The Great Rank Debate

The Great Rank Debate, Is It Finally Over?

The Great Rank DebateOkay, it’s settled, Google’s toolbar PageRank isn’t going anywhere. We’ve been hearing for years that Google PageRank is on its way out and, I hate to disappoint everyone, Google’s Matt Cutts just squashed that rumor.

The PageRank debate is partially logical with a little jealousy mixed in. I agree that PageRank is outdated and its importance seems to be diminishing. With that said, have you noticed who screams the loudest about PageRank? That’s right, those without it; or at least those with less than they feel they need. I’ve said it before, numbers do count, like it or not.

So is the Great PageRank Debate finally over? I seriously doubt it. Now that we know Google will keep it’s toolbar rank around for awhile, at least until browsers no longer support it, we’ll continue to argue what the numbers mean and how important they are. Hey, we don’t want to get too boring, do we?

Here’€™s Matt Cutts€:
Why don’t you turn off the PageRank feature in the Google Toolbar?

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  1. Brian, I just love Matt, he is easy to understand and keeps it simple. I’ve wondered about that as I had heard it may disappear. I also heard there was going to be an update this week on pagerank but I have not seen it, you? I don’t think it’s as important as it once was with so many factors playing into the SEO puzzle today.

  2. Yeah, quite an irony reasons to show a page rank tool. Your opinion is similar to mine, that makes me think that i also not bed in seo stuff)) thanks for the viseo)

  3. My page rank went up with the latest update, but I swear, my Google traffic went down. Go figure.

    I try to keep my head down and not worry about page rank too much. As long as it’s decent, I must be doing okay, right?

  4. Hi Brian, I’m not sure about Google and all the rumors but I’ve stopped paying attention a long time ago. I am to busy trying to run my company and just don’t have time to keep up with true and not true. I just follow authority articles like yours and feel it’s good enough for me.

  5. Hi Brian, I agree with you that the people who complain the most and the loudest about Page Rank are the ones who don’t think they have enough of it. As much as I like Matt’s videos I still get the feeling that there is something he isn’t telling us about PR. I say that because he mentioned Internet Explorer but we all know that Chrome is the most popular browser now so why did he even go there…..

    Anyway I can honestly say I never saw a site with a high page rank that had poor content so there is still some value to it. I also think it’s really hard to tell the different between a PR3 and PR4 but then again, I’m not an algorithm. 🙂

  6. Peter Mutiso says

    As you argued, Pagerank might not be that important in terms of driving traffic to your site. I have seens site with a Page Rank of 2 having a lower Alexa Ranking than sites with a higher Page Rank

  7. I don’t care about Page Rank as it is getting crappy now a days. Instead I would prefer an increase in Search traffic rather than the Page Rank itself….

  8. Brian, it’s good to see Matt keeping on top of these rumours.

    However, I actually wish it would go away because it’s useless.

    It doesn’t update frequently enough to give a clear indicator of anything and it doesn’t realistically show the power of a page or website even at the best of times.

    There are just so many more ranking factors, filters and other updates that have happened.

    What I would LOVE to see is the internal page rank Google assigns to websites and pages, that would be interesting.

  9. Well, I have a lot to learn on this subject. I know page rank is important to many, but appreciate this article on the topic. The one thing I have noticed about page rankings are the pressure it puts on some – almost like a competition to get the highest ranking in one’s niche. Thanks for sharing.

  10. HA! Good to know! I’m sure most people are happy to know it’s staying. Pagerank is a constant reminder for myself to keep your eye on the prize and to always be working on improving my PR! It is a bit daunting to keep up with the algorithms, but staying on your toes in this type of marketing is important!

  11. Omg!

    The page rank discussion is getting very annoying and I don’t mean this article!

    The forums are down right a joke about this type of discussion lol

    I understand to be aware of it and it doesn’t hurt to have a great number, but c’mon.

    It is not going to get you money 🙂

    Readers and loyal followers are Brian.

    I know you understand this quite well 🙂

    Great article!

