Multiple Admins For Google Plus Business Pages

Multiple Admins For Google Plus Business Pages

image - Google Plus Business Pages logoGoogle Plus has been listening to all the feedback and they have stepped up to change at least one very important thing. They are making changes to 3 things but, one seems more important than the others do (at least to me).

Google Plus business pages can now have multiple admin! Yes, your page can now have up to 50 (fifty) admin per page! For all of us that have multiple partners in a business, blog or may manage the SEO and networking for other companies…this is a HUGE bonus! In fact I almost feel as if Santa Claus came early!

G+ Change 1

Many of you bloggers that have multiple editors and admin should be jumping for joy as this feature will allow you to have a bit of help getting post on your G+ pages. Before you get too excited let it be known that the multiple admin feature is being rolled out through Google Plus. As I write this post, I do not have the ability to add more admin YET! So, if you are not seeing this new feature, just stay calm and know that it is coming. Go ahead over to your business pages and try it out, you may be one of the lucky ones who already have the new multiple admin feature.

To Add Admins to your page simply – Just go to your Google Plus Page and be logged in as Your Business Page, Go to the Settings in the Black Google Bar (should be that little gear in the utmost right of the page), Select Managers from the settings page, And you can then add managers by typing in their email address.

G+ Change 2

A second change is that the Notifications are going to be better. God, let’s hope so. They were awful. You should now be able see when someone +1’s or Shares your post. This could be helpful in finding more people that you will want to try and connect with. If they found your post useful enough to +1 or share then they may just be in your target market. You also will no longer have to scroll to search each post looking to see if it was +1’d or shared.

G+ Change 3

With the third update we should have a better count on the total who has +1’d your page and who has circled your page. So there you have it, Google Plus is trying to help us all out by making improvements that will be of great benefit to us all. Ok, the biggest benefit as of right now seems to be to Google Plus Business Pages.

So let us know if you have the new Multiple Admin feature yet or do you even have a need for it? Which feature will you find most useful? Be sure to subscribe to Hot Blog Tips and sign up for the VIP List to get all the tips on improving your blog.

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  1. Isabel Singh says

    It’s crazy!! I know one social media company who is setting up a + account for each client and managing them that way. Me, I am waiting a bit.

  2. Hi Isabel, while I don’t need to set up a whole lot of pages…I can set them up for all of our local clients now. I had waited because there was a limit on how many pages a person could have and I didn’t want to leave clients trying to run their pages by themselves. Now they can have a page and I can be admin to work the page without the need to log into their account. Yeah!

  3. Hi Jim, that is me…I would love my Facebook friends and pages to all be over on Google Plus…I really wouldn’t miss FB. LOL

  4. Yes Jass, having multiple admin will take all the pressure off of just one person that is trying to keep up.

    Once a group has some basic rules as to how many post, when to post, and how to answer people…then it could really help a page grow fast.

  5. Hello Gabriele, I think lots of people were surprised when they couldn’t have multiple admins from the beginning but as you said…Better late than never!

  6. Hi Andy, I thought most people would be happy with this news. If you don’t have the feature yet…they say it is coming and so we will just have to wait and see how long the roll out takes.

  7. Hello Lennart, I’m always glad when a company spends their money wisely and adds/makes features that are of benefit to the user rather than just some crazy idea that a developer has (like the new FB timeline).

  8. Google plus enginners are doing such a great job. If only a third of my friends from facebook will move camp, I’d use G+ more often.

  9. Its Great now me and my friends can easily build our social media marketing army. This helps us to up date pages on our own time easily using multiple admin facility.

  10. Gabriele Maidecchi says

    Kinda surprised the multiple-admins feature wasn’t added along with business pages themselves, but hey better late than never, very much needed.

  11. Its damn Good. I was just wondering yesterday that i could make my friend as admin of our business page and I just got this news. I m overwhelmed.

  12. Lennart Heleander says

    Hi Sheryl,
    Google listens all the time on what the market wants or is not on Google +, it’s the big difference between Google and Facebook, and of course Google has a little more money to spend on develop of the program.

  13. This is something really amazing. Google have seriously left many behind and now they must be scratching their head how will they outshine Google’s this awesome initiative

  14. I personally do not really use Google Plus yet, so don’t know the benefits really, but from the article I can see that the ability to have multiple adminS is a great benefit.
    I have already checked out Google Plus, but it doesn’t really pleases my wishes. But well yeah, Google Plus is relatively new, so it can still become a lot better I guess.

    One remark, you forgot the ‘o’ in your too, meaning an excessive amount (or something like that :D) in the following paragraph: “Before you get to excited let it be known that the multiple admin feature is being rolled out through Google Plus.”

  15. Isabel Singh says

    Hi Sheryl! Thanks for responding. I thought so. There is always a limit on how many persons in each page could be. Thanks for letting me know that. Have a nice day!

  16. Certainly, that’s great that Google’s pages can be improved like this, but I haven’t tried it yet. And I’ll wait for some reviews about it at first

  17. conference gifts says

    I agree that Google + engineers are doing such a great job.Its Great now we can easily build our social media marketing.

  18. Oh, yeah! I wonder how can you launch a business feature like Google Plus Pages and not allow multiple admins from the very beginning… at lease they move pretty fast with the add-on. Thanks for sharing this, I am already using the new feature.

  19. great post, it looks like Google will succeed with this one 🙂

  20. Gerard York says

    Only today I was talking to my friend about all the improvements that google has made, I mean they come a long way from only giving email storage to whatever they are doing now. They’ve always been at the top, or at least at par with other forms of social media.

  21. This is great news. I’ve been waiting patiently for the multiple admin of the brand page. When do you think we can add an admin?

  22. Rebeccacurz says

    I’m loving the service. In my opinion, better than Facebook for what I actually want to do, which is engage with like minded people. With facebook, I feel like I’m at my local bar. With Google+, I feel like I’m on the internet. And that’s a good feeling, for someone like me.

  23. That’s a great analogy Rebecca, a local bar. lol I feel like Facebook is a huge 24 hour soap opera.

  24. Anonymous (Read Comment Policy) says

    I agree that Google + engineers are doing such a great job. I’m loving the service. Great news.

  25. sai krishna says

    NICE EXPLANATION Sheryl_Loch 🙂

  26. Google plus seems to be doing a good job with feedback they are getting from their users I hope they keep it up.

  27. Hi Yentl, thanks for the extra “O”! 😉

    I am sure there are some markets fit into Google Plus better than others and personal preference also comes into play. I just hate Facebook and would love somewhere else to build customer relations.

  28. Hi Adrian, I figure that it has taken Facebook years to improve things so, Google Plus will also take a bit of time. I’m sure G+ is learning a lot from FB’s screw ups. 😉

  29. They had to come up with this!

    If your page does in fact get to large to handle yourself, then think about adding another admin.

    Thanks for the article to get things going with this news 🙂

  30. Sheryl Loch says

    Hi Samuel, yes some pages are very hard to manage for just one person. It is always nice to have someone else that can fill in.

  31. A major advantage for Google Plus over a Facebook (business) page is that when the initial account holder adds a new admin or manager to that account, they cannot delete the original owner of the page. In other words, “Only the owner of a page can transfer their ownership rights. The person you transfer ownership to must be an existing manager of the page.”

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