

    I think there is a social site for everyone. My husband has been on Facebook for years and thinks it’s great. I could care less if it fell offline tomorrow.

    I love the search capabilities of Google Plus whereas Facebook lacks any real search. I also love the hangout capabilities. So, I think G+ will be just fine. It took FB years before it became main stream and it will take G+ a while to find its feet.

  28. Sheryl_Loch says

    Hi Isabel! I personally like the circles but I do think they seem to scare people off. I have friends that have said “I just don’t get it” and so they don’t want to join. But, my teenage daughter and her friends love how easy they are to separate people and use. My daughter is not old enough to get into G+ on her own but, she can log into mine so she can run pages.

    If they open it up to under 18y/o we may see a whole lot of changes once the kids/teens start showing us how it’s done.

    These danged kids are just a bit to smart! LOL!

  29. Sheryl_Loch says

    Your welcome Mark! Hope you find some cool people in your niche!

  30. sai krishna says

    very nice trick hawkins keep sharing , you are one of the Google plus expert 🙂 thanks for including me in above Blogging Buddies Circle 🙂

  31. Gabriele Maidecchi says

    So far I kinda allows serendipity to decide about shared circles on my behalf. When someone I already have in my circles shares one, I decide wether to take the chance or not.

  32. I have a Google+ account and currently I’m still learning on how to use it and this post is really helpful.

  33. Hi Sheryl,

    Today that Google is including profiles of G+ in searches – people and pages – more and more important is to have a strong presence on Google plus 🙂

    So good tips to find new people there, especially the third option!



  34. Sheryl_Loch says

    Hi Joey, I think with the new search result choices that Google has started rolling out today…we will see more marketers and bloggers learning to use G+ just for the benefits.

    I think many online people don’t like it because the have to post manually and there is no auto posting from site feeds…that is 1 reason I love it. A person has to actually go there and post rather than just send links that they will never pay attention to. Automation can ruin interaction.

  35. Sheryl_Loch says

    Hello Gabriele, thanks for stopping in!
    I have been watching my friends circles also. Yet some niches are having a much harder time finding people. Google is rolling out new search options and connections may become very important. Just keep adding people ya like and have shared interest.

  36. Sheryl_Loch says

    Hi Ernest, glad the post was helpful. Just keep messing around with your Google Plus and you will find the best way it works for what you need.

  37. Sheryl_Loch says

    Hi Gera, I was reading about the new “You and the World” search just a little bit ago. I am so excited to see how it works. I haven’t personally seen it in action yet.

    I think Google Plus is going to be part of every sites networking…even the people who don’t really like it now…may soon change their mind.

    So yes, have a good strong presents there will be important.

  38. Shared circles can be very useful to find people of same interest. This will help in grow their business more efficiently. On G+ there are many influencers which forms groups. One should join the group which posses similar interest in the topics which one’s blog contains. This will help in making business more popular. Thanks for the information! Nice post!

  39. Eric Gehler says

    Awesome Job on the Website thanks for the tip. Might have to throw a guest post your way for a One way No Follow No G+ Relevance Link Bait idea…

  40. Anonymous (Read Comment Policy) says

    I do think that using shared circles Google + Doc can be the best variant and actually it can be done in no time. So as for me, then this is also the easiest way

  41. I am new to G+ as a lot of people out there :). You are right, even this takes time, Facebook did not become this popular over a night either. Thank you for these valuable tips. Cheers!

  42. Rizwan Sultan says

    Google plus is great way to interact the peoples on Social Media we can gain good traffic from it and mostly blogger are in contact with circle that’s a good point for blogger to make a good relation with other partners.

  43. You know ever since I signed up for Google Plus I haven’t really given it much time like I would like to. After reading this, I will have to take a closer look at who’s following me and try to get a handle on the like interests and such. Great tips!

  44. I’m so goofy. I’m still missing the shared circles concept. I assume it’s to find people interested in the same things you are, but wasn’t that what Sparks was supposed to be, which turned out to be a major disappointment to me?

  45. Sheryl_Loch says

    Thanks for stopping in Megan! Yes, finding the right people in your niche is very important. I tend to make useful and knowledgeable comments on Google Plus post and that has gained me some new connections.

  46. Sheryl_Loch says

    I agree, that doc is priceless!

