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The Negative Impact Of Article Spinning

Article Spinning For Bloggers

image - Article SpinningI don’€™t always have time for blogging. So one day I went online in search of some guest posts. Article spinning is something that some guest posters consider a strategy but may actually be doing more harm than good.

Article Spinning Has A Negative Impact On:

  1. The guest poster himself – A blogger trying to pass article spun content off as unique and original posts risk ruining their own reputation.
  2. The client they are serving – If you are using spun content for a client you risk their reputation as well as any future business with that person/company. The sad thing is that it could take months for websites that pay for content to realize their content is nothing more than rewritten content theft.
  3. Page rank – Although there’s not a direct correlation between article spinning and pagerank, Google is very good at detecting duplicate content. Duplicate content, even when spun, kills the exclusivity of the article.


Some bloggers write the same article in different ways to get one post published on two or more blogs or websites.

Common steps to rewriting:

  1. Altering the prepositions – This is a very foolish step. When Google searches anything it removes the prepositions and then performs the search. If something like a paragraph is searched then only a maximum of 32 words are searched which are basically actual query minus prepositions.
  2. Swapping the content – Another foolish step. Alternating the sequences in which the content appears in the post. Google will find the duplicate content if it’s position on the page is moved or not.
  3. Twisting the writing style – Rewriting an article in one’s own style is practiced by many guest bloggers. Most of the content is changed so it may no longer be considered a spun article but the overall idea/concept has been plagiarized.

Note From Brian:

I would strongly discourage article spinning period. Don’t waste your time and money on article spinning programs or products. Be careful of guest bloggers or article marketers that may be using spun content.

Original content has to start with original thought. That thought may be triggered or grow from the work of others but if we can not come up with an original thought on own own, we have no business blogging or writing. Content theft is theft – period! Is it okay to steal a car if we paint it a different color and change the wheels?

About Shubhashish Shukla

Shubhashish Shukla is the founder and author of Sector Techno, a tech blog. Follow Shubhashish on Twitter.


  1. Nice post Shubhashish, I appreciate you deciding to share it with our readers. Thank you 🙂

  2. Don’t add spun content to any blog you want to guest post on.

    It all boils down to what works for you and what doesn’t.

  3. Shubhashish Shukla, I completely agree with you about article spinning being a bad idea. Again, would it be wise to publish the same article across multiple websites without altering the content?

    • Shubhashish Shukla says

      It is the worst idea. Google tracks duplicate content and lowers down the page rank. Duplicate article never reaches a user. Though the first publish will reach.

      • Ganesh J. Acharya says

        Shubhashish Shukla, I don’t completely agree on the idea being worst, because every website has their own Ecosystem around them.. that is, they have their own set of regular visitors or followers. For example, this website has its own set of regular readers apart from the new ones coming via search engines. I come here because I know there will be some great content found. How would it matter to me if the content is duplicate or not? Again, I agree with you about Search Ranking algorithm thing. But there is a world beyond it as well.

        I guess there should be no harm submitting well written content to multiple websites. Again, yes spinning the article can surely spoil the vocabulary and might sound odd if its not well done.

        • You are absolutely right about set of readers. But if you have read guide lines in guest post section of any blog exclusivity of the content is always asked. Though some blogs provide with freedom to have an article based on another’s work but not exactly the same. So if you have permissions from the blogger than you may go for it but if you don’t have permissions you are cheating the blog owner?

          • Ganesh J. Acharya says

            Yes I agree if the practice is deceptive it is absolutely wrong. But, there is no harm in posting the same article at multiple places if readership is all the blog owner is looking for and if such articles are acceptable to them. Surely Google will not rank an article twice as it spoils its search experience… Google’s stand point is understood… or other wise how would one feel on seeing the same article appearing again and again at its SERP (Search Engine Result’s Page) for a query. So Google needs to remove repeated results. But again, at the same time it does not mean having useful content posted multiple times is harmful as well. Again my indention was only to highlight a missing link.

  4. even i m also comes to rewriting article category. Most of the time i will rewrite the content with my own unique style of writing, adding more information to existing one and much more.

  5. Well, I also hate spunned content and never do them too. Blogging is the art of creating new contents out of one’s experiences and observations and not by simply rewriting and spinning them.

  6. Cristian Balau says

    It all seems like a lot of work. I find it much easier just to write a nwe original article. Of course, everyone needs inspiration but write original stuff and everything will go much better then expected.

  7. It’s been a great read Shubhashish! Article spinning is really not advisable since Google updates are pointing to original and unique content with the freshness factor to be able to survive in blogging world. It’s more on sharing new information and fresh ideas to the public to be able to satisfy the audience’s desire.

  8. Isabel Singh says

    I would like to suggest manual spinning of content. This will assure you that the content will be well spanned but it will take so much of your time.

  9. Really Nice post Shubhashish, Currently i am getting daily 5 to 10 guest post on my site and out of 10, 8 are spun or rewrite.
    Its only for Backlink so just avoid to accept any company related article.
    I saw some writer they are using Some certification anchor on there link.
    Example: TestPp, Symentic certification.
    I highly recommend to this company to stop there this strategies to build backlink. I am really very fed-up and i got same article with writer and link on 8 to 10 site. So before accepting guest post please recheck, give time to review.
    It will harm our sites ranking.

