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Optimizing Your High Value Content For Leads And Profit

This article shows you how to take your most popular blog content and get the most from your effort. We’ll look at the difference between search and referral traffic and how to take both of those traffic resources to the next level. Finally, we’ll look at some monetization strategies from your most valuable blog content.

First, what is your most valuable content?

At the surface that might seem like a trick question but, for this discussion, I’m referring to a specific “value“. You might define your high value content by the income it has generated, the work you’re most proud of, the number of comments a post generates, or any number of metrics. Today, I’m talking traffic, plain and simple traffic generated by content you create. Also, I’m referring to your blog content and not necessarily content on other sites such as guest posts, YouTube, or other social media posts.

Credit and inspiration

Real quick, I want to mention that this post was inspired by a recent podcast by Leslie Samuel of Become A Blogger. In this podcast, Leslie talked about using the 80/20 rule to get more income from the top 20% of our effort. The podcast is How To Conduct A Strategic 80/20 Audit Of Your Blog and this post is based on much of that same strategy with my own twist. I’m also looking at all bloggers, even those that have yet to earn a profit from their blog.

A personal example of optimizing the income potential of a single post

Win Friends Post ScreenshotLet me give you a real example right here on Hot Blog Tips. Last year I wrote a post titled “How to Win Friends and Influence People – Free E-Book“. In the post I offered a free copy of the book How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie in the form of a .pdf file. I was able to do this only because; a) Someone had already transcribed it and publically shared it and b) the content is from 1936, long past copyright protection.

Anyway, something unplanned happened with that post. It almost immediately made it to the first page of Google for MANY search terms. That might seem great at first glance but it posed a couple of challenges. The traffic Google was sending me was not my target audience and most of those landing on the page had little interest in blogging. This did two things,

  • It watered down my subscriber list with people not interested in the rest of the content I offered to VIP members
  • Second, it increased my bounce rate on the site for the same reason.

Now I was looking at one of my most popular posts and it seemed to be doing more harm than good. What should I do? My first thought was to delete the post entirely. I’m so glad I decided to go in a different direction and make an attempt of maximizing that exposure by optimizing the page, monetizing the page, and focus on making Kool-Aid from the spilled grapes. Wait, that can’t be right. lol

I ended up adding a special opt-in form just for that post. Fortunately, AWeber already allows me to segment subscribers from specific pages. Next, I added Amazon Partner (affiliate) links for those wanting more.

To date, I have received a monthly check from Amazon and much of the commission comes from that page. Also, I’ve had 342 subscribers from that post alone. Most, if not all, are not interested in what I normally send to my list or any other content on the blog. Many of those subscribers opted out and it looks like I still have 136 that are subscribed, with new people signing up every week.

Let’s take things one step better and decide what to do with the subscribers. Well, I’m a HUGE fan of Audible and guess what? They have an affiliate program. Imagine that. 🙂 Even better, new Audible members get their first book free. You think that might appeal to the search traffic landing on my post for a free copy of the book? Audible happens to have both the original copy as well as the revised version from 1981. I’ve listened to both and feel great in recommending them to anyone.

Starting to get the picture? One accidental post has turned into two streams of income, as well as a trickle of constant subscriptions for that isolated offer. I had no idea it was going to be that long of a story, let’s move along.

Finding your most valuable blog content

Now that we’re on the same sheet of music as to what defines the most value for this discussion, let’s look at how we can find that content most visited. We live in a beautiful time because Google is happy to provide us with some of the most amazing analytics, absolutely free of charge. We can use Google Analytics to find which sites get the most traffic from search as well as other referral traffic.

Top Blog Posts

My top blog posts based on the last 90 days look like this.NOTE: Even at 90 days, I can see that my most recent posts have the bigger advantage so play around with the time frame until it looks like you have a nicely rounded sample.

I’m assuming you have Google Analytics installed on your blog and are somewhat familiar with the tool. If not, you REALLY need to integrate this tool into your blogging strategy.

So, log into your Google Analytics account, and select the blog in question in your dashboard. Now go to Behavior/Site Content/All Pages. This will list every page and post that Google has indexed from your blog and has received traffic within the timeframe selected.

Now set your time frame on the upper right part of the page. It will be set for the last 30 days by default but I like to extend that to about 90 days for a more well-rounded result. If I post every week and look at just the last month, my last four posts obviously have a better chance of being the most popular and I want to dig a little deeper than that.

The 80/20 principle – that 80 percent of result flow from just 20 per cent of the causes – is the one true principle of highly effective people. ~ Richard Koch

With the 80/20 rule, you would take the top 20% of the content so if there were 1,000 pages indexed, you wouldn’t just look at the top 200, but the top posts generating 20% of all site traffic. Leslie explains how to do that in the podcast I linked to above. BUT, even though that seems like the most reasonable approach, I want to simplify things today. Just take the top 10, disregarding any popular pages (like your about or contact pages) or things like category pages for now. Look for your top 10 posts on your blog so you can easily analyze them.


Very Important – Don’t Miss This
If you only read one thing on this post, be sure to read the following section.


Another fine example of popular content

So I know (from the process I explained above), surprisingly, my second most viewed (sessions) post is “Being blocked from Google Plus Hangouts?“.

So what can we do to further capitalize on the traffic being generated by our top posts?

IMPORTANT: Before we go any further, I want to bring up that making changes to the post itself may affect future search traffic and ranking. In other words, you could screw up a good thing and push top posts down to the irrelevant category. So be very careful when altering or adding content or even building low quality links for that post.