  47. Sheryl_Loch says

    Hi Emillia! Yes, everyone is pretty much a newbie on Google Plus. I find the more I am on it and trying things out…the more I learn. It has taken me forever to understand how Facebook works…truthfully, I still don’t get Facebook. I’d rather use a good ol blog or forum than FB. LOL

  48. Sheryl_Loch says

    You are right Rizwan. Finding and connecting with other people who also blog about your interest gives you a chance to find new blog partners for guest posting and brainstorming ideas. It’s all about building a good relationship that benefits both parties.

  49. Sheryl_Loch says

    Mitch, Mitch, Mitch… Sparks was for popular web news stories…circles are for people and pages.

    If I publicly share a circle that I call “PIMA” then everyone can see who I consider a “Pain in my ass” then they can decide if they would like to take the entire circle and add it to who they follow or they can just pick out certain people they want to add to follow.

    I just went through last night and sorted and renamed my circles so they would be very specific when I go to share them. (You were not in the PIMA circle) LOL!

    I also got rid of (uncircled) a bunch of people who I circled back but they never do anything but post their own crap. If someone isn’t interactive…they better post really freakin good stuff or they are gone. I want good info sharing and interaction not just blasting.

  50. So… you create a circle and put, what, names in it, topics, links, and then broadcast the circle out to the public and they can subscribe to a circle?

  51. Sheryl_Loch says

    When you find someone (on G+) you want to connect with you “Add them to a Circle” (follow). You can make a circle and name it anything you want so, I have circles named “Bloggers”, “SEO People”, “SEO Pages”, “Video”, “Friends”…if someone is a blogger that I want to connect with then I put them in the “Bloggers” circle. If they do Video then they go in that circle and some people are in 2 or more circles.

    I can then simply share that circle. I can share it with another circle, a single person or just put it out publicly. That way others can find people I think are cool in a certain subject or niche.

    The best part of having good organized circles is that I can click on a circle (in the left column of your G+ page) and see only post they (people in that circle) have sent out. I do that when I am looking for something specific.

  52. Hi Sonia, don’t feel bad, I’m struggling with all of the social networks. Well, except for Twitter. Twitter and I were made for each other.

  53. How do you share a circle? For instance, if I have a circle called “bloggers” and I decide I want others to see those people, what do I do?

  54. I’m glad I read that Sheryl, I had no idea people could add themselves to a circle. So if I share a circle with the public, anyone can just barge in a become part of my circle?

  55. And what if someone in the circle doesn’t want others to see them, is that in the settings? Like, say Mitch is in your PIMA circle (Sorry for throwing you under the bus Mitch lol) and you share it with the public, does Mitch get a say in whether or not others can see him?

  56. Sheryl_Loch says

    People can NOT add themselves to a circle. They can add people you share to one of their own circles.

    So if I share a circle with you (or public) then you can see all the people in the circle and decide if you also want to “follow” them but you can NOT add people to MY circle.

    All G+ profiles are public so if someone doesn’t want others to share their name…they need to delete their G+ profile. In other words…I share a circle that I have you in…you are out there and TS if ya don’t like it.

    Mitch, To share a circle you go to your Circles Page, Drag the circle to the upper section and drop. Now the spot where that circle was will have text to EDIT, SHARE or DELETE simply click SHARE and it will pop up in a box and you can pick who you share with and add a message then post.

    OR if you don’t see the Share option there then Drop and drag as before and look in the Upper Right for text saying SHARE THIS CIRCLE!

    ps. Mitch I just shared a circle with you on G+ so you can see it.

  57. Just checked it out. So, I can add people in that circle to whatever circle I want to, just adopt that circle & give it my own name, or leave it be and just view the circle for what it’s worth? Is that circle always available fro that point or just from the time it happens to be in my stream?

    Wow, what lessons Brian & I are getting tonight! lol

  58. Sheryl_Loch says

    Yes, you can take the entire circle and name it to have as your own or pick single people and add them to a circle you already have.

    It will always be as a post I shared with you and Brian.

    HINT!!!! A shared circle will NOT update!
    So even if I add more people to the circle I shared…they will not show the circle (it will ONLY show the people that were included at the time of the share).

    I would have to reshare the circle at some point so you could see the new people.

