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Market Your Blog Within The Blogging Community

Blogger collaboration Leads To Successful Blogging

image - BloggersAs a blogger you already have some of the best marketing opportunities at your finger tips: the blogosphere and everyone in it. Although many bloggers out there are making great money through various affiliate marketing programs, etc, there are many that struggle to get traffic and viewership, and perhaps that is you.  Being involved in the blogging community, however, can change that.

As one popular adage states, There is strength in numbers.€™ If you want to increase your exposure, build important alliances, learn from others who have embarked upon the same path, or reap other important benefits, blogging communities can help strengthen your blogging experience.

Before you make any actual connections, it’€™s important that you take time to sift through blogs within your niche, or close to it. Not only will this give you a better idea of what blogs similar to yours are doing and talking about, but you’ll become familiar with their posting patterns, commenting volume, etc. These will be critical in choosing the right blogs for your marketing ventures.


Your best way to start marketing within the blogging community is to be a frequent commenter of other blogs. If you want to get something out a relationship with your fellow blogger, it’€™s expected that you know their work, and this will give you the opportunity to do that. When embarking on this first phase or your blog marketing efforts, be sure to consider the following:

  • Choose blogs that you respect, and are successful.
  • Assess how many comments are being made, the Pagerank, and posting frequency.
  • Make your comments worth something people will only click through to your blog if you’ve added value to the article.


Getting on the blogroll of a successful website can do wonders for your traffic, pagerank and SEO. Google sees authoritative inbound links leading to your website and associates you with that authenticity and quality as well; choosing blogs that are successful means that you’ll get the most out of your position on the site. How do you go about getting on someone’s blogroll?

  • Choose blogs that you may have already been commenting on; you’ll be one step closer as a familiar face on their site.
  • Reach out to the blogger but keep it short and simple.
  • Tell them what you’re willing to do, and what you’d like in return. If you want them to put you on their blogroll, always offer to add them to yours.

Guest Posting

This may be your best opportunity for marketing yourself within the blogging community. Guest posting on a trustworthy site with a high volume of traffic does two things: Brings readership in your direction and gives you more credibility as a blogger. To get started:

  • Find a blog that will provide you with the most readers.
  • Get in touch: What you want, what you can offer, and your post idea.
  • Maintain that relationship, as another networking outlet for your future blog marketing.

Being an active part of the blogging community can be beneficial to you as a successful marketing tool. Blogging is about creating community, and every blogger wants to be recognized by a fellow writer. So, don’t be afraid to reach out, ask for promotion and network with like minded professionals.

About Jessica Sanders

Jessica Sanders is an avid small business writer for Resource Nation. She writes for an online resource that gives advice on topics including payroll processing for b2b lead generation resource, Resource Nation. Don't forget to follow Jessica on Twitter.


  1. Thank you Jessica, for posting the basics of blogger collaboration. The blogging community can make the difference between a successful and mediocre blog. I would just add to ALWAYS give back to the community, that’s the only way to build quality relationships and long lasting partnerships.

  2. Great article Jessica!

    It is great when you gain credibility through commenting, guest posting and by sharing personal experiences with other bloggers and administrators! First time in your blog and I see you’re doing an awesome job! Thanks for sharing with us,

    John Mak

  3. Pete Goumas says

    I agreed with your point of view that blogging collaboration leads to successful blogging. I found significant change in my website traffic by blog commenting and guest postings.I feel blog commenting is the best way to build good long term relationship.
    Thanks for your tips and suggestions.

  4. Andreas Pazer says

    Leave quality comments on other bloggers’ posts, especially larger blogs. You will get recognition both from the blogger and the blogging community and that will give you some traffic and exposure in return.

  5. Lennart Heleander says

    Hi Jessica,
    Do not be too quick to create groups for cooperation, etc. it takes time to find the right partners in the same niche as you can rely on. Sometimes they pick out or make changes on your links from their blogs after a few weeks or months; you must always check old links from “collaborative partners”.

  6. Glad to hear this one here Jessica. Your post is really packed with great information about blogger collaboration. This one is very interesting. Sharing experiences to other blogger are really a great opportunity and gaining lots of ideas how they do and what they do. It will lead to a successful outcome. Thanks for sharing this one Jessica.