  10. Anton Koekemoer says

    I do agree – A person trying to pass a spun article off as unique and original content posts a major risk ruining their own reputation, as well as when it isn’t done correctly search engine might decide its duplicate content and you loose all value of the posts together.

  11. great article, good ideas but one concern i have is will Google track the duplicate content and lower the level of the page rank? theyre getting too confusing with their ever changing rules and crack-downs

  12. Forget about Article spinning Shubhashish Google is now penalizing legit and original content writers too. One big example is

  13. Great blog post, I had the problems that guest author would post the same article on other blogs and then he/she would try to post the same on on my blog. It can be bad in eyes of Google. Since it’s automatically the duplicate content.
    thanks for sharing about article spinning

    • Before posting a guest post randomly copy some lines and search them in Google. By the time I don’t know if there is any website that offers checking for duplicate content.

  14. Thanks for the useful info, I never realized how badly spun content can be for a website… I even do own one such website, however it’s ranking poorly.
    That’s why I love press releases- you pay once and post it everywhere!

  15. Pete Goumas says

    I really found this post helpful especially in case of article rewriting. I think, the best option is to write article by yourself again without coping it and you probably get a new fresh look article but it’s a time consuming process as well.

  16. Lennart Heleander says

    Unfortunately, we see articles that are spinning every day in all different blogs, both as a blogger himself have “written” or a guest bloggers “article”. Sometimes find I that I read a exact same article that I had read in another blog.

  17. Search engine specially Google is now very clever and can easily recognize duplicate or spun content, so don’t try to be over smart rather spend your time on writing original content.

  18. rohit kothari says

    Hi Subhasish,
    true article spinning has very big negative impact on blog in 1 of my blog as a testing purpose i used article spinner to outrank other blog which is no doubt gone good but as panda update and penguin update occur that blog is no longer visible on g search so from my experience i will say never use it

  19. Although I am against article spinning in general, I am sure it has it’s place for some people. (maybe backlinks to links?)

    BUT…that place should NEVER be as a guest post or anywhere on a blog really.

    I am even hesitant to say it has anyplace at all. As you point out, the Google Algorithm is getting smarter each and every day. There may be a way to spin content that is not flaggable by google today (but doubtfully very readable)…but you can rest assured that at some point, as the algorthm gets smarter, that content will be found.

    It just isn’t worth it. Really original material is the only way to go.


  20. Every bloggers need to maintain originality in their blogs to avoid setbacks from the Google or other. You mention it correct that page rank will at a stake. Article spinning is a major activity done by guest post but at the same time bloggers should use the rewrite method to avoid any problem in future.

  21. In my opinion, since spinning and rewriting will use a portion of our brain, why not take time to do a quick research about the topic that you are about to spin/rewrite and come up on your own idea from the info you have gathered 😀

  22. These techniques are useful for any webmaster, as we need to post articles on directories, to build valuable backlinks. If we spin an article in a professional manner, we save time and money, otherwise we could do more harm than good.

  23. Shalu Sharma says

    The only way to fame though blogging is by writing original things. The worst thing that can be done is spinning articles. Now lot of things is at stake, so don’t do it.

  24. I’ve never liked spun articles and although I’ve been offered article spinning software I’ve always refused. I’ve a few guest posts on my blog but I’ve decided against accepting any more, at least for the present.

    It’s not that I don’t appreciate guests posts or doubt their importance, it’s just that I don’t think they’re right for my blog at this particular time.

  25. Using spun content on your own websites is a sure no-no. In that case, using a spun article as a guest post is a sure-fire way to kill your reputation. One will just get the opposite of what is expected via guest blogging this way.

  26. Article spinning is a very bad method some posters use. Don’t forget that some times texts have copyright protections and this could cause major problems for both the poster and the blog that is hosting the spinned article. Don’t ruin your reputations!

  27. As a reader, I hate reading those posts with almost same thoughts as the others. Unfortunately, we can blame other bloggers too if they couldn’t come up with a fresh, new idea for their very own blog. It’s pretty difficult to be unique anyway, but as always, it isn’t a right reason for them not to exert an effort in coming up with good content.

  28. I’ve thought article writing has done by the wayside with the latest Google updates. And if you have a blog why would need articles still?

  29. Stela Rodrick says

    The stuff you are sharing online must be unique and useful for visitors. I have number of blogs and i have tried to give beneficial information. Blogs and websites are beneficial for people when their is something for users that they get attract towards your stuff. Today many people are trying to spin the articles through article spinning websites but its wrong. You are not providing the unique content or info for your visitors.


    • Moreover unique articles continue to get page views whereas the others get some page views only till they are shown in sites like stumbleupon and digg, after that they are just like garbage.

  30. Joseph Larson says

    Couldn’t agree more! Any site owner with a legitimate product / service to offer is doing a disservice to ANYONE associated with his business by using a spinner. It’s junk content, it makes your associates look bad, and it turns your customers away.

