Hangouts On Air (HOA) on Google Plus

How To Watch And Invite Others To A Google Hangout On Air (HOA)

Hangouts On Air (HOA) on Google Plus

Watch our Live Hangouts live every Sunday at 1PM EST on our Google Plus Business Page.

Yesterdays Live Hangout, embedded below, was about images and video for bloggers but Mitch Mitchell brought up an interesting question I thought I’d share here:

Where do we send viewers to see us live on YouTube?

It’s easy to see the confusion since the video can be viewed live, in real time (almost), on both Google+ and YouTube. It’s probably better to send viewers to the Google+ profile or page, like Google recommends, simplifying things.

Google’s Hangouts On Air support says to send people to the page or profile where the Hangout was initiated. In our case, the Hot Blog Tips’ Google Plus business page.

While the video can be viewed live on YouTube as well, it looks like the video isn’t displaying on our YouTube channel until the broadcast is finished. Immediately after the hangout is closed out, it becomes visible on the admin’s YouTube channel.

Still Need That YouTube Video Link?

Alternatively, you can grab the actual live video’s YouTube link anytime during the live Hangout On Air by clicking the YouTube logo embedded within the video on your G+ Profile or page.

Viewer Participation

Keep in mind, unless you have invited the public to participate, which I don’t recommend, viewers can only watch the Hangout On Air, not participate in it. They can, I believe, comment and ask questions during the broadcast but that is the extent of their participation.

You Are Officially Invited

If you would like to watch us live, on our Google Plus business page, we’re live each Sunday afternoon at 1PM EST. All you have to do is add our page to your circles (suggested) and go to our page once the broadcast begins. The video won’t display until we actually start broadcasting publically.

I hope that clears up any confusion on how to watch, and invite others, to a HOA. Have you tried a Hangout yet? Hangouts are very cool and once you switch over to a Hangout On Air, you are instantly creating a video others can watch and building your YouTube channel at the same time. Sheryl Loch wrote a detailed, step by step, post that will walk you through the process: How To G+ Hangouts On Air (HOA).

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  1. This Hangouts on Air is good news for anyone that is afraid they may make a mistake on a live show…They can see that I have a massive “brain fart” and get a bit baffled about Mitch’s questions.

    I did write the “right” answer in the video description, just in case. LOL!

    Yes, send people to your G+ page to see the live show or send out a link to that particular video once you start the recording.

    I think the cold weather from being on “vacation” has frozen a few of my brain cells…they should be thawing soon.

  2. Yes,i give my answer in yes to take a cut to go to the google + and prefer them firstly for the that would be beneficial way then others.

  3. I have never tried HANGOUT ON AIR, it seem really cool and interactive specifically for people who are really afraid of engaging in live discussions. Thanks for updating me about this will try it for sure.

  4. That’s just the nature of live video Sheryl. If people are looking for perfection they’re in the wrong place. 😉

  5. Interesting.

    Google hangouts can be viewed live on YouTube?

    I didn’t know that.

  6. Anonymous (Read Comment Policy) says

    Amazing, I have used G+ hangouts for live conversations but was never aware that it can be viewed live on youtube. That’s really nice.
    Thanks for sharing

  7. If you want to feature the HoA livestream more prominently on a YouTube channel you can go to the video manager and set the live feed to ‘featured’.

    Also, once the recording stops the recorded video will be available on the same YouTube url, so any G+ reshare or tweet containing the live feed will show the recording once you’re done 🙂

  8. Hi,

    Wonderful post, really interesting now i can watch my favorite hangouts on youtube.

    Hope i would work fine and google hangout on air is awesome.

  9. Same Here Annie 😀 . It looks there is a lot of fun to don in Air that’s Why Big G is organizing it .I have also started to use G+ hangouts now .

  10. Nice! My company has been hosting our virtual meetups with customers on Adobe Connect, and I’ve been pushing for G+ Hangouts the last few months. Some great nuggets in this article, thanks!

  11. Google is really going to great lengths to make sure all their sites are directly linked to each other. I really like seeing all the cool things they can do with it, like viewing hangouts on YouTube. I think that’s a great idea. I’m excited to see what kinds of things are integrated next.

  12. I love all the new ideas, like Google hangout. I actually have been using it so that my daughter in Ohio, son in Tennessee, and myself in Florida can all talk at once. It is a pretty great tool for free. Of course, I guess you could use it for business too…LOL

  13. I think G+ hangouts can be really interesting, I will go try this and see what that done.
    Watch this favourites hangouts on youtube would be really nice

  14. Hey,
    Its so great to know people who are afraid of live discussions get a sneak from it. Hangouts On Air is such a valid and interactive option for all of them. Haven’t tried it yet. Will love to! This article gave a good spotlight to this piece of information. It was great knowing about it.
    Thanks for the share. 🙂

  15. Hi,
    It was a great piece of information. Thanks for putting an insight into the subject of Hangouts On Air. It proves to be so much user friendly,interactive and supportive for at least people who find live discussions tough and hectic for themselves. Haven’t used it yet. Would love to. 🙂

  16. Google truly is the giant of the internet. I’ve considered doing live tutorials teaching our clients the basics of wordpress through hangouts.
    When is your next hangout going to be, Brian?

  17. Awesome article. I’m going to give this a try. I really appreciate the detailed steps, the screenshots and the tips for getting started the right way with Google+ Hangouts on Air. Awesome!

  18. Thanks Bhushan 🙂

  19. Give it a try Annie, I think you’ll be surprised at how quickly you forget about the camera.

  20. Just the Hangouts On Air (HOA) Samuel, check out Regular Google Hangouts aren’t recorded and uploaded to YouTube.

  21. The same here Paul, I’m sure Google has some pretty cool things in the works right now.

  22. Two great points Tim, thanks for that. 🙂

  23. I appreciate that Tommy, perhaps a little more information will help you convince them.

  24. I use Google Hangouts for face to face meetings to Sammie, both for business and personal use. What we’re talking about here is Hangouts On Air, the same as a regular hangout but making it public and recorded by Google.

  25. Thanks Sanjib, you’re right, you’re going to enjoy it. 🙂

  26. We just had one today Luis. It’s every Sunday at 1PM eastern time.

  27. It’s our pleasure Erda, thanks.

  28. Wonderful post, i liked this new method to watch the google hangout in air. Thanks for the informative post.

  29. this really helped me..i am using this for 4 days…thnks

  30. Devagya Uikey says

    I really don’t know about Google HOA and most of the people too and many are still not aware of this but thanks to you for sharing and now now I”m not amongst’em.

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