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Update – Post Archived
I apologize but this post is no longer relevant and/or out of date. It is kept online for archival reasons and may or may not be updated one day. I invite you to our Home Page for the most recent and best articles we offer. Thank you, Brian


Today’s Video for Bloggers topic is about using Free Screen Capture Video Software.

There are a variety of uses when it comes to screen capture software. This software will allow you to video tape and record sound while showing your computers desktop. It comes in very handy when bloggers want to show their readers how to use programs, websites or software that will be seen on their computers desktop. You will also want to use screen capture if you want to share something like a Power Point Demonstration with voice over.

If you have ever tried to use a web cam or any other type of video cam to record what you are doing on your desktop then you know it is a royal pain in the butt. You get glare, the cam is in the way, and you have very little control over where your pictures are focused.  That is why we send many thanks to the very smart people that thought of, designed and build this type useful capture software.

There are sooooo many types of screen video software that I will not go through each one. In fact depending on how much money you want to spend, what kind of computer you have and general ability all comes into play when choosing what software to use. So, here are a few that you can check out. If you are new to video and using screen capture, I suggest you try out a few of the free ones and just get the feel for what you like and don’t like. No need to spend big money for something until you know what you want (or ever).


*** Techsmith offers a very easy to use screen capture video software called Jing. My fast and easy review –

If you are new to screen capture then this is one to try. They offer a free version and a paid version. The free version does NOT auto upload to YouTube but you can save the file on your computer and it is very friendly with most editing software that will let you auto load to YouTube. The paid version is only $14.95 a Year and will allow you to video and then push button to YouTube.


UPDATE – 29 Oct, 2015: I get a “harmful program” browser warning when visiting so I’ve have removed the link on this page. Please visit at your own risk.

*** Hyper Cam is also freeware. Brad really likes this one when he tested it. So here is what he had to say about HyperCam –

“This is pretty robust for a freeware, there like anything new takes a little time to learn after a few times using it things went very smooth. The screen capture even in full screen mode was smooth and the audio was good. The help files are in a windows format so must people are familiar with the way that works. When the AVI file was saved you could find in My Documents with ease. I can recommend this to use.”


*** CamStudio is Free and was not one of Brads favorites. It is recommended by many people but there are a few things you need to know 1st. Here is Brads thoughts on this software:

“Recording with this seemed to work very well. But when I went to find my files they are in hidden files on my computer C:\Users\[Your Profile Name]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Camstudio. Since these files are hidden you need to do this first. The AppData directory is normally hidden by default in Vista so to make it visible, you go to: Start > Control Panel > Folder Options > select the ‘View’ tab >

The instructions directed me to this location and I still couldn’t find the files. So what you need to do is go to Options > Program Options > Name of AVI Then change it to “Ask for file name” and save the AVI somewhere else.

This was an experience I personally didn’t particularly like and can’t recommend.”


*** Blue Berry Flash Back is free and seemed good for Brad, here is what he said:

This seems so far to be a great application. It did take a bit of searching to find out how to have the controls visible. Testing the avi export i5t works but there may need to be a volume tweak.

It is similar to hyper cam and also saves in my docs. You do need to register, even the free version after 30 days. No big deal it’s still free.

The format is working on their browser window and there are functions that I haven’t even discovered yet. Recommended.”


UPDATE – 29 Oct, 2015: Sadly, Screenr will be retiring Screenr on November 11, 2015.

*** Screenr is free to use and is all done from the Screener website. For this review I will use Brian’s review that was posted on our forum. Here is what he had to say:

“Their slogan Instant screencasts for Twitter falls short, in my opinion, because it’s much more than just Twitter. I recorded my screencast (including audio), tweeted it, downloaded a copy in MPEG-4 Movie (.mp4) format and uploaded it to YouTube without ever leaving Yep, I’m pretty impressed. Now we can record screencasts without programs such as Camtasia. With that said Screenr doesn’t even compare to Camtasia but it gets the job done quick, easy and free.”

There are a few of what seem to be the most popular free screen cast software programs. I am sure that you can find one that is easy and convenient for you.

I could have done a video of how each of them work but that seemed redundant since there are how to’s about each of them on their home sites.

