facebook nested comment

Nested Comments on Facebook

Is Facebook bringing nested comments into reality or are they just testing?
facebook nested comment

After hearing about the possibility of nested comments on Facebook a year or so ago we have been waiting for it to go into effect; to make commenting and answering comments somewhat civilized and useful, instead of answering someone directly 18 comments down the line.

I posted this nested comment, but have not been able to get another one to nest. Typical for the Facebook site though, sometimes things work and sometimes they don’t. Keep your eyes open this actually may be an improvement on the site finally.

Have you seen any Facebook posts that allow nested comments yet?

Are you excited about this possibility to reply directly to another commenter?

If you do see them please let us know if it was on a personal post or a business page.

The ability to reply directly under another comment was discovered this morning (2/25/13) by Brad West. Ah, he also captured the image and wrote this post.  For those of you that do not know, Brad is my other half…he is also the Facebook user in our house.

UPDATE 3/28/13 – You now have the option to turn on Replies for your Facebook Business Page!

How to turn on Facebook Replies

Log in as your page,

Click EDIT PAGE (at the top),


Scroll down (near bottom) and check the box TURN ON REPLIES.

Now as people comment on your post, others can reply right back to an individual as you see in the picture above. The replies option will only show on post that you make AFTER you turn them on.

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  1. Nested comments would certainly make following a dialogue on FB much easier! I hope they go for it! I haven’t noticed in in my feed at all.

  2. Hi Jen!
    I have not gotten the nested comments of Facebook either. Could be that Facebook doesn’t count me as useful since I seldom do anything there. LOL

    Or maybe they have just selected a few post or profiles to test on?

    I get frustrated trying to follow long comment threads for sure, scrolling up and down trying to figure out who answered who. So, being able to reply to a comment directly would be awesome (something that FB has not been lately). 😉

  3. That’s pretty cool; let’s see if it’s fully taking hold before celebrating too vociferously. lol

  4. Good idea. Maybe they can separate the fact from the bull!!

  5. I was pretty surprised to see nested comments for the first time as I was browsing Facebook.

    I hope you find out more about it and how you can add it to your account..

  6. I think nested comment idea is not good. If something is normal then no issue, but I have seen people fighting on the topic of religion and politics. Then come down on very mean level and many they threat each other 🙁

  7. I think these nested comments are continuing the trend of combining our online accounts together, making everything accessible from one place. I think we are moving closer to a time when all of our online accounts, Facebook, Twitter, our bank, Amazon, etc will be linked to one account, so we’ll be able to comment on things directly across multiple platforms and have a much more streamlined online experience. At this point I’m not so sure about these Facebook comments though, I’m not sure if I’m ready for this transition quite yet.

  8. Nested comments would be pleasure to use. Such a brilliant idea from facebook.

  9. Yeah, who knows with Facebook. I don’t count on much with them. LOL

    Celebrate and Facebook just do not go together in my life.

  10. Hi Evan, I bet they couldn’t wade through all the bull to find facts. That is why we just let people repost a million pics and silly “quotes”…no fact checkers needed then. LOL

  11. Hi Samuel, I know Brad is watching for more nested comments to show up. I am not on Facebook enough to notice.

    I bet we will be finding out more as other bloggers happen upon them.

  12. Hi Julie, I don’t think nested comments will make people any meaner if that is what they want to do. At least with nested comments, we would know who they were arguing with.

  13. Hi Paul, I know Google Plus just put out notice today about a login for multiple platforms. I’m not sure that Facebook will have the trust from people to ever use as a multi platform login.

    I would like the nested comments as some news stories get to be a real mess in the comments area. Usually, I am the one not ready for a Facebook change…this time I am. LOL

  14. Hi Ansh, now we just have to wait and see if they fully roll them out. I’m not holding my breath.

  15. Other half? I think you changed a word in there. lol Well, thanks Brad for bringing this to our attention. Hopefully it sticks, nested comments would make Facebook more “blog like” and that’s always an improvement. I haven’t seen it myself but I’ve been too busy to get on Facebook. Nice staying on top of thangs 😉

  16. This great feature can bring us a lot more advantage and easier to reply straight to others without typing and choosing names before we’re even start to reply to someone. Love this feature.

  17. Nested comments are a great idea, they certainly make replying to individual comments much easier. So far, I have noticed the ability to reply with a nested comment on personal rather than business pages. Hopefully this will be rolling out to all!

  18. Nested comments also be useful when conversations tend to veer off course from the original post or when brands need to specifically reach a fan.

  19. I haven’t seen it yet but I agree, it’s about time they got it to work. It would make replying to comments so much more enjoyable.

  20. I agree Sire, Facebook’s a little behind the times with this one.

  21. Sort of makes you wonder why doesn’t it? I mean how hard could it be from the guy who developed it in the first place. Heck, he’s made enough money he could easily palm the work off to someone.

  22. The nested comments are very cool. I just saw this the other day – I think this is a change that facebook came up with that will actually be a benefit to the user 😉 lol

  23. Funny that we are surprised that Facebook might make a GOOD change. Normally, we just cuss, yell and scream.

  24. And now they’re changing the look of the News Feed… uh oh..lol

  25. R W Hughey says

    OH! I just had that notification on my Facebook Fan Page for 4UFOs.com, but I guess that makes it actually a… business page? I am afraid I spend too much time on Google+ because I’m not entirely sure what the difference between the two are.

    Regardless, thanks for explaining what that notification actually meant from Facebook. It’ll be nice to actually respond to people’s comments on UFO Sightings. Thanks! 🙂

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