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Is Bookmarking Dead?

image - BookmarkingAlthough the term “bookmarking”€ may have started when discussing print novels and holding your place, it has since evolved to the Internet. There is now online bookmarking, sometimes referred to as social bookmarking, which allows you to save a link to the web as opposed to your browser. In other words, utilizing a bookmarking tool will help make it easy to refer back to a specific website. You don’t need to remember any information, and you don’t need to save the information directly to your browser.

Google may have started a bookmark phenomenon with Google bookmarks, but the most popular form of online bookmarking comes from social bookmarking sites such as Digg and Reddit. However, the recent Digg news leaves many to believe that social bookmarking just isn’t what it used to be. You can’t help but ask yourself: Is bookmarking dead?

Bookmarking: The Defense

Many people still use bookmarking today because it really can be very useful. A few of the reasons many still utilize social bookmarking includes:

  • Targeting. You know exactly what you want to read, so you don’t need to go to a search engine and try to dig through all of the results. Social bookmarking sites can serve as a smaller search engine. If you know what websites you want to go back and read, then even better. Bookmark it and you’re good to go whenever it’s convenient for you.
  • Relevancy. If you were going to use a social bookmarking site, you will usually see that there are recently added lists that feature some of the most popular content. This can help you make sure you’re up on the latest news.
  • Voting. People can usually vote for an article on a social bookmarking site, so you’ll know immediately which article to turn to first.
  • Convenience. More than anything, bookmarking is about convenience. If you want to send your friend a link via an email, you’re essentially bookmarking that link because you’re saving it on the web. It’€™s easy.

When it comes to keeping track of websites and staying organized, online bookmarking does make sense! However, not everyone is still in favor.

Bookmarking: The Prosecution

Some say that bookmarking is a waste of time for a few different reasons:

  • SEO. On the business side of things, getting traffic from bookmarking sites really isn’t easy and the backlinks aren’t as valuable as those on more authoritative sites.
  • Email. People are using email to quickly bookmark links.
  • Time Consuming. Again on the business side of things, it can be very time consuming to get a good amount of traffic from these sites. Many have decided that resources are better spent elsewhere.

It does seem as though the cons fall on the side of the business, whereas the pros fall on the side of the actual user. In theory, if a user likes bookmarks then companies should be able to benefit, yet this isn’t quite the case.

Bookmarking: The Verdict

The real verdict would likely come from the number of people who used to use bookmarks versus the number of people who use bookmarks today. It has recently been reported that Digg lost quite a few users; thus causing it to sell for just $500,000, three-times less what it was once worth, just a few weeks ago. So does that mean the entire concept is dead in the water?

Unfortunately, it’€™s tough to say. Although Digg may not be as successful as it once was, there doesn’t seem to be enough concrete information out there to make a decision. What people really need to be asking themselves is whether or not bookmarking works them. If so, it really doesn’t matter whether or not it’€™s less popular than it once was.

Do You Bookmark Your Posts?

Do you use bookmarking? Why would you be part of the defense? Why would you be part of the prosecution? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. I think bookmarking is not getting much attention now a days as blog commenting and guest posting are becoming the real income when it comes to make quality backlinks.I have stopped doing bookmarking and now focusing on Social media sites for the traffic and blog commenting is my another best choice.

  2. I have not used it as much as I used to. And not Digg since the change. Did not want all my Diggs connected to my Facebook. I have been thinking of using Reddit again. Lost old password and login so would have to start over. Do you find any value in Reddit?

    • Amanda DiSilvestro says

      I do find value in Reddit. Again I don’t think it’s quite as important today as something like Twitter, but if you feel as though you have a good following on Reddit, I say go for it. It’s a great way to share content, and it hasn’t lost too too many followers in recent years.

      I’ve actually written a few articles on the power of Reddit, so feel free to send me a DM on Twitter with your address and I’ll be happy to send some over!

  3. I have to agree that bookmarking is not as hot as it was a few years ago. (Damn I miss the good ol’ days of Digg.)

    In my opinion, the decline is probably due to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Nowadays, when someone read an article they like, they will probably “Like” it, or “Tweet” it to share it with their network.

  4. Amanda DiSilvestro says

    I completely agree with you all. Facebook and Twitter have not come out on top, so this is the type of social sharing that is going to occur (especially since many blogs don’t make it easy to share things on Reddit or Digg whereas you can always find a Twitter and Facebook button).

    Guest posting is also becoming huge (I should know!), so no question there about receiving backlinks. Thanks for reading everyone!

  5. I agree as well. Bookmarking doesn’t seem nearly as popular as it was before to get a better PR. Like you said Amanda, theres a facebook or twitter icon next to almost everything now, so who really needs bookmarks.

    Coffee Shop Millionaire

  6. It may not be as popular like before still it has a contribution to your site once you’ve done it right or on a regular basis.

  7. I do not use bookmarking at all, I have thought about it but I haven’t been convinced that the extra work of bookmarking my posts on all the different sites is worth it over writing good posts for guest blogging.

    Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and satellite sites are time consuming enough. 🙂

    And as you say, virtually every site on the web now has social media buttons, sharing is better than bookmarking.

  8. I think with the sudden domination of social networking websites, there perhaps no longer a need for bookmarking, there are many other tools that have been created that are used in replacement. I personally still like to bookmark specific pages however, I am not sure whether the younger generation who are introduced to other tools do. Thank you for sharing.

  9. As technology takes a hike, things change and we get more better options to do the same stuff with different tools. Bookmarking has lost its value in the past years same way because of other online tools that are coming up that can be used instead of bookmarking which are far more better.