  59. Interesting stuff; thanks.

    Meanwhile, we need to talk Brian into extending the threads for replies lol

  60. Sheryl_Loch says

    OOOOO! I wondered where the REPLY button went a few comments up. I never thought of there being a reply limit.

    See, there are somethings I am just totally lost on.

    I also hope his comments get indexed. LOL!

    As for your tweet about answers bringing on more questions…that is because I have this stuff in my head and I could speak and tell you but the writing it, I’m not so good at.

  61. Hey Brian:

    I have really done much with G+. I guess as usual, I am way behind.

    I do appreciate the sources you provided. I will definitely start working on finding good circles that match well with me.


    – Rick

  62. I am sure you are totally qualified to write a guest post. Brian is picky but, I think you’ll be ok. LOL

  63. Absolutely Eric, anytime. Give us the word and I’ll set up an author account whenever you’re ready.

  64. It’s true. I commenting on Google plus several times but it always don’t get anything back benefits.

    Now, I’m only plus new post Google plus but not to comment which I believed is waste of time and really appreciate to share this post.

    It’s actually increased a bit of people who are in my interest added to my circle. Thank you.


  65. Thanks Rick, Sheryl always does a great job. In fact, I’m convinced she’s ahead of everyone when it comes to keeping up with new tactics and trends that really count.

  66. Hi Ferb, hopefully finding more like-minded people using shared circles will help improve the interaction and social experience of Google Plus.

  67. Just what I was looking for, Brian; thank you.

  68. Sheryl_Loch says

    Hi Rick, you are not way behind. You are actually ahead of the big crowd that will be coming to Google Plus. G+ doesn’t have “that many” members yet and many of those members are not even trying to figure out how to use the site so see…you ARE ahead!

  69. Sheryl_Loch says

    Hi Ferb, I think making good connections with people interested in the same topics as yourself will improve the benefits of G+.

    Just remember that if everyone decides they are not going to comment on other peoples post then it will be a very boring place.

    In fact, I just Uncircled a whole bunch of people that I never see comment back to anyone. If I feel all they do is post their own things then I figure they are not reading anyone elses and therefore are kind of useless. So find a few things to comment on each week so you keep your name out there and if your comment is good, people will take notice. It’s not a race…we are in this for the long haul.

  70. Thanks Ana, I appreciate you stopping by.

  71. @Brian Hawkins: thanks for suggesting such a great tips, I’ll do it.
    @Sheryl_Loch: Do this is wrong, do that is wrong, What Im gonna do?

    I think thing I can do is to Plus people who minded and interested to the same topic as I.

    Provide valuable suggestion on every comments.

    Just like what you said: “It’s not a race… we are in this for the long haul”

    Thanks to @Sheryl_Loch and once again for @Brian Hawkins

    P.S: Did you know My Blog Guest? I joined and asking for Guest Author and it works great and immediately, I got an email asking for guest posting on my blog.

    ferbwl is my profile name and see you in My Blog Guest dot com

    Have a great day!

  72. Yes you are right mushtque
    i also don’t know about it.

  73. Good technique. Like this and have just shared to my G+.

  74. Abhi Balani says

    Hey, it’s great.
    I’m on G+ from a long but not getting much out of it. And I really didn’t know about finding shared circles. Thanks

  75. Sheryl_Loch says

    Hello Abhibalani, thanks for stopping by Hot Blog Tips!

    You are not alone when it comes to sharing circles on Google Plus. Most of us are still learning how to get around and use all the tools.

  76. Holy cow. I wish I would have seen this like 2 months ago when I got my G+ page! Heading over there now to work on this stuff. Love it.

  77. Thanks for the info! I signed up for Google plus a while back, only found 6 people I knew and it told me I was too unpopular to enjoy Google plus so I should add more friends, lol.

    Time to give it another chance I guess

  78. Steve, I try to connect with different people on different sites. I figure that if I already follow you on Facebook, Twitter…then I don’t need to see you post the same stuff on G+ also.

    Don’t be afraid to circle and comment to strangers that seem to post about your interest.

  79. Just getting active on Google Plus and trying to learn how to use it more effectively. These list, especially the doc helps a whole lot.

    Thanks for sharing.

  80. Hi Jay, I haven’t used that doc in a long time, so I m not sure how active most of the people are that are listed. But, you can always use the search on G+ and find all kinds of topics, then just check out the people involved in the active threads.

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