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How To G+ Hangouts On Air (HOA)

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image - Start A Google HangoutOn May 16, 2012, The Hot Blog Tips newsletter was about the benefits of doing interviews and I want to add an idea to Brian’s news tip.

As of May 7, 2012, Google Plus has been rolling out Hangouts On Air to its users who are 18+ years old. The HoA option is available in 40 countries worldwide. This means that many G+ members can now hold a Hangout while they broadcast live. The live recording is then uploaded to the Hangout Owners YouTube account. The video can then be embedded on any web page for viewing. <–Can you say BONUS???

Now how cool would it be to do a live interview and then have it as a recorded video? As you know, a video is super easy for people to grab and embed on their sites so you could be seen in more places than if you had a text only interview on your site. <–Another BONUS!!!

Step By Step – I’ll Show You How To Hangout On Air

Ok, before you get all giddy and run off to do an interview on your new G+ toy, there are a few things you need to think about….

1) You must verify your YouTube account via SMS before you can do Hangouts on Air. I THINK that Google may be able to send an SMS to a landline if you don’t have a text enabled mobile phone.

2) If you don’t already have a YouTube account associated with your G+, when you start the verification, it will have you set up an account right there.

3) You will want to have a name or logo on your Hangout video in case people pick it up. Your webcam may give you the option to add a logo or you can use an app such as Hangout Lower Third. This app will need permission to access your account and you can disallow at anytime. Also keep in mind that when you use this app you can put in your name and or brand. The “logo” it shows will look backwards to you, but it looks fine to the viewers and others in your hangout! Can you say mirror?

4) You will want to name your Hangout something short yet specific so people will know what it is about if they just happen to pop in.

5) You can NOT just send Hangout on Air invites to the Public or Extended Circles! You will need to invite your circles or you can invite particular individuals.

6) The hangouts on air can only be associated with the YouTube account for your Personal G+ account. Pages do NOT have the HoA connection to that pages YouTube account! If you want to do a Live Hangout for your company or brand page there is an option to do so and not have it viewed on your personal YouTube account.

You will want to make a post on your blog where you will embed the video (I’ll tell you how to embed the live broadcast later). You can then send the link to that post to your people and tell them the date and time you will be broadcasting live on the page.

Once you are ready with your people in the hangout, then you can see the bar at the top of the page where it has a link to the video on your YouTube and you will also be able to get the embed code for the video. Now, grab that embed code and toss it on your premade blog or webpage so, people can watch the broadcast there. You will then start the Live Recording.

Tip: Have your page/post made and be logged in to your website so, all you need to do is paste in the embed code and hit update.

7) Once you are done and hit Stop Broadcasting, then your video will start processing. Remember that the longer your hangout is, the longer it will take to process. There is a 4 hour limit on recording!

8) You can go ahead over to your YouTube account and edit all your META data so the video is ready. You can also edit as you do any other video (if your recording is 2 hours or less). If you are going to use this video for a brand and do NOT want it available on your personal YouTube channel then mark it private!

Tip: You may want to go to your web page and edit in a note stating that the Live Broadcast is over, but the recorded video will be up ASAP. You will especially want to do this if you set the video to Private and will be moving or editing that may take a little while.

9) Now, if you want the video on your brands YouTube account, then you can download the video and reupload it to the brands YT account. Just remember to go back to your web page or post and change out the embed code for the video so the views count on the brands YT and if you marked the video private on your personal account then no one can view it even on the web page or post.

TIP: Once you have the video downloaded you can place it in your own editing tool such as Power Director($) if you want to add an opening, cut out parts, or do your branding.

And there you go, you are now free to go and give the Hangouts On Air a try. If you do not have the option of HoA yet, they are rolling it out, so just give it time.

Oh as an added note, if you are thinking about playing a video during your live hangout – don’t; the volume doesn’t seem to work. People can see it if you screenshare it, but no one can hear the video.

Over To You O’ Great Reader

Ok, now leave any comments or questions below or tell us whom you are planning to do your first Hangouts on Air interview with!

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