  7. Donna Merrill says

    I am a great fan of blogging collaboration! I like all the points you have made here especially about comments. I have received so many new people in my “fold” from a simple comment on a blog. A one liner never works, nor does an automated comment.
    We blog for social recognition, so why not get recognized from your comments too. People don’t realize how important it is to give a good comment AND go the extra mile to share it on other social platforms.
    Guest blogging brings so much attention because you are reaching out to a whole other group of people. It is a fantastic way to share.
    I enjoyed your post and will share it with my peeps so they can attain the knowledge you have shared.
    Thank You
    Donna Merrill

  8. Jessica Sanders says

    Brian, definitely agree with you on that one. You always want to give back what has been given to you! Thanks for reading!

  9. Jessica Sanders says

    John, thanks so much for reading and enjoying the article!

  10. Jessica Sanders says

    Pete, absolutely! I almost see this as planting a garden… all over the web. Hear me out — you comment here, guest post there, on a blog roll over here… and slowly you’re leaving the mark of your blog everywhere… as it sits, and more visitors come upon it you see more traffic coming back and your blog begins to bloom into something much more. You know what I mean? Thanks for checking out the article!

  11. Jessica Sanders says

    Andreas! Yes! That is probably the most important tip of commenting – it helps build credibility and makes people want to see what else you have to say back at your own blog. Thank you for reading!!

  12. Jessica Sanders says

    Lennart, I do agree that you should be careful where you post, comment etc, but I think most bloggers are interested in building community and that is all part of it. Being negative and rude about linking is not building that relationship, and I think bloggers place that as a priority. None-the-less, it is certainly important to check on old links to be sure they’re still there and working. Thanks for reading and adding your opinion!

  13. Jessica Sanders says

    Donna, well thank you so much for everything you added there! And thanks for sharing with your friends! You did exactly what I said you should do in the post – leave a thoughtful and expressive comment, so congrats! 🙂 Thank you so much for reading, it is much appreciated!

  14. Jessica Sanders says

    Farrel, thanks so much for reading, I’m very glad you found it informative and helpful!

  15. Pam Sheraton says

    You’ve really nailed it here. But apart from blog commenting and increasing your exposure in the blogosphere, I believe it is equally important to post interesting and high quality content on your own website. True you have to get in the traffic, but to make sure that they become loyal and long term readers, the onus remains on you to give them what they cannot find anywhere else.

  16. Jessica Sanders says

    Pam, you are so very right. When that traffic is coming in, it’s critical that you have the information and content they are looking for. Being a blog owner is not easy — generating traffic, quality content and social media exposure – so many things to worry about, all at one time. No matter what though, it is important to remember that poor, stale or repetitive content will make the rest of your efforts pointless. Thanks for reading!

  17. Commenting on other blogs is a good start, but it takes a lot of work and months to build a strong name in the industry. Nevertheless, if we write posts with passion the results will come naturally.

  18. great post, packed with info about blogger collaboration, i´ m wondering if the secret ingrediant is to leave quality comments on other bloggers’ posts, if their quality comments then you` get recognition from the blogger and the blogging community hence leading to more traffic

  19. Isabel Singh says

    I think another way to share your blog entries with an interested audience or viewers, is to provide links to them directly. You’ll need to do research online first to develop a list of respectable blogs or online forums that are relative to your industry.

  20. Everything you said here Jessica is true, and some of the best ways to build relationship and market our blog are blog commenting and guest posts.
    thanks for sharing this post with us

  21. Ryan Hanley says

    I got into a commenting Tribe about 3 months ago… Has been an amazing experience!

    Grown as both a blogger and commentor and grown my community!


    Ryan H.

  22. I think most times some bloggers don’t realize their own “real estate” with building their community and how effective it will be for them in the long run. When I first started I had no idea about that and wondered why I lacked comments and traffic. Once I started really networking with other bloggers, I saw the opportunity to make new alliances online and in turn it helped grow my traffic with not much else work.

