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Make Your Own Audio Tracks For Video

image - recording micMany of us that make videos have spent hours looking and listening for the right piece of music to use as an intro or background. Sometimes there just isn’t a music track that fits the images or setting of the video. Maybe we don’t want any music, but we need something to spice up that intro or background noise because we are not talking in the video.

When I wrote “Are You Using Music On Your Videos?” some of the commenters said that they make their own music to avoid copyright issues and that is great. I would make my own music tracks, but I can’t. I could go and buy all the equipment or programs to make tracks, but my musical talent stops at turning on the radio. Therefore, I have to be more creative when it comes to making my own background audio track.

There’s more to sound than music

Do not get stuck in the “music only” mode. You have many options when it comes to a video sound track. Look (listen) around you to see (hear) if there are things you can use.

Take a look (listen) to this video. Notice how it seems as if bunny and I are sitting in a quiet area far away from any busy noises.


Ahhh, all you hear is a single bird chirping away. Too bad that is not what the original video clips sounded like. On the real clips you hear kids playing, people walking by yelling on their cell phones, cars, dogs barking and even a couple of sirens. Those noises took away from the video, so I cut them out and replaced the audio track with something more serene and natural. Since I didn’t like any music I found, I used my own homemade audio of a bird chirping.

NOTE – Most if not all video editing tools will allow you to cut out and/or add audio tracks with 2 simple clicks.

How do I make my own audio recordings?

I have a recorder on my computer; I simply placed my mic by the open window when the bird was chirping and hit record. It was late at night so we didn’t have neighborhood kids yelling or many cars going by. The entire process took 10 minutes and that is including opening my window, setting the mic, recording and saving. I have 7 minutes of bird noises that I own and can use at any time.

If I wanted dogs barking like they were in attack mode, I would fire up my recorder, walk outside and tap on the door. My dogs would be going nuts and I would have that dog barking audio.

So, if you have a “sound” that is close to your computer, just pull out your mic and record it.

If you want the sound of a babbling brook, busy street, cafe chatter or any other sounds that are not near your computer; use your video camera to record when you are out and about. It really doesn’t matter what the visual video scene is if all you want is the audio. I have recorded video and pointed the lens at the ground simply because I was only recording to get the audio.

Once you have the video downloaded to your machine, then use your editor and cut out the visual aspect of your recording and save the audio for use somewhere else.

HINT:€“ If you are in public and people are talking, make sure you are NOT recording what they are saying. That is just not cool. Move away from people speaking so you get more of a background “chatter” noise.

When it comes to video, you can think outside the box. Just because most people use music, does not mean it is the only thing that can be used.

Open your ears and start listening for those everyday noises that could be used as an audio track in your next video.

Recording Tools

Now before someone says “I don’t have a mic, video editor, video camera; so I can’t do this.” Well, you may want to invest in these things if you want to do more with your videos. Or you can spend the money to have someone do your videos for you.

I do not use the most expensive video tools there are. I started off with Power Director ($) which is a less expensive program, but could still do what I needed. In fact, I still use Power Director for video editing, audio recordings and making slideshows. I then use YouCam for screen captures that can be edited in my Power Director.

So see, I have spent a small amount of money, but it paid for itself once I started getting traffic from my videos.

There are some things that you cannot do unless you have the tools to make it happen.

What are your Audio and Video tricks?

Leave a comment telling us what kind of cool sound tracks you have used or could make with the noises around you.

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