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I’d like to introduce you to a free online resource called Peek. Peek will review the usability of your website or blog, your website on mobile, or your mobile app. You simply enter your website URL, your name and email, and one of Peek’s reviewers will get to work on creating a short five-minute video review for you – absolutely free.

Peek allows you to run up to three Peek usability tests every month. Once you receive your video link, you’ll be able to download the video in case you want to upload it to a site like YouTube.

Peek is a free service by where their paid service provides more in-depth usability testing.

Give Peek a try

  • Request your test
  • A reviewer tests your website usability
  • Receive a link to your video in your inbox!

What to expect from your site review

You should receive your website review within a few hours depending on the demand at the time of your request.

A reviewer will create a 5 minute video while they answer the following questions using a mic and Peek screen recorder software:

  1. What frustrated you the most about this site?
  2. If you had a magic wand, how would you improve this site?
  3. What did you like about the site?
  4. How likely are you to recommend this site to a friend or colleague (0=Not at all likely, and 10=Very Likely)?

Quality? As you can see from the review I received from Peek, the quality can be a little low as far as the audio; at least that was this particular result. To be fair, I’m sure quality depends on the reviewer. Well, it is free, right? For a review with a little better audio, see one for my book review blog.

Become a Peek Tester

You can apply to become a Peek user tester. Peek pays $10 per Website test and $15 per Mobile test but don’t get your hopes up, there’s a statement on their site that says they have more user testers in their database than they have work opportunities.

Did you do it?

If you gave Peek a try, leave a link to the video in the comments below, I’d love to see it.

I have friends who will critique me much harder than any review.
~ Wynton Marsalis

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  1. Becky Goddard-Hill says

    Oh i used this and thought it was rather fab!

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    I would love to try this one.

  3. Jasmin Noor says

    Very good thing.
    It will be really helpful if we try this out.

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