In-House 404 Page

In-House 404 Page

Why Am I Seeing This Page?

This blog has been inactive for several years now and I keep it up as an archive for those that supported us over the five years of life it lived.

In those five years, 400+ posts and over 10K comments, we generated a buttload of links, both internal and external.

When a link is expired, the page no longer exists or I just no longer want to send traffic to that page – whatever the reason, I didn’t want to just delete it and leave everyone hanging.

As a form of explanation, albeit half-assed, I came up with an in-house 404 page. As far as I know, this is another first for Hot Blog Tips. I don’t know of another page like it. This is probably a good thing – it’s not that exciting as you can clearly see.

Why Not Just Remove The Link As The Source?

When we find a bad link, of course, I simply correct or remove the link on the appropriate page.

There are, however, some links that are spread out throughout the blog. Some of which are dozens in number and that’s another reason I’m glad I use the Pretty Link plugin. This way I was able to go through my “Pretty Links” and simply redirect those outdated links to this page. Easy Peasy.


  • Our newsletter is no more so the VIP page is no longer needed.
  • Many of our sponsors are dust in the wind.
  • Stupid Google Plus shut down.
  • Many of the tools mentioned throughout the blog are gone.
  • Amazon links must be direct links and I removed all the redirects as to not violate their terms.

What Is A 404 Page?

A 404 page is simply an error page that the user is directed to when the page clicked or entered into the browser cannot be found.

Perhaps the page has been removed, or it is temporarily down or was mistyped.