  12. Google usually updates its technology every now then before SEO masters can really get a hold of what they want. Their objective is not to allow any SEO expert to settle down.

  13. I appreciate this news, since PageRank is something that can be improved fairly easily as long as you are willing to put in the time and sweat. I much prefer this type of system than a ranking algorithm in which we are left completely in the dark, don’t you?

  14. I am glad that PageRank will be around for a little longer. I am not sure what it means exactly, but Like Ileane said, sites with high page rank tend to have good content.

  15. I try not to let it bog me down. Like Alexa, it only affects your bog if you let it. Just hunker down, produce quality content and some how, some way Google will find you. That’s my experience.

  16. I have never used the Google Toolbar yet and really wanna try it out to see what’s interesting about this.

  17. Hi Lisa, I like Matt too. I’ve had a couple of people say they did’t care for him and I don’t get that, he’s a very likable person on his videos. I know he can’t tell us everything we want to here.

    As far as the PR updates, since I’m a week behind on these comments, other than hearing it on Barry Schwartz’s video I haven’t seen it.

  18. That’s best Carolyn, worrying about pagerank is pointless. I wrote a piece a while back that numbers do count but Matt Cutts himself has said that PageRank is one very small factors among many factors for search.

  19. No one can argue with the results Brian, you’re doing an amazing job. And you are absolutely right, numbers like these are a waste of time if we’re not running our blogs to begin with.

  20. I thought the sames thing Ileane, If they own the most popular browser, why would Chrome not allowing the toolbar to be an issue, just fix it. lol I know there are several good extensions that show PageRank,

  21. That’s because the ranking methods are completely different Peter, you can have one without another. Both can be manipulated with very little traffic as well.

  22. Good point Joe, great keyword research can make a page do very well with search terms without effecting overall blog rank. We should never assume a low score means no traffic, that’s simply the wrong way to look at it.

  23. That’s what we’re supposed to do Naser, the rank eventually follows but we need quality traffic.

  24. I’d love to get my hands on that document too Adam. I’d at least have one post that goes viral because I’d have that posted ASAP! lol

  25. Hi, I havent used the toolbar and probably wont. The only use I find PR is for looking for High Rank sites to comment on. Backlinks. Most of the time it has no relevance to me as the blogs i find related to the Automotive Industry and a PR0 rank.

  26. I don’t think it’d interesting at all Ferb, it’s just a way for Alexa to track your browser movements and use that info for their rankings.

  27. Thanks for that Richard, but I would argue with the “comments for backlinks” theory. Things have changed drastically and there’s almost ZERO SEO benefit from blog comments. In fact, to be honest, it’s more likely to hurt you than help you. That’s my two cents anyway, for whatever it’s worth.

  28. Well said Si 🙂

  29. There does seem to be that correlation Larry, I agree.

  30. I do Michael but, unfortunately, Google still keeps us in the dark more often than not. I guess they have to.

  31. I think it’s a little more involved than that Rajkumar, but you’re right, they have to stay several steps ahead of everyone. I think it has more to do with their advertisers than anything.

  32. Thanks Samuel, rank is certainly not something to get obsessed over.

  33. My pleasure Carissa, but don’t let it tie up too much of your time. We’re better off working on more important things like content, social networking and marketing.

  34. And it’s really an unnecessary pressure too Len, it comes naturally if we’re building our sites for the reader. Those that let page or Alexa rank dictate what they do usually fail as soon as Google pulls the rug out from under them.

  35. what is your advise for off page SEO. I’m a novice regarding building backlinks to my site. I have also been commentating on Forums relating to car care.

  36. Hey Richard, I answered you in the form of a post. I hope you don’t mind:

  37. a bad sculpture also blame own the surroundings ;so the type of people who always complain are those who don’t think that they have enough capacity to do it. I like videos I think it doesn’t clear our confusions about page rank. Chrome & fire fox are far ahead from internet explore ;so we have to think our prosperous browser.

  38. I think good rank can be seen from google and also from alexa. Blogger should have food rank in alexa and google. But it is not easy, need work hard.

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