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How To Find Your Facebook Likes (Video)

image - Where Are The Facebook LikesWhere are your Facebook likes? Have you noticed that your Facebook “Likes” are hard to find now? They’re still visible, just not as easy to find. Sheryl Loch was nice enough to record a short two minute how-to video showing us how to find those likes, step by step. I hope this helps. Feel free to comment below, we love hearing from you.

How to Find Liked Pages on Facebook

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  1. I can’t stand Facebook anymore. It’s such a crazy, bothersome, mess, only thing that works for me is groups. My business page is…pretty pointless in the scheme of things.

  2. I agree with Scott about Facebook becoming too complicated to an annoying level, but Scott you are wrong when it comes to groups vs pages.
    Groups are terrible for your business,
    people only subscribe to thing that meets their interest, they will follow your page if they like what you do, but if you push it on them and add them to your group against their will, they will probably turn their notifications off and never visit your group again.
    if they don’t leave your group, its out of their respect for you but you are not reaching what you think you are with Facebook groups!

    your Facebook likes have always been present at your profile page,
    its much easier to just go to your profile, in the menu under “more” there is “likes”.

  3. No I mean I added like 350 Groups all depending on what I write and post articles there. Thanks for the reply, Mitch! Best of luck to ya. – Scott Craighead

  4. Thanks for this! been trying to find out for about 30-mins now! Cheers! Done it now! I still like Facebook pages unlike Scott, I have 4000 likes, which about 100 of them visit my site each day! My site gets about 400 visits from Google Search. So when you look at the return percentage, I get about 20% returning each day from sites like Facebook, which looks good when Google decide where they want to rank my site!

  5. Awesome video! Wow, if Facebook wanted to hide this feature, they’ve done a great job. I don’t know how Sheryl found this information, but I’m glad she did and was willing to share it with us. I don’t think I would have found this on my own!

  6. We’re glad to help Charles, and I’m glad you’re finding success from Facebook. It’s all what we put into it. Edgerank can be a bit of an uphill battle but we may as well get used to it because that’s the direction all the social sites are heading.

  7. Thanks Carolyn, Sheryl is our secret weapon. She’s so small she can get into places and see what’s going on without ever being seen. Ninja Sheryl lol

  8. nice video very helpful me to find facebook like for my site thanks for sharing.

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