Now just plug in a microphone and start trying out the screen capture programs. If you are just starting out then, you don’t need to worry about making a “professional” presentation. Heck, open up anything on your desktop and start flipping pages and talking about what you are doing.

Pretend you are showing your Grandma how to send/write email. Go to your Flickr account and flip through photos while talking about what each one is. Just practice working the screen capture controls, play your video and see how and what your voice sounds like yes, this all starts off as playing around until you feel you are ready for the real thing!

HINT! If you have a YouTube account and would like to upload the practice video but don’t want anyone else to see it then just set it to Private! To do this, Once your video is uploaded, Go to Videos in your YouTube “back office” account, Check the box next to the video and click the Actions Dropdown above it. There you can choose to make it a private video.

Leave us a comment and tell us what Screen Capture software you use and why you like it! No Affiliate links please!

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  1. Great Post! I love the reviews and the fact they are free. This should help up and coming bloggers get into video and that’s what it’s all about.

    I actually have a very old version of CamStudio (Camtasia Studio 3) and I was always unhappy with the audio level. I even tried several computers and headsets but the audio was always weak. That was long ago and they’re up to Camtasia Studio 7 so I’m sure that issue has been addressed by now; at least I hope so, it’s three hundred dollars! That price tag alone shows the value of your reviews.

    • Sheryl_Loch says

      Ya know Brian, I feel there is no reason to spend money on a product that you may not use or may not like so, always try out a few for free. Then if you like doing screen capture you can look at investing in one and know what to look for (likes vs dislikes).

      Most people like the Camtasia but the price tag is a put off especially for people just getting started.

      Yes, the whole idea here is that bloggers just need to get started. To many guru’s tell you to do video but show you all their expensive equipment and that can leave people with the idea that they can’t do it if they don’t have all the fancy gear…I say Bull shit!

    • Sheryl_Loch says

      Hey, I LOVE the new Video Tips Graphic!!! I either missed it the other day or you just snuck it in.

  2. Hey Cheryl, I use Camtasia on the Mac and I think it does a great job. It even uploads it automatically to youtube in HD. Apparently it doesn’t have as many features as the PC version but it’s good enough for me.

    • Sheryl_Loch says

      Hey Sire! Glad you stopped in and let us know that you are happy with Camtasia (on the Mac).

      I know that many people PC & Mac love Camtasia. I haven’t used it because of the price tag. I did see that if you are a student you can get it for about 1/2 price so, maybe I’ll head back to school and get me a copy.

      Never mind, I have no urge to go back to school even for a discount. 😉

    • Hi Sire, I’ll upgrade to a Mac eventually and I will probably be looking to you for the best compatible software for video and every other task we perform as bloggers. I want one bad, just not twice the money bad. lol Someday I’ll go ahead a splurge though.

  3. Isabel Singh says

    Hi Sheryl! I really like what you have stated and suggestions here about Screen Capture Video. Thou i never tried this, it is really worth a try because it is free right? Anyway, Thanks for letting me know this stuff.

    • Sheryl_Loch says

      Hello Isabel, thanks for stopping in and commenting!

      You just never know when a screen capture video may come in handy. Since all the software we talked about here is free…it gives you a chance to check it out with nothing to loose.

  4. Never tried any software for this purpose but I’ve noted down… may be I need it in future. 🙂

    • Sheryl_Loch says

      Hi Aaron!

      It’s always great to have a little knowledge when you need it. I don’t use screen capture very often but, I do know it is an option.

  5. Great post here! I personally use the free version of Jing. I find it a bit time consuming especially since you need to convert the file to a file that’s compatible to youtube. I will definitely will check out hyper cam since it seems to be Brad’s favorite. Thanks for sharing a lot of great resources here ! 😀

  6. Sheryl_Loch says

    Hi Pj, thanks for stopping in and letting us know your thoughts about Jing!

    File conversion is always a pain. It seems like it takes forever if you are waiting to get back on your machine.

    I honestly couldn’t tell you how long the conversion and upload takes. When Brad goes to bed, I fire up his machine and just let it go while I do things on my own machine. Yes, it is kind of cheating but…;-)

    Be sure to let us know if Hyper Cam works better for you.

