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How And Why To Add Your Google Profile To Your Blog

Link your Google Profile to your blog

Outdated & Archived Content:

Google discontinued Google Authorship (for web search) in the fall of 2014.

Bye Bye Google Authorship
Now it’s time to learn about rich snippets and structured dataThis post will remain up for archival reasons but pulled from our search index and no-indexed in for the search engines.

Brian D. Hawkins Google Plus ProfileFirst, the why:
By using the HTML5 authorship tag rel=author€ in a two-way link with your Google Profile, you may gain a little authority in Google’s SERPS. And that’s not all; watch the video below to see how you could eventually see your image alongside your blog links in Google search. This could be worth its weight in gold for search click through traffic.

NOTE: In case you missed it in the video, you must use the rel=author€ tag when linking to your G+ profile AND you must have a link in your Google profile linking back to your blog. This is how Google will determine true blog authorship; much like a double opt-in.

The how:
This is the simple part. Google has setup a special page using HTML5 that you can use to create an authorship button and link using the Google Plus logo.

If you want a text link instead just use my Google Profile text link as a guide:
<a rel="author" href="">About Brian Hawkins</a>


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