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Guerrilla Marketing Or Social Media? Pepsi Or Coke?

image - Blog Tips Painting AdOne of my favorite topics is Guerrilla Marketing. First of all, it just sounds cool. Say it with me… “Guerrilla Marketing“! Awesome. Second, it consists of some of the most creative marketing you can conceive. I’ll admit, some guerrilla marketing tactics can be poor taste and disrespectful; especially when defacing public or private property BUT that’s not always the case. In fact, higher end guerrilla marketing is effective because it becomes noticed and liked by so many. Which leads me to another favorite topic, Social Media…

Social media and guerrilla marketing seem like a match made in heaven. Videos, images and stories seem more likely to go viral across the social networks when combined with creative marketing.

I’m going to break the ill-conceived notion that says bloggers should limit the number of videos to just one per post. Hogwash, I say! Sometimes just one just doesn’t cut it.

So these following videos probably aren’t something you’ll be able to reproduce, we’re talking Pepsi and Coke after all. You just might, however, get inspired. Without further ado…

Pepsi or Coke?

You decide who did the better job. (HINT: I saved the better video for last). lol
Coca-Cola Remix Bottle

Pepsi Like Machine

Do you like Guerrilla Marketing?

Can you see how creative marketing and social media could give your blogging business a boost? Share your thoughts and comments below. After all, YOU are the reason we’re here. 🙂

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