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Flashpaste Copy Paste Utility – A Time Saving Resource

Flashpaste Copy Paste Utility Review
& Commonly Misspelled Words List

image - Fashpaste Copy and Paste UtilityFlashpaste($) is a very cool advanced copy & paste utility. I’ve been using Flashpaste copy paste utility daily for years now and it helps when I’m writing content for my blogs, filling in profile information, submitting my blogs to directories, logging in with passwords and so much more. Flashpaste allows you to paste text, clipboard history and even use macros almost everywhere.

I recommend a program like Flashpaste for strings of text you use often. For example, whenever I am filling out my profile information on membership sites, forums or social networks, I simply hitΒ Control/i and I’m in business. I scroll down to find the appropriate text and then click. The information is pasted where ever I need it. Site URL, description, keywords, my avatar URL, and even my bio. Ever have to scramble to find your correctly formatted link to post in a forum? Flashpaste copy paste utility makes that a piece of cake. You simply add it to the database and it’s handy whenever you need it.

I even use Flashpaste copy paste utility($) to make me look smarter. lol I read and write all day long and I still can’t spell worth a hill of beans. I used to keep a text file on my hard drive with a list of words that I typically misspell. Every time I wanted to write an article I would pull up that file to reference for those words. Now I have added those same words to Flashpaste so there’s no need to dig around my files for that list. It’s as handy as clicking two buttons on my keyboard (shortcuts). BTW, I am adding that list of commonly misspelled words (by me, anyway) for you to use anyway you see fit.

Commonly Misspelled Words List [Download]

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  1. Thanks for the share. It is my first time to hear about Flashpaste. I will try to use this anytime this day. Surely to save more time.

  2. Isabel Singh says

    Flashpaste is really a powerful and very effective way to save so much time for you. And i believe that this tool helps us to avoid misprints.

  3. I havn’t tried this software, I usually use wordweb to check my spelling mistake if I have any doubt. But it’s really looking very useful and easy to use.

  4. Hello, Brian!
    Very informative article, thank you for it. In modern, so to say, fast world, we are always in a hurry. And especially when we are typing some information, we can have many misprints. I know it from my own experience)) And I not always have much time to change it. And in this case, I hope that Flashpaste will help me greatly. I’ll use it with pleasure!

  5. Definitely helpful…! using it frequently

  6. It is my first time to hear about Flash paste. I will try to use this anytime this day. I am sure it save a lot of time..Thanks for sharing great ideas.

  7. Julie Hayes says

    Is it like an upgraded version of autofill add on of Mozilla?

    • Hi Julie, It’s not an autofill, it’s a copy and paste utility that allows you to store different text so you can bring it up whenever you need it with just a couple of clicks. Auto fill is something entirely different.

  8. Honestly, this is the first time I heard about that and I am consider it trying it. And what I like the most is that I think this is going to save a lot of time:):) niceee:)

  9. Hi Brain,

    Flashpaste sounds very useful to speed up writing and minimize errors.

    I’ve using memokeys for a similar task, but it’s an outdated program and I need a newer one. I’ll take a look on this case.

    Thanks a lot for mentioning on your newsletter! πŸ™‚ I’m trying to combine my techie side with my foodie side, isnҀ™t easy. My next pillar post will be more clear about it.

    I’ve just received it and love the layout also in two columns!



    • Hi Gera, I haven’t heard of MemoKeys until now. I looked it up and it seems similar. If I’m reading it right, MemoKeys has a different set of hotkeys to remember for each set of text. Flashpaste has just one hotkey and then you select from the popup menu.

      No problem on the featured spot on our Newsletter, just recognizing excellence πŸ˜‰

  10. Wow !! First time i heard this tool πŸ™‚ Thanks Sir Brian, I might try this one. I am using Firefox all the time and using an addon (Autofill) similar to this one, although i haven’t tried flashpaste, somehow i think they are similar. πŸ™‚ I will definitely try this one πŸ™‚

    Thanks for this tip sir Brian πŸ™‚

  11. I haven’t used this software before but I know how bad a misprint can be. I can’t spell for a hil-o-beens either so this may be something I need to look into. Also any product that saves you time in turn saves you money. afterall… time is money. More time = more money

  12. Sounds useful! Especially because browsers that are supposed to have cool in-built spell checkers, sometimes randomly stop working (Firefox, for example). There’s nothing worse that when it kicks back in and half your text is red underlined! :S

  13. Flashpaste sounds like great time saving software, def. worth a try, thanks!

  14. I’ve been using Flashpaste for about 6 months now – would never go back! I think something like this should be built into the OS as standard though really.

    Good work on spreading the word on Flashpaste!

  15. Ifham khan says

    An amazing tool for copy paste really time saving

  16. Commonly Misspelled Words List is cool. Me too always messed up with some of those words. In wordpress editor Alt + Shift + N helps me.

  17. Wow, this is really a great tool which really helps for the people who wants to type faster πŸ™‚
    I just downloaded this tool. Its awesome.
    Myself developer, i can simply copy paste images, code, flash and everything.

    Very thanks for sharing awesome tool.

  18. Very nifty little utility.. I will have to check it out. It is definitely a good resource and toolbox for developers.

  19. Nice little tool Brian πŸ˜€

    I know Internet marketers and bloggers have tons of things to fill in. Things like forum profile, email addresses, passwords, etc. If we have to type them in manually, it can be a huge time consumer.

    I personally use the default feature of my web browser to remember the information. But it’s not safe in case of viruses and spyware. So I think this tool is a great alternative!

    Thanks for sharing this Brian, I appreciate that!


  20. It seems like it’s similar to Roboform but with this software, i think it’s way better since there are more functionality compared to Roboform.

  21. Beluga Caviar says

    Well, this plugin obviously sounds amazing! It is a huge time-saver to have certain words already in the clipboard. The misspelled word-list is useful too, but I think everyone should customize it for themselves as we don’t make the same mistakes. Thanks for all your help!

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