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How To Blog On Controversial Topics

Controversial Blogging Tips & Tricks

image - toxsickBlogging is an independent platform where people can put forward their personal thoughts and exchange ideas with others having similar interests. You might remember the days of last US elections and how big role social media played in it. Many bloggers at that time rode the tide of controversy and presented the facts to their audience that were never known before and became popular writers. Controversy is a way of blogging where you don’t fear to present your ideas that are contrary to the general public belief. You know what you are speaking about and have enough facts and insights to support your view.

Controversial blogging not only tells about the depth of knowledge you have in your niche but also helps in bringing traffic and new readers to your blog. But, there are many things you’ll need to take care of while blogging on any controversial topic and that is what we’re going to discuss here.

1. Pick a topic related to your blog theme

Since, the most important thing for a blog is to convert your readers to your blog subscribers, blogging related to your niche is important. This will help people get a better idea about your blog i.e. what you’re talking about and will help spread the word about what you’re saying, in case they strongly agree or even disagree with you.

2. Think contrary to the mainstream belief

If you’re just writing in favor of what everyone believes in, then people won’t be that interested in your post, instead if you have some valid points against the mainstream belief, people will stop and ponder over what you have to say. People often want to know the other side of the truth and if you have the skill to unleash and present it, you’ll never be short of good blog traffic.

3. Be humorous and don’t insult anyone

Being too critical about something may stir wrong emotions and you may even lose some of the regular readers of your blog. Being humorous doesn’t offend people and makes them feel good, whether they are in favor or against what you have to say. This will make your article more interesting and acceptable.

4. Reply actively to discussions

Controversial topics often attract hundreds of comments from readers in favor as well against what you write. This might go in a negative direction if you don’t share and give feedback about what you think. Your participation will result in a more active and meaningful discussion on the topic, which will provide the readers more insight into the topic. Often comments turn out to be more interesting than the article itself and people tend to share such articles more.

5. Support your ideas with facts

Just writing anything about a controversial topic will lead you nowhere. If you have an opinion you should be able to support it with necessary facts. This will increase your authenticity and will make your readers think again.

Once you get your act together and get idea of how to write effective controversial blog posts, you will slowly master the art of writing such posts. Having this skill will give your blog an unparalleled edge over others and will keep your readers eagerly waiting for one of such posts.

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