First, deliver the value: So the first thing I need to do is see if that post is still relevant, up to date, and giving the value our readers expect from it. If any of those are broken, it needs to be corrected or the traffic is useless and will increase bounce rates and even hurt our reputation. Since Sheryl Loch wrote that particular post, I’ll ask her those questions and see if there are any further developments to include that will help add value.

Brian uses & recommends LeadPagesIncrease Subscriptions: Next, assuming we’re looking good as far as the published content, I might look at using it to increase subscriptions. I’m falling in love with LeadPages$ when it comes to something like this. LeadPages makes it easy to add a little button that readers can click and subscribe right from that page without referring them to the newsletter page, sidebar, or creating a separate in-post optin form.

LeadPages also allows me to offer an opt-in magnet (subscriber gift) exclusively for that specific post. So I could create a short downloadable guide for readers that are interested in that particular topic. They simply click the button, add their email addresses (even if already subscribed) and they are emailed the download link. I don’t even have to store the pdf file on my site/server, LeadPages$ takes care of that as well as the distribution. See it in action right here:

Download your High Value Content Guide HERE

dollar signLet’s not forget to profit from our hard work: Yep, I could dive deeper into the subject and create an ebook or product to offer readers of that specific page or topic. If I’m getting a thousand views a month and 5% opt-in and only 1% buy a $2.99 eBook, I’ll still get 50 more subscribers a month and $30/month income just from that single blog post. This is a super simplified example but you see where we’re going here, right? By concentrating on a single post or topic at a time, beginning with those with the highest demand, we benefit in both profit and subscribers and we’re just getting started. 🙂

Other supportive content options

      • Since we don’t want to stir up the content pot if it’s doing the intended job, still giving the value we want, and is in Google’s good graces, let’s look at other content options. We know the topic is in demand so why not do more with it, right? Here are a few ideas from the top of my head. If you think of more, feel free to add them below in the comment section.


    • Add related posts and interlink them (Internal links) to the High Value Content (I like to call it a Power Post) on any new and relevant posts, as well as past blog posts that fit the or support the topic. Add these internal links within related post content as part of a “Related Post” section or use appropriate anchor text within the content (like you see on this post).


    • If the topic warrants, create a series of posts using the post in question as the starting point.


    • Create a SlideShare presentation and use that to boost even more targeted traffic to the post.


    • Create a YouTube video and/or podcast episode devoted to that post’s topic and drive them to that content or make your offer there, whichever is more appropriate.


    • Develop a series of great tweets and social media posts and strategically add them to your social media campaign. I love Buffer for this type of thing.


    • Create several amazing images for that post and get them in front of your Pinterest and Instagram followers. Hopefully you’ve developed relationships with relevant group board owners and can network for even deeper pinning and influence.


    • Speaking of networking, connect with fellow bloggers and influencers and see how you can help one another. Don’t just ask for links, testimonials, or social shares; develop a win-win for everyone involved. For the example I’m using, the Google Plus Hangouts post. I could find bloggers I’m already connected with that have relevant and recent Google Plus posts. I could see if they think my Google Plus Hangouts post would add value for their readers.
      If so, they might be willing to link to it from that relevant post on their blog. If their entire blog is about Google Plus or social media in general, maybe the blogger would consider linking to the post (or product) in their newsletter. Now you have to figure out how to offer the same value back to the bloggers willing to network. You know your strengths and value so you have something to offer. The trick is getting it figured out before approaching others on the matter.
      Little Rant: Personally, I think it’s unfair to leave it to the other party (your blogging friends) by saying, “What can I do for you now that you’re helping me”. It’s much better to already know that answer and make that offer so they don’t have to ask or consider it without prep time.


    • Link to those high value posts from other related posts on your blog. Search your content and see where it makes the most sense. This is something we should already be doing across the board because if helps retention time, serves your audience, helps SEO (internal linking) and helps build authority – for both you and your blog.


    • Update popular pages like your “About” and “Start Here” pages to include links to as many high value blog posts as possible without looking spammy or overwhelming your readers. Speaking of overwhelming, this might end up being my longest post to date.


    • hot tip You could drop the “popular post” plugin and replace it with direct links to these high value posts since you already know there’s an interest in them.



Winding down but never slowing

I want to keep this simple and I’ve written about Repurposing Your Blog Content before so I’ll start winding it down from here but that just means it is action time! 🙂 All we’re doing here is doing more of what we already know is working. We understand that 80% of our effort generates 20% of the results so why not do more of what’s working? Build on that, improve it, and give everyone exactly what they’re searching for – including you.


To quickly recap, we can:

      • Find the most valued content using Google Analytics



    • Create a product designed specifically for the content for each of your top high value posts and pages (I didn’t mention pages but they can work as well).


    • Add other people’s products (affiliate links) that relate to the topic at hand when possible and when it makes sense to do so.


    • Determine new ways to boost traffic even further using social media and networking.



    • Use the known interest (demand) for your subscriber’s benefit and design value around those topics for them.


    • Finally, link to those most valuable posts in your sidebar, other relevant blog posts, and popular pages.



Over to you, my fellow blogger

I know that was a pretty involved post but I hope you came away from it unharmed and better informed – prepared and to make the absolute most from your best work. I’d love your opinion, questions, or comments. If you have anything to add, feel free, I’d love to hear from you. Just For You: I’ve re-purposed this post into a slick .pdf guide (Just like I talked about above) for you, absolutely free. Go ahead, download the free gift and pay attention to the process.

Download your High Value Content Guide HERE

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