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I Want To Buy You A Book

image - Sell Me A BookI’m not sure if I should call this a contest or a giveaway I have a brand new Nook HD+ (tablet) and I love it. No, I’m not giving it away, it was a Father’s Day gift from one of my sons. I’m amazed at all of the things I can do using the apps available from the Google Play Store. I feel like I’ve all but mastered this cool tablet in just a few days with one exception – reading. I don’t have a single book to read on it. I read a lot! That’s how I goat so smaut. 😉 I have read a ton of books but never a digital book, with the exception of downloaded ebooks from great online authors like you. So here’s the deal…

We Have A Winner!!!

Thank you Lauri Rottmayer for recommending Think Like a Rock Star by Mack Collier. I have already started reading the book and love it. Official announcement coming soon. See the official announcement here.

screenshot - Barnes & Noble storeThe Book Deal

I like blogging, online business and social media. I want to buy a fantastic book in digital format for my Nook. When I say book, I mean a book that is also available in hard or softback. This is where YOU come in. The first person to convince me to buy a book that I’m guaranteed to love, via the comments below, will also get a book. That’s right, sell me on a particular book that you have read that you think I will love. The first person to do this will get a digital book at my expense.

A Few Details

  • The book should be available for purchase and download on Barnes & Noble
  • The book should be a learning experience, not a fictional novel.
  • Your book does not have to be the same book, you chose your own (in digital format).
  • Only the first person to “sell’ me the book will get a free book.

Get Your Pitch On…

There it is, use the comments below and convince me to buy a fantastic book. Thank you and good luck. 🙂

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