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Google Plus Content Recommendations For Mobile – Very Powerful

Content Recommendations Forbes ExampleGoogle just announced a very cool mobile feature that would rival anything you might find on the latest Warrior Forum offers. Seriously, if a popular marketer had released a plugin like this, we’d be lining up on the sales page to get our hands on it. No worries though, Google is the developer and there’s no cost involved – other than the technical knowhow.

Google Plus Content Recommendations for mobile is another HUGE reason to get very serious about both mobile and G+. Just like we see in Google’s personalized search, a little avatar of someone we know recommending content is a no-brainer.

I’m not going to rewrite everything Google has already put out but I will mention that the recommendations work in both iOS and Android. You can read about the details straight from Google but one thing that really stood out for me, on Google’s announcement, was this little statement;

For example: Forbes visitors can now more easily discover other Forbes articles based on Search Authorship signals and other articles with lots of Google+ activity (including +1’s and shares).

Wow, “articles with lots of Google+ activity (including +1’s and shares)”? Can you think of a better reason to get very active on Google Plus?

UPDATE: New How-To Video

We installed and activated G+ Content Recommendations this weekend and I shared the screenshots in one of this week’s hangout videos:
How To Install Google+ Content Recommendations For Mobile

How The Mobile Recommendations Work For The User

Naturally, I had to run over to with my Android and try this tool myself. At first, I wasn’t able to get the recommendation feature to show itself. All I was seeing was a little ad running in the footer. It turns out the Google recommendation section doesn’t display (On Forbes) until you scroll back up; at least that’s how it worked for me. So you scroll down the page a little and as soon as you scroll back up, you get the little G+ Logo in the footer (replacing the ad in this case) along with interactions from people in your circles. I haven’t tried it while logged out of Google but you are still supposed to see the recommendation when logged out.

When I clicked on the G+ logo, I was sent to a customized Google Plus feed that shows all of the articles posted by people I have circled.

How The Mobile Recommendations Work For You

This is pretty powerful, in my opinion. Want to try it on your blog? You have to have authorship and a Google Plus Page. You’ll also want to be active in Google Plus so if you’re still playing full time on Facebook you might want to reevaluate your strategy.

To get the content recommendations to work on your blog, you’ll need to add a line of JavaScript and then activate it in your Google+ page dashboard. You’ll also be able to make changes from your Google+ page dashboard such as how the recommendations appear and which pages they shouldn’t show up in or which recommended pages to omit. Start with Content recommendations for your mobile sites.

Is It For You?

Can you see the potential of this powerful recommendation feature? Is this something you’ll try on your blog? Wouldn’t it be cool to have it on all versions of our blog? Does this amplify the importance of Google Plus? Are you concerned about mobile traffic? I’d love to see your comments below.