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Market Your Blog Within The Blogging Community

Blogger collaboration Leads To Successful Blogging

image - BloggersAs a blogger you already have some of the best marketing opportunities at your finger tips: the blogosphere and everyone in it. Although many bloggers out there are making great money through various affiliate marketing programs, etc, there are many that struggle to get traffic and viewership, and perhaps that is you.  Being involved in the blogging community, however, can change that.

As one popular adage states, There is strength in numbers.€™ If you want to increase your exposure, build important alliances, learn from others who have embarked upon the same path, or reap other important benefits, blogging communities can help strengthen your blogging experience.

Before you make any actual connections, it’€™s important that you take time to sift through blogs within your niche, or close to it. Not only will this give you a better idea of what blogs similar to yours are doing and talking about, but you’ll become familiar with their posting patterns, commenting volume, etc. These will be critical in choosing the right blogs for your marketing ventures.


Your best way to start marketing within the blogging community is to be a frequent commenter of other blogs. If you want to get something out a relationship with your fellow blogger, it’€™s expected that you know their work, and this will give you the opportunity to do that. When embarking on this first phase or your blog marketing efforts, be sure to consider the following:

  • Choose blogs that you respect, and are successful.
  • Assess how many comments are being made, the Pagerank, and posting frequency.
  • Make your comments worth something people will only click through to your blog if you’ve added value to the article.


Getting on the blogroll of a successful website can do wonders for your traffic, pagerank and SEO. Google sees authoritative inbound links leading to your website and associates you with that authenticity and quality as well; choosing blogs that are successful means that you’ll get the most out of your position on the site. How do you go about getting on someone’s blogroll?

  • Choose blogs that you may have already been commenting on; you’ll be one step closer as a familiar face on their site.
  • Reach out to the blogger but keep it short and simple.
  • Tell them what you’re willing to do, and what you’d like in return. If you want them to put you on their blogroll, always offer to add them to yours.

Guest Posting

This may be your best opportunity for marketing yourself within the blogging community. Guest posting on a trustworthy site with a high volume of traffic does two things: Brings readership in your direction and gives you more credibility as a blogger. To get started:

  • Find a blog that will provide you with the most readers.
  • Get in touch: What you want, what you can offer, and your post idea.
  • Maintain that relationship, as another networking outlet for your future blog marketing.

Being an active part of the blogging community can be beneficial to you as a successful marketing tool. Blogging is about creating community, and every blogger wants to be recognized by a fellow writer. So, don’t be afraid to reach out, ask for promotion and network with like minded professionals.

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