  10. Personally – No! Bookmarking; Amongst other also helps for faster indexing of content in the search engines.

  11. I’m all new to this industry so have mainly been commenting on blogs related to my own industry, car detailing, or commenting on blogs which I have gained knowledge from or enjoyed reading. I have also been using Social Media Bookmarking just as another means of increasing traffic links, whether this carries as much weight a variety of different sources of links has got to be good

  12. yup nowadays bookmarking has become dull because all to moving out of it , but still it is the Best way in generating backlinks to our site and thanks to the author for this awesome information about Bookmarking

  13. Amanda DiSilvestro says

    It seems like the common theme here is that bookmarking COULD still be great, but many people just aren’t taking the time to use it because of the growing popularity of social networks like Twitter and Facebook. I think I would have to agree with Glennie that younger generations might not even be introduced to bookmarking–and I think this is when we will really see it die. Thanks for your comments everyone.

  14. Thank´s for sharing your knowledge, I used to think that bookmarking was a good way to get backlinks but now I see there´s not much value with it.

  15. I do not use book marking as much as I used too. I think it is because blog commenting and guest posting has taken over and that is how people are making their income, rather than book marking. Also social network websites such as Facebook are a lot more useful.

  16. Thanks for sharing your knowledge,we always use different tools to do same stuff!It is useful to get backlinks.

  17. Informative and very effective!I am agree with you. but i am still using of bookmarking sites that is in the high PR.I think bookmarking is not getting much attention now a days as blog commenting and guest posting are becoming the real income. I use the bookmarking. but i focus only on these things like blog commenting and guest posting.Well thanks for sharing this post.

  18. Bookmarking can be time – consuming and inefficient compared to Twitter and Facebook, which makes some website owners dismiss it in favor of platforms with more hype.

  19. I don’t even pay attention to bookmarking. I’de much rather work on backlinks or content.

  20. Amanda DiSilvestro says

    Thanks for reading everyone. It seems as though most people are in agreement that bookmarking isn’t as popular as it used to be. I still think it’s fun to check out sites like Reddit, but not nearly as much as sites like Twitter. I think this sets a good case for why companies should focus a bit less on bookmarking–but hopefully we’ll get some people who really love it!

  21. I can’t agree with all your points. Compared with guest blog and social sites, bookmarking may be going down in quality of traffic and links.. People spend more time on social sites and blog sites.

    But some top bookmarking sites stll work better. For example, always bring social traffic to our websites every day. Top sites of bookmarking are still good recourses for traffic and links. Low-quality sites of blog and SNS may perform bad, too. As to bookmarking sites, I think top sites should never be neglected.

  22. Bookmarking is not dead. It just needs a change. Comments are very friendly. Thanks for sharing this post.

  23. They work in some way but don’t rely on traffic from them.

    I add my links to some popular ones, and that is it.

    Spend more energy on other things that are more important.

  24. Amanda DiSilvestro says

    Great points–I was hoping to hear someone who has had personal success with bookmarking. I think it’s absolutely worth and honest try to see if you get some traffic, and it’s great that you were successful! Thanks for bringing the conversation into a new direction.

  25. Well in my opinion bookmarking is not completely dead because i am still working on it and get results as well. But i have strongly recommend use appropriate topics from your niche market and post unique contetn

    • Amanda DiSilvestro says

      Definitely a great point. You have to be using the bookmarking sites correctly and post things that are actually relevant–otherwise they will FOR SURE not get you good results 🙂

  26. Daniyal Adrees says

    i am still using bookmark , it helps page to get indexed faster.

  27. I think bookmarking is a really cool thing as by doing it for example on Google+ tells people what we are actually interesed about. If someone likes our page and bookmarks it using social media other people can see it thus they can follow that page to see why it has been liked.

  28. Well Bookmarking is all most dead nowadays because of social networking sites.Blog commenting and guest posting are the popular and effective ways of link building.I even bookmark some post of commentluv enabled blog for blog commenting,BTW thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

  29. In my account, I have set it up to watch my twitter account and capture any links I share.that easy it works as a “catch-all” so I can refer back to noteworthy sites later, and easily access them from the omnibar in Chrome.
    I also find the research and collaboration tools in Diigo to be extremely useful for annotating and sharing articles with colleagues. I say “let social bookmarking live!”

  30. Amanda DiSilvestro says

    Thanks for reading everyone! I agree with you in that I don’t really see a reason why social bookmarking should go away–maybe people just need to be more aware? Or maybe we need a new bookmarking site to really take off?

  31. I agree that we don’t need to go to search engine to search some articles or blogs that we are looking for and social bookmarking is like a search engine once you search any topic you like it can give you exact topic you want. Not only visitor can give benefits and also the owner of the site or the blogger can boost traffic of their website.

  32. To be honest, I have been ignoring bookmarking for quite a long time. That was certainly a mistake. Maybe its potential is not so great any more, but it can still bring tons of traffic. In my case it did so.

  33. Whether dead or not, I believe the web has more room now for discovery engines (like StumbleUpon) than any social bookmarking tool!

  34. i also think the same but i Bookmark best and informative sites to my bookmark bar…i thing bookmarking in Bookmark bar will help more then Social bookmarking sites.

  35. Bookmarking is now going dull, cause people moving out of it, but still its important

  36. From a SEO perspective, I noticed that bookmarking is quite dead and Google almost ignores not the same result as few years ago. The time spent vs. results doesn’t justify it.

  37. I still use bookmarking for ranking videos for SEO quickly. Bookmarking works today just slightly different. It\’s great for SEO and social signals for low or mildly competative topics.

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