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The Difference Between Hangouts And Hangouts On Air (HoA)

Should You Hangout or Hangout On Air?

image - Hangouts On AirWell, that depends on what you want out of it. Do you just want to talk with your friends and family in “private” or do you want the entire world to have access to what you are saying and showing? Maybe you got an invite to a Hangouts on Air event, but you can’t figure out how to get in, and all you can do is watch. This article and video answers common questions on the difference between the two types of G+ Hangouts and help you decide which is best for you.

Google Plus Hangouts and HoA (Hangouts On Air) are different

If you are a little confused, it may not be your fault. Many people refer to a Hangouts on Air as just a Hangout. It’s not that they don’t know the difference; they know what they are talking about. They just forgot that you may not know what they are talking about and hence the confusion starts.

Your G+ Hangout and HOA questions answered

In this video (watch below), we cover a few of the most common questions I hear about Hangouts and Hangouts on Air. They sure sound like the same thing, but boy are the results different.

  • Who can see or hear what is going on in our Hangout?
  • Will our Hangout show up on YouTube?
  • If we are in a Hangout and want to make it a Hangouts on Air, how do we do that?
  • Can you screen share or watch a YouTube video in a Hangout? Can you also do it in a HoA?
  • Can you record a Hangout on Air by yourself without other people? Mitch Mitchell does HoA’s all by himself!
  • Can you just have a Hangouts on Air open to the public so anyone who wants to can join the conversation? Would you really even want to do that?
  • Do I need to do anything before I host my 1st Hangouts on Air?
  • Copyright (and Trademark) issues in your HoA! Oh yes, those can get you in trouble!

The Difference Between Hangouts and Hangouts on Air

I could write out all the questions answered in the video, but I already did that on the YouTube description, so if you want the complete list, just pop over there. I even time stamped the questions, so you can find your answers quickly.

Still have questions?

I know there are so many more questions, I could have answered, but I cut it down as much as I could. If after you watch the video you have other questions not covered, just ask. I will either answer them here or I there are several, I will use them in a Hangouts on Air. Feel free to ask questions or comment below.

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  1. Thanks Sheryl, I’ve been getting a bit confused, your article has answered a lot of questions

  2. Sheryl,

    Thank you for delineating the difference between Hangouts and Hangouts on Air. I especially appreciate the time and effort you two took to explain the importance of NOT violating copyright law! This is something most beginners do NOT think about until it’s too late. Love the way you explain everything without rambling and wasting people’s time. Great Job! Thanks!

  3. Hi Liza, glad we help. The names of the 2 programs are just to close and are easily confused. I even have to watch what I say, so I don’t use the wrong term.

  4. Thank you Garen!
    Copyrights are very confusing to so many people and I know when I started online, I also made some mistakes. Luckily, I could correct them without any issues.

    I can ramble if my brain gets to many things going at once, that is why I always try to make notes or a script.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  5. I have done Both types of hangout are good for formal talks Hangout is good but for serious talks and that can be shared with Everyone one must do hangout on air.

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