YouTube Comment System

New And Improved YouTube Comment System

Google has made yet another improvement for YouTube and this one involves the broken commenting system. Now you can see your video comments right on YouTube in the left column when you’re in the “Video Manager” section. Hopefully this will move to the Channel page as well some day. Below you will find a tutorial as well as an entertaining conversation with the Hot blog Tips’ Hangout Crew (video).

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YouTube Comments Update January 2014

To See Your YouTube Video Comments

First, go to your channel’s “Video Manager” section.
YouTube Channel video manager

Go to “Community” and then “Comments“. There you will see tabs for Published, Pending and Marked as Spam. Use these tabs to navigate between comment sections to respond as needed.
YouTube Comment Settings Link

To Set and Adjust Your YouTube Channel Comment Settings

Automated filters: This is pretty straight forward but it’s a good idea to take care of it. You can set-up your automated filters for your YouTube channel comments in just a few minutes. You can add connections to the “Approved users” list via their +G name/handle or their email address. You can even include entire Google Plus circles to the pre-approved comment list and that seems like a super easy way to keep things organized.
YouTube comment automated filters

Default settings: Here you have three options for both new videos and your channel overall. You can allow all comments, hold all comments for review, or disable comments altogether. Keep in mind, your channel’s automated filters will override these default settings.

Your YouTube Inbox

We still have the old inbox and that is below the “comments settings” link in the left column. Personally, I could do without that entire email inbox and rarely bother with it.

Need More YouTube Comment Notifications?

We didn’t touch on this in the video, not directly, but you can setup both email and mobile notification through your Google Plus account. Simply go to your YouTube Channel, profile or Google Plus page and click on your avatar on the top right in the header. Then click “Page Settings” for your page/s and “Account / Google+ settings” for your G+ profile.
Google Plus page settings

Now click on “Receive notifications” and then “Posts“. The last option under “posts” says, “Shares or comments on your content across the web (for example, your YouTube videos or your blog)”. Tic the email, phone or both of them for YouTube comment notifications.
Post notifications

receive email and mobile notifications

On A Lighter Note

Okay, that was a little technical but I hope it helps someone. On a lighter note, Sheryl is wrong… I mean she disagrees with me that the drop-down “jingles” bell notifications shouldn’t disappear once seen. You can watch the off-topic conversation on the video but I’d be interested in your thoughts on the matter.

Action Step

That’s simple, set your YouTube comment settings and interact with your viewers. Personally, I recommend you add regular YouTube engagers to a special Google Plus circle and reciprocate often, both on YouTube and Google Plus.

Your Thoughts?

Do you love the new YouTube comment system or do you think they should have stayed on Google Plus? What would you like to see with YouTube comments? Do you think I’m sexy? Are you seeing less spam? More interaction and sharing? Let us know in the comments below, your opinion counts on this blog.