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The Negative Impact Of Article Spinning

Article Spinning For Bloggers

image - Article SpinningI don’€™t always have time for blogging. So one day I went online in search of some guest posts. Article spinning is something that some guest posters consider a strategy but may actually be doing more harm than good.

Article Spinning Has A Negative Impact On:

  1. The guest poster himself – A blogger trying to pass article spun content off as unique and original posts risk ruining their own reputation.
  2. The client they are serving – If you are using spun content for a client you risk their reputation as well as any future business with that person/company. The sad thing is that it could take months for websites that pay for content to realize their content is nothing more than rewritten content theft.
  3. Page rank – Although there’s not a direct correlation between article spinning and pagerank, Google is very good at detecting duplicate content. Duplicate content, even when spun, kills the exclusivity of the article.


Some bloggers write the same article in different ways to get one post published on two or more blogs or websites.

Common steps to rewriting:

  1. Altering the prepositions – This is a very foolish step. When Google searches anything it removes the prepositions and then performs the search. If something like a paragraph is searched then only a maximum of 32 words are searched which are basically actual query minus prepositions.
  2. Swapping the content – Another foolish step. Alternating the sequences in which the content appears in the post. Google will find the duplicate content if it’s position on the page is moved or not.
  3. Twisting the writing style – Rewriting an article in one’s own style is practiced by many guest bloggers. Most of the content is changed so it may no longer be considered a spun article but the overall idea/concept has been plagiarized.

Note From Brian:

I would strongly discourage article spinning period. Don’t waste your time and money on article spinning programs or products. Be careful of guest bloggers or article marketers that may be using spun content.

Original content has to start with original thought. That thought may be triggered or grow from the work of others but if we can not come up with an original thought on own own, we have no business blogging or writing. Content theft is theft – period! Is it okay to steal a car if we paint it a different color and change the wheels?

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