    Once the traffic and your blog starts to grow you really have to remember what worked to get you there and keep repeating the same steps over and over. Some might say it doesn’t work for them, but if you aren’t consistent engaging your readers or network, it will eventually start to die off. As usual you always offer great tips on your blog Brian!

  23. Jessica Sanders says

    Sonia, I couldn’t agree more! Bloggers have so many tools right at their fingertips, but as a new blogger it might not be so easy to see. Thank you for that addition, and thanks for checking out the post!

  24. Lyka Ricks says

    This post is indeed true! Blog commenting has many benefits, not only new insights yet meet new blogger friends. I enjoy hanging in sites with guest posts,the avenue for versatility.

  25. Mark Bundberg says

    I am quite new to blogging but have already experienced the power of community and commenting, f.e. someone finds my blog on Google search, then asks a question with comment, then shares some posts on Google plus and gives my site a big SEO benefit. Real human recommendation is always much better than all those unpersonal traffic softwares.

  26. Ganesh J. Acharya says

    I agree, frequent commenting does help. One can always make a list of people who we think are beneficial and should start commenting until the blog owner knows us by person.

  27. I can’t reiterate how true this post is… I was struggling about a year ago to get over a traffic plateau.

    They I got invited to join a Blog Commenting Tribe. At first I was a little skeptical of the whole thing but once we got going… Man I can’t tell how great it was to have all these wonderful bloggers participating in my community and sharing each others articles…

    Great stuff.


    Ryan H.!

  28. Great insight and tips Jessica. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  29. Jessica Sanders says

    Thanks for checking it out!! Guest posting offers a lot of versatility in reaching new audiences and networking.

  30. Jessica Sanders says

    Ted, Thanks for reading! Glad you enjoyed it!

  31. Jessica Sanders says

    Ryan, Thanks so much for reading the post. I am just really getting my blog off the ground and I’m finding the same thing… I’m looking into the commenting tribe right now – that is the one place I’m really struggling. Thanks again! Best of luck to you

  32. Asad Wahab says

    I would like to add one thing that the value of the blogrolls is decreasing, and such things should be avoided, rather than that, we can go for the contextual links, that works better than these!

  33. Really wish there was the same engagement on a local level, its a much more rare phenomena with guest posts in scandinavia then in the US blogosphere. Either way great writeup and i hope to bring some of these ideas back with me!

  34. Hi Jessica, that’s true, as a blogger always keep touch in other bloggers community to market yourself.

  35. sai krishna says

    well explained Jessica Sanders, blog comment is worked well for me . Guest blogging also help us a lot to get link juice 🙂

  36. Since I have started blogging I have began to realize more and more that in this field of profession the more you share the better off you are. In most areas of life you want to do it all alone but if you try to do that with site building you will be left behind in the dust.

  37. Jessica Sanders says

    Asad, I think that blogrolls are still helpful as far as networking with other blogs. It gives you an opportunity to reach out to other bloggers and essentially acts a referral to your site, if a highly authoritative site is sending visitors your way. Especially for the beginning bloggers, I definitely think it’s =a smart way to connect and get click throughs. Thanks for reading the post!!

  38. Jessica Sanders says

    Sara, sharing in the blog world is definitely great. It’s all about connecting and “word of mouth” which is exactly what networking is for. Thanks for checking the post out, best of luck to you! 🙂

  39. Jessica Sanders says

    Carl, the blog world is also about having leaders and if it’s something important to you, use your blog as your means to create a more communal blog world! Reach out to your fellow bloggers and start the community yourself! You can do it! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  40. Giving back to a community is the way of having a good relationship.These post make me realize many of being a bloger.

  41. Thanks Jessica, guest posting is the common way that people usually do to drive traffic to their blog and at the beginning, I’d read lots of people that recommenced to offer guest posts on other blogs, but I didn’t believe it and now hopefully, it will reveal the true. I contacted Brian! really thanks for your ideas.


  42. Jessica Sanders says

    Ferb, Congrats on giving it a shot! I think you’ll find it is very helpful! Best of luck to you!


