List Building Twitter Trick

List Building Technique Using Twitter And ClickToTweet

I’m going to show you a cool list building Twitter trick using ClickToTweet, Twitter and your subscription “Thank You” message and page. In just a few simple steps, you can have a powerful list building technique that encourages engagement and social sharing.

Hey, I can read it to you…

I’m so glad that you took the time to check out this week’s tip for the Hot Blog Tips VIP List Members.  This week’s tip is a list building technique that I got from Michael Stelzner with Social Media Examiner. Update: It took me a minute to find this because I listen to so many podcasts but here’s the episode where Michael Stelzner mentioned this list-building technique; it’s on an Amy Porterfield podcast – How to Promote with Twitter with Mike Stelzner.

Most of us who have email lists, have some sort of welcome page, where we direct subscribers once they’ve opted in.  Rather than just a short thank you message and possibly a download link for a gift that you gave them for subscribing, why not add an additional call to action and help build a little buzz for your List?

This can be accomplished easily with two free online tools.  The first is Twitter and the second is  We simply pre-populate the Tweet and say something like, “Thank You for subscribing to our list, you’d really make my day if you’d click the link below and tweet our list out to your followers”.

The tweet should include your @name, your #hashtag, your opt-in page URL, and a short message from your subscriber.

The Tweet might go something like, “I’m so glad that I joined the VIP List.”  Or it could say something as simple as, “I just joined Hot Blog Tips VIP List.”  It’s as simple as that.

By making it as simple as possible for your subscribers, you’ll encourage social sharing for your brand’s email list.  To see this list building technique in action, subscribe to the VIP List at or if you’re already subscribed, sneak on over to and see what we’ve done there.

How’d I do?

If you’ve enjoyed this list building technique, let us know by going to and tweet it out to your tribe.  Thanks and Blog On.

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  1. Hey Brian,

    That’s actually a very good idea and I need to do something different with my opt-in welcome email as well. I don’t take them to a thank you page actually although I’ve been meaning to do that for such a long time.

    You’ve just given me some great ideas though because I will be releasing my product this year and this will help with that too.

    Great share, thanks Brian. You’re the man!


  2. Absolutely Adrienne, Michael Stelzner talks about placing a ClickToTweet link on product/sales thank you pages, I just took it to our opt-in thank you pages. The best time to ask someone to share your product is when their excited from that purchase they just made.

  3. I was searching to boost up my tweeter page but didn’t get any tool. May be this tool will help me out. Your information is valuable and I hope i will get these kind of post further too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Brian, I am involving to gain new followers in twitter and turn into customers. It’s very useful post for me. I generally tweets and follow the other but not created the list. But I am going to focus on it.

    Thanks for the nice tips. 🙂

  5. Hi Brain sir,
    No doubt an awesome post. Surely engaging users in social media like twitter is must for every blogger. I really like the above article about list building about twitter.

    The above mentioned Clicktotweet would surely gonna boost my twitter building list.Thanks for sharing such a great tool with us.

  6. Brian pretty intense post as I’ve very professional kind of mind set.Loved all way the social media can be used for our own good.

  7. Awesome Article Brian, I completely agree with in a sense. ClicktoTweet looks like a great asset for list building

  8. Hey Brian,

    Now how come I couldn’t think of this. This is a simple but yet powerful tip that we can use to expand our reach even further. I believe I’m going to add this to my welcome email. Killing two birds with one stone does have it’s benefits!

    Thanks for sharing Brian! Have a great weekend!

  9. Seems like hotblogtips got a new design and I must say it\’s really cool. Now yeah twitter is great platform to build links and I\’ll try clicktotweet soon.


  10. Hey Brian, I never got this idea to build a list of subscriber via Twitter itself.

    I was always looking to replace the position of email newsletter sign up box..

    Now I’ll look at the points you shared. Really a big thank! 🙂 I can feel the hard work you had to do to put this much quality of content.

  11. As you said twitter is the best way for link building.But problem is,most of them use it in wrong way and get banned from it

  12. Thanks for this post. I use justretweet for twitter exposure. Click to tweet is also an awesome tool I guess.

  13. Great Article , i think click to tweet is the best tool, it will surely help for link building, this will must help newbies, thanks for the such info.

  14. It’s an amazing social sharing tool Wajid, but I think it’s far from a link building tool.

  15. hanks for he support Munna and I hope you give it a try on your blog. 😉

  16. I REALLY don’t want anyone looking at this a link building Dasangam because it’s not. Yes, abusing Twitter will put your account at risk but that’s not what I’m teaching here. I encourage you to go back over the post without any thought of building links and look for the benefits of social sharing.

  17. Without the list Glenn, this technique doesn’t work. They go hand in hand and I do want to stress that your list is one of the most important things you can build for your blog and online business.

  18. Thanks for noticing Vicky, we’ve even went a little further with this new theme and completely changes the colors.

  19. I’m glad you think it’s a good idea Sherman. We all learn from others and this wasn’t my idea, I got it from Michael Stelzner and I wouldn’t be surprised if he hadn’t heard it from someone else.

  20. ClicktoTweet is great Samantha. I was using Tweet This by DashBurst but all of the links stopped working and the service eventually went dead. It’s back up now but after replacing all of those links and all of the ignored inquiries by DashBurst I’m done with it. That’s something to consider with any third party service like these, there’s always a risk they could disappear.

  21. Thanks James, social media has so much potential it’s almost scary. I only wish we had more time to use use it.

  22. Oh yeah, please do Mainak – build that list. It’s so important, not just a something people say because it seems smart. It’s vital for bloggers and most online businesses and can not be replaced with social media.

  23. I hope it helps Ravi, your niche, as with mine, should be very open to this type of sharing.

  24. brother.i am not abusing about twitter.its my favorite social media.i am talking about some Spammers….

  25. Oh, I know you’re not Dasangam, I didn’t mean it to come across like that. It’s just several comments suggested I was referring to link building in the post and it has nothing to do with link building, just social sharing via Twitter. It’s all good, I know you’re doing it right. 🙂

  26. I oftentimes use social locker plugin. For example, say if I want someone to grab a PDF file, then I ask them to tweet and then download the file. Not only, it helps in getting more recognition, but also helps in getting the word our indirectly.
    The idea with clicktotweet also looks quite impressive

  27. I really like the idea of putting audio on the blog. Its really great. Will apply to personal blogs also. Thanks for the post btw.

  28. Thanks for the tips. I am going to focus to use Twitter and ClickToTweet to build my links and grow my network base.

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