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Is Grammarly Too Expensive? How I Got 40% Off Grammarly – Audio

How To Get 40% Off Grammarly EVEN IF You Already Use grammarly

In this post, I’m going to show you how I saved 40% on a Grammarly annual renewal subscription by finding something cheaper.

No, this isn’t a post on leaving Grammarly, I ended up keeping the writing assistant at a discount. Keep reading, I’ll explain everything.

🎯 New to Grammarly? First, if you don’t already have the Grammarly writing assistant, the rest of this article won’t apply to you until next year because you can already get Grammarly with a 40% discount right now. And yes, I recommend you at least try it. Get the free version and see if it helps you look like a blogging superhero like me.

Onward James! 🐴

I’ve been using the Grammarly writing app since 2015. I love the Grammarly online writing assistant. I use the Chrome extension on the Brave browser. It certainly has its quirks and hiccups, but it works for me.

Image - Grammarly in 2015

Back then, December 2015, I paid $68.98 for a one-year subscription. I’m sure that was a discount, even back almost six years ago. The problem is, for me, that price goes up after the first year.

Today, Grammarly is even more of an expense at $29.95/month or $144.00/year. As a blogger, that is a steep price to pay. I’m not taking in huge book advances like a popular dystopian novel author, although that would be amazing. I’m just a humble blogger trying to show the world I have stuff to say.

Anyway, after paying $29.95/month for the last nine months (Over $269 since January 😱) for my Grammarly subscription, I decided it made sense to just pony up and pay out the annual cost of $144.00. That was scheduled to come out of my account tomorrow. That cost has been bugging me for weeks.

For one thing, I noticed new users were getting a 40% discount on their first year. I understand the idea behind giving things away, either for free or at a discount, to get people hooked. After all, dealers have been using that business model in schoolyards for how long? Just sayin’.

Enter AppSumo.
No, this isn’t about AppSumo.
Hang on, I’m telling a story here.

Anyway, I’ve been buying this and that on AppSumo (Here’s $10 to get started with AppSumo *Aff Link), so I decided to see if there were any alternatives to Grammarly.

And there is, Linguix Writing Assistant (*Aff Link) with a $49.00/year deal. After watching several YouTube reviews, I bought it.

I figured I’d save $95, cancel Grammarly and live happily ever after.

Nope, life’s never that straight forward.

I logged into my Grammarly account, said good buy and clicked the ‘cancel subscription‘ button. After another click or two, I was offered a 40% discount.

💲 Now, after the Grammarly discount offer, tomorrow I’ll be charged $86.40 (Just $7.20/month) rather than $144.00. 👏🏻

So, I either saved $57.60 with the 40% off or I wasted $49.00 on Linguix Writing Assistant, I’m not sure which.

Or, did I keep Grammarly plus gain Linguix Writing Assistant and still save $8.60?

Either way, I’m excited to have both for a year.

Now I have another cool blogging tool to review once I get into the thick of the program and decide if Linguix Writing Assistant is anything close to Grammarly’s AI-powered writing assistant. Fun stuff.

(I’m writing this post using Linguix Writing Assistant right now. Before I publish this article, I’ll turn that off, turn on Grammarly and see if it finds anything Linguix Writing Assistant didn’t. I love this kind of thing.)

Here’s How I Got 40% Off My Grammarly Renewal

This is what I did. I’m just documenting what I did. I’m not saying you should do it or even that you can. I mean, if you are sick of the high cost of Grammarly and were seeking an alternative, as I was, perhaps you might find the same discount offer. I don’t know.

🤔 Honestly, I could have probably gained the same deal by contacting them and asking for a better deal. Just guessing.

First, I started the cancel process.

Image - Cancel Grammarly Subscription
I clicked ‘Cancel Subscription’ in my Grammarly dashboard.

The next three screens are Grammarly trying to determine why you’re canceling with an attempt to possibly keep you as a customer. At least that’s what happened to me.

Cancel Grammarly Screen 1 of 3
Image - Cancel Grammarly Screen 2 of 3

It was on the third screen where I checked the box “It’s to expensive” and was instantly offered a 40% discount off an annual renewal subscription. 🥳

Image - Cancel Grammarly Screen 3 of 3
Request 40% Off Screen
Grammarly Image - Discount Applied-popup

A pop-up and a confirmation email let me know all was good in the world once again.

Image - New Grammarly Subscription Details
Grammarly Confirmation Email

I hoped this helped, Hawkins Out.

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Partial Image Credit: Sara Torda on Pixabay

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