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Making The Connection Between Guest Blogging And Networking

Building Relationships Between Blogger And Guest Blogger

image - NetworkingMany bloggers use guest blogging as a temporary relationship, involving a quick trade-off between the blog and the guest writer. The blog benefits from a quality post, while the guest writer gains exposure, backlinks, and an audience. But once the deal has been made, both parties just go on their way.

The power of networking is common knowledge, and there’s no reason why networking cannot exist within the blogosphere. Guest blogging can be an opportunity in disguise, allowing bloggers to connect with writers, editors and thought leaders around the world. Don’t let guest blogging become a one-time affair; use networking to create, nurture and cultivate relationships.

Why is Networking Important?

Networking provides an endless amount of opportunities for both the blog and the guest blogger. By establishing a network of guest bloggers, the blog is able to create a directory of qualified writers that provide quality content. Bloggers can also use their network of writers in order to find new talent, one that exactly matches the theme of their blog.

Networking is also critical for the guest blogger, who contributes posts to a variety of blogs. By creating a network of bloggers, editors and writers, the guest blogger is able to develop recommendations and job opportunities. Another key benefit of networking is readership: the guest blogger is able to amass an influential audience, tied directly to his or her name. Finally, networking allows the guest blogger to gain exposure, as their name becomes spread throughout different blogs and connections.

Tips for Networking in the Guest Blogging World

The excuses to avoid networking are common among bloggers, ranging from €œI’m too busy€ or €œIt’€™s not worth it. But don’t’€™ let these hold you back from expanding your network. The following are examples of easy ways to keep in touch with guest bloggers:

Follow on LinkedIn and Twitter

Social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter are a great, easy way to maintain a network of contacts.  Many bloggers maintain a Twitter account, keeping followers updated with new articles and interesting content. By joining a blog or writer’s follower base, the guest blogger can stay in touch and maintain relations.

LinkedIn, as a business-related, networking site, is a popular tool for bloggers to create professional relationships. After writing a guest post for a blog, the writer should send a LinkedIn invitation to their contact. By forming a connection, writers and bloggers can take advantage of the various features of LinkedIn, such as introductions and job listings. In addition, relationships can connect writers with other through a mutual contact, allowing for more guest writing opportunities.

Delegate Time to Organize

It may be difficult to keep track of contacts and email conversations, especially for the prolific guest writer. However, taking some time to organize your contact list can help relationship management in the long run. One common organization tip is to label email conversations with editors and writers, making them easier to filter in your inbox. Another is to mark certain conversations to give notifications, allowing the writer to maintain constant contact.

Keep Communications Open

Burning bridges is a foolish option, as it closes off the individual from future opportunities. Instead, writers should do all they can in order to stay on good terms with their contacts. By keeping contact and maintaining relations, the individual leaves the door open for future guest writing gigs, recommendations or even employment.

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  1. guest blogger are getting very good chance to attract targeted niche, here they can use it as part of relationship building tool, its help in growth of blogger carrier. Thanks!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lennart Heleander says

    It has always been a fight against Google about what’s good links or not, it changes all the time. Personally I believe that the popular guest blog links in the articles, etc. will be almost worthless in the future. It looks like the old link exchange system again, and Google are not stupid.

    • I understand what you’re saying Lennart but I disagree for the most part. Multi-author blogs have consistently outperformed their single author counterparts on Google and that hasn’t changed. Now if there’s a continuous exchange back and forth I can see how Google might pick up on that.

  3. Pigeon Forge Cabins says

    I am surprised at this information since I just assumed that if a blogger is not an accomplished writer, he or she will always need to outsource article writing, therefore you have to assume that the relationships would be important and in the long term interest of both parties.

    Thanks for the information.


    • Truthfully Joe, I feel that relationship should be there whether or not the blog admin “needs” the guest author.

      BTW, I’ve actually been on your site. I have a friend that had his honeymoon in one of your cabins in Pigeon Forge. He took two dogs with him and you had pet friendly cabins. I might be vacationing there soon myself.

    • Rachel Hyun Kim says

      I think the relationship is a two way process, whether the blogger is a good writer or not. But you’re right, both parties do and should have an interest in maintaining a positive relationship. Thanks for reading the article!

  4. Guest blogging is one way of establishing a brand for yourself and to your blog as well. The fact that you will gain readership to your blog, you will also have the privilege of acquiring backlinks to your blog

  5. I completely agree with you. Better communication and networking is very important. Guest blogging increases your reach and influence.

  6. Richie Chauhan says

    Guest blogging and networking and two parts of a coin.Guest blogging is process for brand establishing. it is a long term strategy for blogger development.

    • Rachel Hyun Kim says

      Guest blogging and networking together provides more benefits than possible with a single tactic. Thanks Richie!

  7. Niall Devitt says

    I agree with you that guest blogging shouldn’t be a one time affair particularly if both parties are to really benefit from the relationship. At Bloggertone (group blog) where I am the community manager, we work hard not only to develop a relationship with our bloggers but also to introduce and connect our bloggers with each other.

  8. Anonymous (Read Comment Policy) says

    Thanks for your word of maintaining a relation with guests bloggers for attaining successful blogging which brings backlinks to our site

  9. I’ve been guest blogging for a while now, but never really thought about using it as a strong networking tool. Thanks for opening my eyes.

  10. Marshall Davis says

    Networking is key for both personal and business reasons. Guest posting is a great way to get your name/brand out in front of a wide audience, but it is also a great way to develop those key relationships that will open doors for you. Don’t subscribe to the one and done method of guest posting, though that is sometimes unavoidable. Cultivate relationships and see what grows – chances are you will be pleasantly surprised!

    • Rachel Hyun Kim says

      True words, I’m definitely surprised by the amount of contacts I’ve made through my guest blogging endeavors. Thanks for your comment!

  11. Guest blogging is a must for networking, sharing information to a new audience and of course the back links/traffic.

    But it is something that needs to be planned out if you want to make it part of your strategy.

    Have a schedule of what sites accept guest blogs, the contact, any important details (word count) and published links to keep track of.

    Also, I have found that making an initial connection with a guest blogging site first is key. Don’t just start sending your well written post all over the place, you will lose track of who gets it and you want to avoid duplicates.

    Guest posting is a win-win for everyone and should certainly be used.

    • Rachel Hyun Kim says

      I have to agree, organization if definitely a must, especially if you’re pitching to multiple sites. I’m always a bit worried about losing track of an article that took me so long to write…

    • Yes but it’s not easy to get accepted by other blogs.

  12. Anonymous (Read Comment Policy) says

    Building relationship with guest bloggers have too much importance while you running a blog network or even a single blog. You can easily get back links from guest bloggers and this is always beneficial to your blog. Its a wonderful post, thanks for sharing.

  13. Kuldeep Khatri says

    If you ask me the best thing to happen in my online world,i would instantly answer that getting and hanging with new and expert friends is the formost thing i have got 🙂
    and guest blogger are one of them

  14. great tips i never consider that now i think it’s important

  15. Danica Green says

    Guest blogging is a great opportunity for every blogger to grow their network and build relationships with people.

  16. Abhi Balani says

    Very well said! I just did my second guest post and I can see a considerable increase in my blogging friends, new readers. 🙂

  17. Arjun Rai says

    Very powerful thought and i really appreciate your writing and think skill. Hats Off to you for this.

  18. really guest blogging is very powerfull method for bloggers who wants traffic, backlinks and readers.

    In short Guest blogging is the key of building relationship with other bloggers.


  19. Marcelina Hardy says

    I’ve started to slow down on guest blogging but this post has really motivated me to get that going again. Thanks for the boost!

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