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Guerrilla Marketing Or Social Media? Pepsi Or Coke?

image - Blog Tips Painting AdOne of my favorite topics is Guerrilla Marketing. First of all, it just sounds cool. Say it with me… “Guerrilla Marketing“! Awesome. Second, it consists of some of the most creative marketing you can conceive. I’ll admit, some guerrilla marketing tactics can be poor taste and disrespectful; especially when defacing public or private property BUT that’s not always the case. In fact, higher end guerrilla marketing is effective because it becomes noticed and liked by so many. Which leads me to another favorite topic, Social Media…

Social media and guerrilla marketing seem like a match made in heaven. Videos, images and stories seem more likely to go viral across the social networks when combined with creative marketing.

I’m going to break the ill-conceived notion that says bloggers should limit the number of videos to just one per post. Hogwash, I say! Sometimes just one just doesn’t cut it.

So these following videos probably aren’t something you’ll be able to reproduce, we’re talking Pepsi and Coke after all. You just might, however, get inspired. Without further ado…

Pepsi or Coke?

You decide who did the better job. (HINT: I saved the better video for last). lol
Coca-Cola Remix Bottle

Pepsi Like Machine

Do you like Guerrilla Marketing?

Can you see how creative marketing and social media could give your blogging business a boost? Share your thoughts and comments below. After all, YOU are the reason we’re here. πŸ™‚

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  1. I agree that guerrilla marketing sounds cool. Joke aside, if executed properly it can be great and I think will be noticed (and potentially liked) more than social media marketing. I also agree that some of the most creative marketing calls guerrilla marketing home.

  2. Ok, I didn’t even understand the Coke commercial.
    The Pepsi was a good idea if people actually liked Pepsi or Facebook. ;-}

    I am not creative enough to do the Guerrilla Marketing. I would like to try Gorilla marketing…now I just have to get me a trained gorilla to work with.

  3. That Coca-Cola commercial gave me a headache. It was so overly happy, drawn out, and it turned out to be so pointless in the end. As for the Pepsi commercial, it was straight to the point! Though, I can’t really imagine it did anything in the long run for them besides make them lose money so they can get a fake like on pretty pointless stock-marketed Facebook.

  4. I think guerrilla marketing techniques, when executed well, can be effective (see my recent post).

    I think this is especially true if a business is trying to raise brand awareness, and their goal is not centered solely around making sales.

    But then there are those efforts that just fall short of the mark, and the business is left with a smaller budget than when it started, and their market is left with a bad taste in their mouths. lol Toss up? πŸ™‚

  5. Some companies thought they are using “Guerrilla Marketing” , but it’s just hot air… The marketing campaign did nothing to raise awareness of the product. People only think the ad is cool and that’s it. They don’t even remember what’s the product is about at all.

  6. Yep, Pepsi has Coke beat between these two.

  7. “Guerilla MArketing” can only apply to a few industry and few blog niches. It can backfire in many cases or simply wont work. However, there is nothing like trying something at small scale and then doing it after knowing that it works.

  8. It looks like we have three in a row that don’t care for the Coke video.

    As far as pointless, I disagree. I’m not a marketing expert but I doubt the campaign had anything to do with Facebook likes or people trying the product – we’ve all had Pepsi. But look at it like this… the videos go viral across several social media platforms, the campaign is covered in major newspapers and TV news broadcasts, and their target market starts thinking of Pepsi as cool. I’d have to say it’s creative marketing at it’s best but we have to look beyond the surface.

  9. Brian, I was saying the Coca Cola video didn’t make any sense and was pointless. Sure, I suppose Pepsi went more viral of the net and the impressionable people thought along the way they wanted a Pepsi or something. It kind of makes me want to make my own viral video once I build my website up for it’s correct purpose.

  10. Thanks Cori, those are nice examples. I think you’re right, money is key when it comes to effective marketing like that. It seems that the more creative the campaign is, the more money it will cost; rather than the other way around.

  11. Considering how massive and recognizable Coke and Pepsi are, the fact that they are conducting these kinds of marketing tactics shows how important they are, and how important they will continue to become in the future. I think both of these videos are a strong indicator of where some of the world’s largest companies think they can get their message out most effectively, which says to me it will become essential for every business/blog/website will need to utilize techniques and videos like this to reach their audiences most effectively.

  12. Wow Social media is awesome! I can\’t say that Pepsi or Coca cola is better than other one through those 2 videos. They are both very creative and they have different target for their video. Coca cola show that they want to be closer to customer while Pepsi show their modernization. I myself prefer Coca-cola.

  13. I think is depends on our imaginations Mukesh. It’s only applies if we’re limited by ideas. As far as backfiring, I say that can happen with anything worth trying.

  14. It’s something to follow Paul, they spend the big bucks on market research and have a pretty good idea what works and what doesn’t. Of course, they have a slightly bigger budget to play with than most bloggers. πŸ˜‰

  15. Neither commercial really impressed me. As guerilla marketing campaigns, I imagine the pepsi one is more effective simply because they are giving away free product. That said we are judging these tactics based on commercials created to tell their stories. Pepsi told a better story. Coke’s campaign, if we experienced it personally may actually have been more effective.

    The Facebook “like” angle is irrelevant since the truth is that the user may not like the drink more than a competitor, they simply want a free pop. As a fair “like” measure they would have to offer both products in the same machine and allow the user to “like” the one they prefer for a free sample.

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