  7. I have used Hyper Cam for a long time. It has a lot of advantages and it’s free. Recommend!

  8. I have used TechSmith SnagIT before and was impressed with its performance. It got a lot of options and very easy to use. Jing would be a great addition to your tool set if you want an effecient screen capturing tool 🙂

    • Sheryl_Loch says

      Hello Herbert, thanks for stopping in! We always like hearing opinions about products and techniques others use.

      TechSmith has some great products for sure. I haven’t tried SnagIT in a long time, I think it only does still picture capture while Jing lets you video and add audio action. I could be wrong…as they may have updated SnagIt since I used it.

      • SnagIT was our choice that time since we dont do videos that time. 🙂 As of now, most of my friends uses Camstudio for their youtube stuff 🙂

  9. I never heard or use these things but it sounds good and these software can make video for youtube?

    • Sheryl_Loch says

      Yes James they can make videos for you to use on YouTube and other video sharing sites!

      Go ahead and try them out, you might just find a great way to share things with your readers and the ones listed have free options.

  10. Hi Sheryl, I’m always doing screencasts and Screenr is really handy when I want to demonstrate how to get something done quickly. But when I want to do something more elaborate I use Screencast-o-Matic. It’s such an awesome tool for screen capture and they are adding new features frequently. The free version includes their watermark but the pro version is only $15 per year. It’s well worth the investment.

    • Sheryl_Loch says

      Thanks Ileane for the BONUS screen cast video tool!!!

      I have never heard of Screencast-o-Matic so I will have to check it out. I like that the Pro/paid version is still very inexpensive! No need to stress or break the bank when there are products that work great at an affordable price!

      I knew there were more programs out that people used…I just picked the ones I had used or heard the most about. Hmmm, guess that is why we love commenters! 🙂

    • I love your videos Ileane. I’ll check Screencast-o-Matic out. Do you have an affiliate link? Feel free to post it here.

  11. I could have done a video of how each of them work but that seemed redundant since there are how to’s about each of them on their home sites. ”

    You can make these movies and give them a personal note. Just to highlight the pros and cons.

    • Sheryl_Loch says

      Hi Radu, thanks for coming by and commenting!

      At some point I may do a video for them but right now I am so far behind on my product videos that I need to get caught up there before I take on another project. LOL!

  12. Praveen Rajarao says

    I use Gadwin for print screen and it works pretty well for me, never had an urge to look for anything better, but now i think i will try these out. Thanks.

    • Sheryl_Loch says

      Hello Praveen! Glad you stopped in and took time to comment!

      I think Gadwin only does still capture rather than video/audio (I’m not sure). This is my fav part about communities…we can all see recommendations from others! I know I can’t keep up on all the products out there so, I rely on others to share.

      Go ahead and give some of the others a try…they are free so it will only cost you a little time and it may just be something you need/like/want.

  13. Kristina L. says

    Hi, Sheryl and hi, Brian!
    I usually only use the CamStudio, and so far I don’t have any complaints. I never had problems with the “missing” files concern, but maybe that is just me. As for the others, I heard about them, but still CamStudio files all my requirements. Nevertheless, thanks for sharing those other video suggestions, it’s always good to know about more options.

    • I Kristina, I’m a big believer in, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it”. If CamStudio does everything you need then it’s probably better to stick with that one. That way there’s no time consuming learning curve to deal with. Thanks for the input.

    • Hello Kristina, I agree that if it’s working, then stick with it. Sometimes learning a new program takes far longer than it seems to be worth.

      A lot of people use and love CamStudio. Not sure why we had problems. We must have something conflicting. But, I’m glad that you get it to work fine!

  14. Wez Bailey says

    Thanks for this amazing review and compilation. I was actually looking for a software that will allow me to prepare some onscreen tutorials for my students. I have Camtasia already but never really used it, I might use the others that you mentioned here.Thanks again.

    • Hi Wez, It’s always nice to here that our blog is helpful to a few readers. I really appreciate Sheryl for putting this fantastic video tip series together for us. Don’t forget to subscribe, there’s more to come.

    • Hi Wez! Glad that you can put this info to good use.