  31. Some great tips Subhashish. I think article spinning if being used for guest posting or normal blogging then it is quite a bad idea but on the other hand if one is doing article spinning for niche blogs/website or for submitting to article directories for the sake of seo then I do not see any harm in that.

    • Ganesh J. Acharya says

      Allowing spun content means people will see the same redundant website for different optimized keyword synonyms. Or, since the content appears to be different the search engine might rank the same redundant content for a selected keyword. If you were the searcher, how would you feel finding the same spun content through out the search engine’s 1st 20 result? Would you go back to that search engine? Since this spoils the search engine’s user experience. No search engine would allow that.

      • Great point Ganesh, It’s to Google’s best interest to filter out spun content and they do a pretty good job at it. It’s funny how many people think they can fool the big G long term. Everyone that takes shortcuts end up paying the price in time. It’s a bad idea when there’s so much work at risk.

  32. Live is not fair if spinning is allowed. We should all do a fair business here. I hope some bloggers know how to do the drill without cheating.

  33. Marshall says

    True. We can’t rely on our laziness and just stop creating original posts for our SEO endeavors. If we want to succeed, working hard and innovation are needed. We can’t just rely on what has been done before and pass it off as something original. That is just like plagiarism, only you are doing it to yourself.

  34. Akbar Rosarium says

    Well I am not against article spinning but I don’t support it also. There is always a line that separates good from the bad. Similarly there is also a line which a writer has to maintain if he is trying his hand on article spinning. There are some writers who take an otherwise mediocre article and turn it into the best thing that you have ever read. This is allowed but what isn’t allowed is copying the whole article without any or little changes. So one there are limitations and boundaries in article spinning which must be respected and followed.

    • We’ll have to agree to disagree on this one Akbar. I think spun. is spun, is spun. I don’t think we can grade stolen content into degrees and give better work a pass. To me, that’s like giving the guy that was able to steal money from others without them noticing is was stolen a free get out of jail card. Theft is theft, it shouldn’t matter how good you are at it.

  35. Quality content is always important. Article spinning is bad idea don’t add spun content in any blog or website it harms your website rankings.

  36. According to me the people who resort to article spinning are just plain lazy. I don’t say they are not creative. Well they are immensely talented how else would they take an idea and transform it to something so wonderful. But I just wish they would put a little more effort and come up with something that is original and fresh.

  37. I don’t think article spinning is such a good idea. It can seriously hurt your credibility and can tarnish your reputation. If your can create an article out of an old one you can surely come up with something new. Originality is always appreciated more than anything else. So it is better that you write something fresh than do article spinning.

  38. Most people, especially SEO experts or SEO specialists, think of article spinning as merely a tool or software they can buy and have a few outsourced spinners from anywhere. However, you can buy programs that you can use to make article spinning a lot easier but it still relies on the human brain. If you want to get high quality spins, get people who know high quality spinning to do the job.

    • Hi Joe, I don’t know if you bothered reading the post or not but I can’t let you get away with saying most SEO experts or SEO specialists think article spinning is a tool they can use; that’s simply not true.

  39. When it comes to websites and blogs, content is king. If you don’t know this by now, then your blog or website is in big trouble. It is very important to have updated and relevant content in your website if you want it to rank well and be noticed by all. Thus, you need to write articles and blog posts that are rich in relevant and targeted keywords.

  40. It takes years to build a reputation and only seconds to destroy it. That is how it is in the case of article spinning. One wrong step and it can ruin your years of hard work. It is alright if you don’t have any great articles in your name but stealing someones else’s work is very bad move on your part. It can seriously harm your career.

  41. Article spinning is not unheard of. People today do anything to succeed. I feel it is ethically wrong to resort to article spinning. It is very bad for a writer to do such a thing. It will only hamper the image of the writer and the site as well. One also has to be careful about what the guest bloggers post even their mistake can harm your credibility.

  42. Awesome and Nice post Shubhashish, Currently i am doing daily daily 2-3 guest post on my site and out of 10, 8 are spun or rewrite.
    Its only for Backlink so just avoid to accept any company related article.
    I was saw some writer they are using Some certification anchor on there link.
    thanks for sharing this awesome info……

    • Yes. And sites like MyBlogGuest has way too much article rewriting. And if you are not able to spot one then you are just a new user. But still I have subscribed to these sites as they provide you with a number of topics to search and ponder.

  43. even some of guest bloggers are also article spinning to generate more content is less time. it was worst idea they were doing in the blogging world.

  44. Exactly, this is the problem that happens with most of the beginners in blogging. If we can not throw out the habit of spinning the articles, then we are not worth blogging for the genuine visitors.

    But I do not treat writing on own style as a duplicate content. We just have to share our thoughts and experiences.

  45. Thanks for sharing, I hate article spinning.

  46. Many new bloggers use this method to get post for there blog, but they don’t know that this will destroy there blogging future.

  47. I would agree on Brian Words for Article Spinning. It not only is open plagiarism but also deprives the original authors from the much needed appreciation and acknowledgements. I also discourage the use of Article Spinning methods

  48. For SEO writers, it is important that you don’t just rewrite a content you have read on the web. You need to re-purpose it. And you can do it by giving your personal views on the subject you are writing about.

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