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How To Get YouTube Annotations Back After Connecting Your Google Plus Page And YouTube Channel

YouTube Annotations URLHave you connected your Branded YouTube Channel to a Google Plus Page and now the Associated Website will not allow you to use an annotation to link out? Are you getting a message that says Please enter a valid URL? This is a little glitch that you will need to correct in order to get your annotation access back. The following is a step by step how-to guide to correct the problem.

Associated Website Issue Once You Connect YouTube To Your G+ Page

Go in to your branded YouTube Channel and even if there is a green “button” saying Success€ next to your Associated Website, you will need to click the Remove button. Now, you should have no URL showing (To find Associated Website, go to Channel Settings, then Advanced).

Setting Up Your Associated Website

How to setup an associated website once you have connected your branded YouTube Channel to your Google Plus Page.

Here is how you can get the website to associate with the YouTube Channel again. The instructions below are ONLY if you are seeing the above message and have connected the G+ Page and YouTube Channel.

You will first need to set up a Username and Password for the YouTube Channel that is connected to a G+ Page.

Step 1 – Setting up Username and Password

To set up your Username and Password:

  1. Go to the Google Plus Page that your YouTube Channel is connected to. Make sure you are using it as the Page.
  2. Go to the Upper right (next to the Avavtar) and click the little down arrow.
  3. Click Page Settings.
  4. Now scroll about 1/3 down and you will see “Third Party Tools”. Here is the Pages Username and you can click to setup a Password. <- Save this new email and password in a safe place. You may also need it for 3rd party apps.
  5. Log into Webmaster tools as YOU the OWNER of the website you want to connect to. Take the looooong email address you have from setting up a Username and Password and add it as an OWNER. This should be enough to associate the website to your YouTube Channel.

I was told it was better to double verify but it should work without doing this 2nd step, so it is up to you.

Step 2 – Verification

  1. Now log out of all accounts as YOU.
  2. Log into webmaster tools with the long email address and its password.
  3. Go to MANAGE€. In the Dropdown click €œto Change or Verify User€.
  4. Now you will Click to Verify User by Choosing a method.
  5. Take the code (I used HTML Tag) and place it in the <header> of the website you want to associate with your YouTube Channel that is now connected to its G+ Page. There are 4 Verification Methods so, choose the one you want.
  6. Then choose VERIFY on the Webmaster Tools page.

Now go back to the YouTube channel you were trying to connect and put in your site URL in as the Associated Website. It should give a green button and be working as verified. Now, you should be able to link out with annotations to the Associated Website.

If you do NOT have your G+ Page and YouTube Channel Connected, and you are a YouTube Partner, to associate a Website go to and follow the instructions to Verify.

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  1. Nice job Sheryl, thanks. I’m testing the comments, someone said it wasn’t working for them.

  2. I haven’t done this yet Sheryl but thanks for this tip.

    I had no idea that the annotations would be removed when you uploaded it to Google+. Now see that’s just strange because Google owns YouTube so you would think everything would remain in place. Obviously not right!

    Okay after reading through this it seems like a pain but for now a necessity. Okay, at least for now and hopefully they’ll fix this glitch soon.

    Thanks again and I’m bookmarking this just in case it’s not fixed when I do this.


  3. Hey Sheryl,

    I don’t really have a Google + account so I didn’t really encounter this problem. But even though that’s my reality, I still find this article useful for those who are having the said problem. I will share this with my friends so that they may also share this with their friends who may have a Google + account.

  4. I figured there were no comments because very few people have done the beta Youtube and G+ Page connection.

  5. Hi Adrienne, it isn’t that all your annotations are removed. The only annotation that is effected is the Associated Website site one. So, people who make the connection and do not follow the above steps, will not be able to link to their website with an annotation.

    I know that very few people have done the Google Plus Page and Youtube connection, but for those that have…they will be screaming and cussing when they can’t link out to their site. (Ok, I was screaming and cussing until I figured it out). LOL

    The G+, hangouts and Youtube teams are working hard to make the entire process easier. Connecting the sites literally moves your Youtube channel, so we can figure there will be some glitches.

    Thanks for stopping by and if you do decide to make the connection and get stuck…give me a yell.

  6. Hi Farrell, thanks for stopping by.
    I hope that Youtube and G+ will get glitches worked out soon, but until then, we just have to do whatever it takes to make things work.

    Many people do not yet have G+ Pages and very few of those that do have them have tried connecting them with their Youtube.

  7. Hi Sheryl
    Thank you for sharing this great post. This two steps have done the trick. I want to express my great gratitudes for sharing the tips. I had connected my youTube channel with my Google+ account and I lost all the annotations I had created on my videos. Thank you for this tutorial as i have successfully done it and they are back.

  8. Hi, thanks for giving the good tip. I’m new to blogging world. Obviously, i’m going to start my work on YouTube too. You gave the good tip for bloggers. Thanks.

  9. Good piece of info. You are the first one who paid attention to this issue. I was looking to read something of that kind and didn’t find any decent post! Thanks!

  10. Thanks for this Sheryl, been trying to sort this out for a few hours now! All fixed up now and I am very happy! Thanks, keep up the great content!

  11. Thanks – I never would have gotten this working without your article. You’d think that these instructions would be included on YouTube’s help for associated websites (

  12. Hi Naomi, I am glad this helped. Sometimes the help on those forums is a bit outdated or even non existent.

    Thanks for stopping in!

  13. Hi Charles, having a happy reader makes me happy!

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