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Dashboard Luvvers WidgetAndy Bailey with$) is one of those cool programmers that tend to over-deliver on his products and his new CommentLuv Premium is no exception. For the next two days (ends Tuesday, 4 October 2011) [Sorry, this promotion is over] early bird buyers taking advantage of the deeply discounted price will also receive several free bonuses including the new Dashboard Luvvers Widget. This is a brand new creation of Andy’s and I’m very impressed. You will still be able to purchase the Dashboard Luvvers Widget (WordPress Plugin) but you can get it free simply by investing in CommentLuv Premium($) now; which is by far the BEST plugin that I have ever used.

The Dashboard Luvvers Widget (premium) shows recent comments made on your site right on your main WordPress dashboard along with how many comments they have made, a link to that comment author’s recent post, their avatar, along with their comment.

But Wait, There’s More! LOL

With Dashboard Luvvers Widget, you even get links to see all their comments and if it’€™s had a reply or not! This is pretty powerful because now, at a glance, you can see which comments need your attention, either for replies needed or to delete comment spam.

The Dashboard Luvvers Widget instantly shows you how many approved comments a commenter have on your site along with a link to view those comments all at once. This makes it super easy to find commenters that may have left questionable comments in the past that you may have let slide. Now you can tell when someone is making it a habit of leaving pathetic€™ comments on blog posts in an attempt to get listed on your top commentators widget; which is one of the many features that comes with the CommentLuv Premium WordPress Plugin (Scroll to the footer on this page to see ours).

Dashboard Luvvers Widget Video

I hope I haven’t confused everyone. It goes like this:

CommentLuv Premium($) is the best WordPress Plugin on the planet and it’s on sale for two more days. Get it Now!($). [Sorry, this promotion is over]

The new Dashboard Luvvers Widget is a standalone WordPress plugin that you can get free IF you invest in CommentLuv Premium by Tuesday, 4 October 2011. Get it Free! [Sorry, this promotion is over]

That pretty much sums it up. 🙂


Dashboard Luvvers Premium is no longer a bonus gift with the purchase of CommentLuv Premium but both are still available individually.

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  1. I cant wait for my other blog to be finished 🙁 Im drooling on these plugins already, hope there is still discount when the time comes that I will buy them :/

    • Today is the last day for the discount Herbert, I would recommend you buy it right now so you can have it when you get your site started. That gives you the bonuses and the discounted price; both of which go away tomorrow.

  2. I am a big fan of this new commentLuv premium plugin. Dashboard luvvers widget is seems to be powerful and helps to find out spammy commenter.

  3. Julie Hayes says

    Its a good combination with the new CommentLuv premium. We know that CommentLuv Premium can greatly help a website site owner to improve their site but its also good to use Dashboard Luvvers Widget to maximize their potential.

    • Hi Julie, CommentLuv premium really does improve the blogs that use it and it’s also great for the blog owner when leaving comments on other sites.

  4. This seems to be cool. I will love to go for premium after seeing this. thanks for the share.

  5. I have been using Dashboard Luvers widget for months and it is helpful for easily linking back to your commenter sites to return comments from the dashboard.

  6. Hi Alex,

    I’ve been reading a lot about the commentluv premium and all they say is the 7 wordpress plugins rolled into one. No one mentioned about the dashboard. I think this dashboard is really cool. It makes things organized in your blog especially in the comments section. It would also be easier to manage them.

    • Hi Alex, that’s because the Dashboard Luvvers Widget is a completely separate plugin being offered as a bonus and wasn’t released until yesterday. There’s actually a fourth bonus that we’ll learn about today. 🙂

  7. I became attracted to your site by the knowledge that it has premium CommentLuv. I too have this and love it. I got all four bonuses today. I feel as though I am a member in a club!

  8. VampireWiki Blog says

    CommentLuv was awesome all by itself, now with premium enhancements it just sweetens the pot even more.

    • The bonuses were great Vampire, but off the table now that the promotional launch is over. I’m sure Andy will have more up his sleeve later but, like you said, CommentLuv Premium is worth every penny by it’s self.

  9. Edward Culligan says

    I got the plugin and was so excited. Seriously, the plugin is awesome. Andy Bailey offers so much and yes this plugin is the cream of the crop. Talk about SEO perfection. Good luck with your Comment Luv premium as well.

  10. I haven’ bought the new plugin yet but from what I have read for reviews and from what I’ve seen of other blogs with the plugin installed it seems to be worth the investment. Fantastic features that help both parties (commentor and blogger). Might have to break down and buy this one. Andy did well with this one

  11. I see you’ve also noticed his habit of over-delivering. I saw your post title, and that was the first thing that I thought of.

    I think it’s such a great marketing “trick”. In this way, Andy always makes me all ready to explore his work. I like to mess around with it and explore it much more in search for the cool stuff he made. I don’t think that I’d be doing that otherwise.

  12. ComLuv is the best thing that could ever happen in the blogging world. Improves SEO and
    brings traffic to your blog. Thanks for the post, really helpful resource.

  13. Actually my blog commenluv also been using the plugin with the free version and I admit this plugin has great benefits in developing a beautiful blog and its optimization. I was moved to find much information about this plugin as a reference to the use of a premium version. Thanks for the reviews that add to product knowledge.

  14. Hi Brian,

    I wish I knew about the Dashboard Luvvers Widget. I got the CLUV when it was first released and never heard anything about it. I do face the unanswered comments issue a lot and I would love to be able to reply to all unanswered comments on my blog.

    Is there anyway to get it now if you already bought the cluv premium, but for some reason didn’t get it or missed it?…
    Thanks in advance.

  15. Nice post,im thinking of getting comment love…

  16. After reading what you have said I am very interested in using commentluv. If I use the dofollow does it detract from my personal link juice with google. I do have a concern it will create a bit more work for me but in your opinion does the benefit outweigh the cost and time of instituting commentluv.

  17. I think this is a nice idea. Actually my blog commenluv also been using the plugin with the free version and I admit this plugin has great benefits in developing a beautiful blog and its optimization. Thank you.

  18. Elvis Shrestha says

    What a fantastic and full summary of what commentluv has to offer, I wrote my little blog on the subject, but I’m going to come back and read yours in more detail cos I don’t think I have grasped all the features yet.

  19. Eddie Gear says

    That is a very tempting deal. i am looking forward to getting a copy of the plugin soon.

  20. I think we’re beginning to see a shift in the importance and trust associated with well-moderated commentluv sites. The quality of content created and strength of links are unmatched by any previous article marketing, link-wheel or forum posting strategy. I’m definitely going to try the dashboard widget on my next blog…

  21. You are using CommentLuv Premium is nice thing, good combination with the new CommentLuv premium.

  22. I have never heard of the Dashboard Luvvers widget until now. Maybe I will get in on all of this CommentLuv myself!

  23. Very interesting update for commentluv. I love the idea behind the system. It increases and rewards people that come and add value added comments to your blog. I think this sort of thing will increase in the future to encourage a lot more valuable feedback from great posts out there.

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