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Cook Up a Delicious Guest Post With These 5 Essential Ingredients

Five Simple Yet Effective Guest Blogging Tips

image - plate food dishGuest posting is an excellent way to contribute to other blogs in your niche and get your name out there. But it won’t make any impact unless you ensure you’ve included these five essential ingredients.

1. Know Your Audience

Who are you catering for? If you don’t know who will be consuming your content, it’ll be a recipe for disaster.

Ensure you choose a topic that will resonate with the audience at the blog you’re writing for. If you don’t write something they can relate to, the post will fall flat.

It’€™s best to avoid giving them the same old content. Give them something fresh and new, while keeping to the underlying premise of the blog.

2. Show Your Passion

If you’re not passionate about the recipe you’re concocting, it will show through in your execution and presentation.

Don’t be a sub-standard writer. Tell the audience about something close to your heart. Put a little of yourself in everything you do.

3. Make No Mistakes

Just because you’ve found something good to present, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to pull it off. Believe in yourself – but don’t forget about the quality. Imagine finding a bone in a fillet of fish (and I don’t’€™ mean the ones from McDonald’€™s).

If you publish a post that communicates a groundbreaking message in a post littered with spelling and grammar mistakes, it’ll leave a bad taste in the mouths of many.

4. Use a Striking Image

Nobody likes a wall of text. Including a beautiful, eye-catching image is akin to carefully arranging garnish on a plate of food.

Using a great image gives a good first impression to readers, and shows you cared enough to hunt for a relevant picture. If the image is loosely related to the content, it’s a rather nice cherry on the top.

5. Provoke a Discussion

Are you interested in what people have to say about your latest work? Feedback is an excellent way to improve. Plus it’s always good to write a post that generates some comments.

The type of post that gets people talking is what you’re aiming for. Aim for that, and you’re well on your way to writing a truly delicious guest post.


What’s the best guest post you’ve read? What else makes a guest post great?

Image Credit: Henry Fong / Creative Commons 2.0

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