      Being able to “walk through” a program to show people step by step is a great asset. It also helps take away the Fear of trying out something new for those that may be a bit hesitant.

      If you want to share the tutorials with only certain people…you can set a video to only be accessed with a link you provide. Of course, if they share the link then others can also see the video but…it gives a little privacy. Otherwise just leave it public and anyone can use/see/share your training.

  15. sai krishna says

    i already used cam studio.its does not have lot of features.may be so many alternatives available for it

  16. Thank you so much for these tips Sheryl! I have seen some websites/blogs that do this, but of course had no idea how they did it. We are trying to come up with ideas for videos for our blog and since our website is about people using our online service, it would be a great idea for us to create a video tutorial on how people can navigate and find information on our website, so you’ve given me an idea to go back to the boss with 🙂

    • Hello Andrew, thanks for stopping in!

      I know that if a site has a training video or at least an “inside” look at what it does or how to use the product/site, I am MUCH more likely to use it myself.

      There are times when a person will complain or leave a bad review about a product just because they can not figure out how to use the product. With a training video you could be saving yourselves a LOT of service emails and bad reviews.

      When your sales go up and service calls go down…you can get that raise! Just remember that Brian and I only want a small cut. LOL!

  17. that’s awesome! I’ve always wanted a way to somehow record what’s going on on my computer, but I guess I wasn’t quite sure how. this way I could basically teach a colleague how to use certain software features via youtube with less frustration….

  18. Hi Gregory, glad you stopped by!

    Yes, yes, yes! Why spend so much time walking each person through the basics when you could have an easy access for all of them at any time?

    It is sooo hard to get everyone together for 1 training time when they can all pay attention. With video, they can go see it when it is best for them and not have to interrupt your day (or night).

    You can set your videos on YouTube to only be accessible through a link if you do not want just anyone to view it. Yes, that link COULD be passed out by others but, it would still give you some privacy.

  19. Hi Sheryl, glad to be part of your community 🙂

    Thanks for your comments regarding the training videos, and I completely agree with what you are saying. Some people take longer to figure out how to make their way around a website, and instructional/training videos should really help them out with that. I’ll be sure to ask for the raise when they see the positive results, and I won’t forget you and Brian 😉 I did just find out from our tech guy that the company has already purchased the Pro version of Jing, so we should be in good shape to get started on these videos soon!

  20. Hi Jully, that seems like a nice program. Whatever works, right? It looks like Macvide ScreenCap has a price tag of 39.95 USD or a trial version that restricts video files with a watermark. Personally, I prefer to find quality free programs when possible.

  21. Those list really free? i always love to try free serviced, thanks for sharing and i think i try it now.

    • Sheryl_Loch says

      Hi James, yes those listed all have free options. Some can be upgraded for a small price so it will just depend which screen capture program you like best and how many videos you plan on doing.

      I am a firm believer in trying out the free options 1st. For 1 thing you get to see what you like or dislike about the program so you have a better idea of what you want if and when you do put your money out.

  22. I used Jing and then Camtasia Pro for a couple of years, I recently switched to Mac and I think Quicktime comes with screencapture out of the box on here….

    Great series!

  23. I’ve been using Camtashia and it was recommended by a lot of my fellow bloggers. I like how the system works and the interface is really user friendly. It might cost you a lot for a video maker software but its worth its price.

  24. I’ve been using Screencast and Camtasia for months now. I would love to try it out and check which one is better.

  25. After reading this post, I am so eager to use hyper cam. You have recommend this. So i think it will be fun. thank you!!

  26. as for me, i prefer to use this nice tool, it records screen in great quality!) but thanx)

  27. Noel Addison says

    This is just what I am looking for Sheryl_Loch. I’ve been looking for free screen capture video tools that I can use for creating tutorials. I am glad that you made this special favor for us.

  28. I will give Camstudio a try! It seems to be a nice way to use screen saver.

  29. This is nice idea. I personally use the free version of Jing. I find it a bit time consuming especially since you need to convert the file to a file that’s compatible to youtube. Thank you.

  30. Sheryl_Loch says

    Hi Natalie! The free JING is a great option. It does take a little more time, but it can be well worth it if you are getting traffic.

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