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Update – Post Archived

I apologize but this post is no longer relevant and/or out of date. It is kept online for archival reasons and may or may not be updated one day. I invite you to our Home Page for the most recent and best articles we offer. Thank you, Brian

Social Media Today Online CommunityDo you blog about Social Media? You should consider joining Social Media Today. Social Media Today is a very popular community where the content is member contributed.

Update: There was an interesting conversation about two months ago on Google+ about this very topic and I recommend you check it out before adding your feed to SMT. I’m still not convinced that it’s a bad thing to do but you should be as informed as possible when adding your content on other websites. See the thread here. Thank you Ileane.

Backlinks, Traffic And New Friends

You can setup a profile, socialize with like-minded people, add your RSS feed add/feed and even submit posts (exclusive content). Links back to your blog from your Social Media Today profile and any published post appear to be do-follow.

Your Content On Social Media Today

I added the RSS feed of Hot Blog Tips and was surprised to find that a content moderator approved one of my blog posts, Why Do You Blog? Getting the Most from Blogging, and it was republished on Social Media Today. The next day the post was featured on their Top Daily Picks email. That caused two HUGE spikes in traffic on Can you imagine the traffic possible if your exclusive content was published on a consistent basis?

Just like any online community, you get out only what you put into it. If you don’t contribute and interact, you won’t be satisfied with the results. If you enjoy social media and online communities, I recommend trying Social Media Today.

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Blogging superhero by day and internet super villain by night. Blogger, future online millionaire and an all around great guy.


  1. Glad to help Sai.

  2. My pleasure PJ.

  3. Hi Brian,

    I’ve seen huge spikes of traffic after a guest post of mine being featured on Social Media Today.
    I cannot put my blog directly there, because not all my post are social-related and also I need to enable full RSS feed and I’ve partial.

    It’s a great site and if the moderator accepts one post, you’ll notice in your stats 🙂



  4. sai krishna says

    thanks for another website for increase traffic.after i visited the social media today i am expecting that it is a website like Thanks For Share Hawkins 🙂

  5. Hey Brian, awesome tip here! Haven’t tried that site out yet. Will definitely check it out. Sounds like it’s something to look into. Thanks again for sharing this! Keep it up! 😀

  6. Hi Janna, I haven’t heard of but i’ll check it out. Thanks

  7. Hi Gera, Most of my posts have nothing to about social media. I still added my feed. I hope I haven’t violated their terms or something. I better check it out. Thanks.

  8. I have to say it as well that thanks for an additional web site for improve visitors.After I visited the social media today I am expecting that it is a website like Amazing tip right here! Haven’t attempted that site out but. Will certainly verify it out. Seems like it is something to look into. Thanks again for sharing this and Keep it up!

  9. Isabel Singh says

    Hi Brian! I will soon check out the website. And i know that you always share very good and helpful tips on us so i will see this for myself. Thanks to you!

  10. That’s great one of your posts got picked up. I had a tax post that took off on Business week right after I posted it. Send several thousand visitors and helped it hit page one of google. The post ended up with just under 4k comments.

  11. I have been eying to be a part of Social Media Today as one of my friend regularly contributes there.

  12. Great you’re getting dofollow links for your blog, but basically it’s for bloggers and no use of business sites unless you write a article.

  13. As always, very helpful post! Thanks a lot for it! I guess I will check this site in the nearest future

  14. ghostfighter0506 says

    Amazing tip right here! Haven’t attempted that site out but. Will certainly verify it out. Seems like it is something to look into. Thanks again for sharing this and Keep it up! | 😛

  15. Thanks Isabel.

  16. Wow, four thousand comments! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many comments on a blog. Congratulations, Business Week is a huge site. That’s very encouraging.

  17. Hi Herbert, I’m outlining an independent post this weekend to submit to Social Media Today. If a single post picked from my feed was that successful I figure I will start submitting regular content and see what develops.

  18. Well sure Aaron, that’s what Hot Blog Tips is here for. lol You can use it too though. It looks like is in blog format and if you are using social media for your website then you can submit articles on methods you are using.

    If you don’t want to focus on social media content you can submit your posts to sites like Blog Engage and The Internet Marketers Guild Blog Co-op.

  19. It really is ghostfighter. Stay tuned, we have a bunch of other cool resources for blogs in the works. Don’t forget to subscribe.

  20. Hi Jamie, that’s awesome. Best quote of the day,

    Social media today is pretty bad ass

    I love that!

  21. Hope you make it thru Sir Brian 🙂 Good Luck!!!

  22. Jamie Hudson says

    Great tip Brian. Social media today is pretty bad ass. Definitely going to head over there and check it out. Thanks!

  23. Hi Brian, Congrats on getting some good exposure and traffic from Social Media Today. I’m not totally sold on it after reading this post on Google + from Tamar Weinberg. She has some concerns that I’d love to get your feedback about – take a look (the comments are action packed too)

  24. That was a very interesting exchange Ileane. I added to the thread but it’s a couple months old now so few will see it. I also updated this post to include a link to that conversation so readers can arm themselves with all of the information rather than just my opinion.

    Truthfully, I was very reluctant to add the feed myself. I mean, we hate content scraping sites so why add our content voluntarily? I’ve heard bloggers say we should publish old blog posts on sites like Ezine Articles and that’s basically the same thing. I don’t plan on adding any there but you understand what I’m saying.

    I decided to write this post once a post was published and the stats started coming in. Until then I was a little nervous having my feed there. I knew few, if any, posts would be published because most of my content relates to blogging tips.

    I appreciate you pointing me to that discussion, that’s very helpful and I even found a few new people to follow on G+.

  25. I’m glad the topic came up and as you know Tamar is very well respected in the realm of blogging. I mentioned on Google + that something told me to take my feed down from Social Media Today and I’m not sure what it was – but Tamar summed it up nicely.

    In the past week I was contacted by two websites asking my permission to add my feed to their “news” site feeds. At first I was thinking, just delete these emails, but then on second thought I was impressed that they even asked in the first place! I gotta give them credit for that right?

    Well since I know that they are running AdSense, I responded that if they are willing to split the AdSense revenue with me (like Blog Engage does) then I would consider letting them add my feed.

    It will be really interesting to see if I hear back from either of them again and now I’m thinking maybe we should send Social Media Today the same email. 🙂

  26. Social Media Today is part of my social media marketing strategy and it’s really effective in terms of increasing site traffic. You can verify it by using Google Analytics and check the referral section.

  27. Will surely go on to hit that site for sure. It looks very beneficial for most of the readers like me. thanks Brian for adding this into my knowledge.

  28. Noel Addison says

    Great tips Brian. Indeed, social media is a great platform for making friends online and drive more traffic to your website.

  29. Hi Brian, thanks for the tip but I’m not so sure I want people to syndicate my content for their own gain. But like you say you did get spikes of traffic. Was it beneficial?

  30. Interesting article, in that one has to decide the pros and cons, whether the spikes in traffic are worth it or not. I would think that sometimes the additional traffic may be worthwhile.

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