  43. Homeforgeeks says

    Well.this is quite an interesting read!
    The best way of getting the others blogger to colaborate with you is by guest posting!
    though it may require some time ut if done properly then i m sure guys like Pete cashmore and even The admin here’ itself wont hesistate to have a chat with you or ask for help if they fill like you have the knowledge to solve there problem! 🙂

  44. Scott Mattingly says

    Guest blogging is a great way to assist the blogging community and increase your exposure. I use a service called BloggerLinkUp that connects guest writers with bloggers than need guest articles. It’s a wonderful service done through email. I highly recommend using it, it is SUCH a pain to find proper blogs to guest write for without.

  45. I agree, there is strength in numbers. Blogging is not as fulfilling if you don’t belong to a network who share the same mission and vision. For me, blog commenting and guest posting are the best ways to interact and reach out to more bloggers and readers.

  46. According to my personal experience the best way to promote a blog is to enter the blogroll of popular blogs within the same niche. it not only improves traffic but also effects Page Rank as you said. The bets way to convince others is producing high quality content. People would love linking to your blog if it has original and well drafted content.

  47. Wallace Bjornson says

    Thanks for this wonderful blog, It is very true blogging collaboration leads to successful blogging, posting quality comments helps build credibility and makes people aware about your existence and we have to be positive and polite about linking for building that relationship.

  48. Thanks Jessica, your tips are very useful. I would add “writing about other blogs/bloggers in your niche” as another idea for becoming known. Most bloggers check their sources of traffic and if you send them traffic, they will check you up. Of course, this works only if you have interesting content, but I think that this is the main condition for a successful blog.

  49. To build friendly relation and collaborate with other bloggers is to put a link of there website on your website in the sidebar. They will surely get impressed by you. And will become friends.

  50. Jessica Sanders says

    Thank you Wallace, said very well! Thanks for reading the post!

  51. Jessica Sanders says

    Great point! Thanks for adding that! Thanks for checking out the post 🙂

  52. Great post Jessica and thank you for it. I have been surfing for some good 10 to 20 minutes before I read your post and it actually answers my questions. By becoming friends with other bloggers would definitelly generate high traffic. I have not started with this method yet, but I will begin with it as of now. Thank you!

  53. Nice article to share about blogging community. Blog commenting is one of the main tactics to get a backlink easily and also get new friends doing so.Thanks.

  54. When I moved to Word Press (new blogger made a mistake in platform choice, but also moved quickly), we added Disqus. That allowed people to leave comments. I noticed I would click through and add comments on posts, and people would then be more likely to see what I was doing. So, it was natural and not a “strategy”.
    This comment likely seems like a “duh” moment to you, but since I’m relatively new to social media…I have to say that I’m amazed at the relationships I am building this way. I’ve had people drive hours to meet me since I launched my blog. I’m amazed that I have new friends via Twitter. I never imagined that relationships could start like this. Thanks for the good post.

  55. Satyakam Pradhan says

    I really liked the title of the post, it was really catchy one. Talking about the post, Effective points put up here. I mainly prefer Guest Posting for growing any community or a blog.

  56. I think Guest Posting is one of the best things known to bloggers. If you’re a mobile application development blogger, for example, you can reach other people interested in that subject by posting on a relevant blog. Plus, it helps you become aware of other issues and perspectives (when you let others post on your site or speak to new commenters and posters yourself!)

  57. Great set of advice Jessica. One of the big mistakes that I made when I first got started on blogging and on internet marketing is having the hoarding mentality. In the beginning I always thought I must keep my traffic all to myself and that I must never link out. Yes I was very naive. It is only later on that a kind and experienced blogger taught me the importance of building relationships with other webmasters. What you teach here is invaluable for anyone getting started on blogging and it makes wish I found your website a few years sooner.

  58. Commenting and being in touch in the social sites, is what your tip is all about, Pete.

    Guest posting in the right places is worth it as well.

  59. Ethan Millers says

    A very good post. Commenting on others blogs are the best way to build up some thing good and once you become recognized to others it will be easier to request for Guest post.Thanks again for the quality post.

  60. One can start it with commenting on others’ blogs, but making a good name for yours may take a lot of time. Patience is one thing, you should take care of before you start guest blogging.

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