The Future Of Social Media

The Future Of Social Media And Why Speed Is of The Essence

Do you feel an ever increasing urgency to build your social media following and influence? Do you feel you’re just spinning your wheels on Facebook? If not, allow me to share my thoughts on the matter and why I think it’s imperative we build big and build fast… The Future Of Social Media.

The Big Three – Facebook, Twitter, & Google Plus

Social media is big business and the World certainly knows it by now. It’s no longer an online thing that people play with – it’s big business. With public offerings, massive capital, properties galore and every Tom, Dick and Sally trying to understand how it plays into their business, we have an advantage that may never come around again.

  • Facebook, The Lost Cause
    After eight years of social media domination, Facebook filed for its initial public offering (IPO) and there’s been a storm of drastic changes that impact businesses, bloggers and marketers in a very negative manner.  It’s no secret that Facebook intends to continue and probably even accelerate its revenue generation model when it comes to business.  Want to be seen on Facebook? Break out your checkbook.  Tweet: Want to be seen on Facebook? Break out your checkbook. via @HotBlogTipsAdrienne Smith

    Facebook Is ALL About The Money ~ Adrienne Smith

  • Twitter
    Twitter recently went public in the open market and Twitter’s business model revolves around ad revenue. Twitter doesn’t seem as aggressive when it comes to swinging the change hammer as Facebook but it’s no secret that profitability for Twitter isn’t coming as natural for them either. What’s the future hold for businesses when it comes to Twitter? Your guess is as good as mine but I think it’s just a matter of time until things get a little more “complicated”.I’m pretty active on Twitter (Follow me on Twitter) and it is consistently Hot Blog Tips’ leading referral source from social media sites.
  • The Big G
    Google’s I.P.O. is old news as the nine year veteran continues to push its major properties under the Google Plus umbrella. There’s been a lot of push-back from users but Google Plus seems to have the brightest future (at the moment) for bloggers and small business. With personalized search and the power of Google’s merged tools, Google Plus should be on all of our “do it big” lists.

Stop Playing With It

If you’re serious about your business, then do business and take advantage of the social networks that are allowing exposure, traffic and influence without forcing you into a paid advertising campaign. If Facebook has taught us anything, it should be that sitting on our hands and waiting for opportunity is a very poor business model. Tweet: Sitting on our hands and waiting for opportunity is a very poor business model. via @HotBlogTips

Who Wins With Facebook?

Facebook wins, of course, but it’s not dead to business; not by a long shot. Businesses that pay win but so do businesses that understand the value of real interaction, especially on Facebook. Brands that built large and solid followings still do quite well on Facebook. Don’t get me wrong, they are affected as well but not to the point where they have to pack up and go home.

With that said, however, I recently heard Peter Stringer, the Boston Celtics’ Sr. Director of Digital Media say  (about 23 minutes into the podcast) that Facebook has impacted their Facebook page to the point of a 2% to 3% reach of it’s 7.2 million fans (likes). In fact, we’ve been hearing this same story from businesses of every level.

The Future Of Social Media

Okay, we have no idea where this big ball is rolling but we do know that it will always be fueled by profit. There’s nothing wrong with that, profit is good. Will Twitter begin filtering our Tweets unless we pay? Will Google Plus expect business to purchase via AdWords to get significant exposure on its mega social media platform? We simply don’t know but it seems like common sense would dictate three things…

  1. Don’t count on any single social media site.
  2. Build it quickly and reap the rewards while they’re available.
  3. Get your social connections on YOUR list right away.

Summary, Conclusion, and Action Step

I believe algorithms similar to what we see on Facebook will eventually become the norm across all major social media platforms so now is the time to build those as big and as strong as possible. Build Twitter, Google Plus, and any other network that fits your brand into strong external communities and focus hard on bringing them into your list. Those that had already accomplished that on Facebook before we heard of “Edgerank” were leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else when the reins tightened.

Your Thoughts?

That’s just my two cents on the matter and a major reason why I have decided to change my focus for the first quarter of 2014 on Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube. Are you taking advantage of social media to the degree you feel possible? Do you think recent challenges will continue until social media sites just become the new ad agencies for business? I’d really love to see your thoughts on the future of social media when it comes to business, bloggers and online marketers.

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