Watch how a new blog is built - step by step in real time.

Setting Up A New Blog – How-to / Case Study Series

This post launches a new series here on Hot Blog Tips that will help you set-up, launch, and promote your brand new blog. From concept to scale, we’ll follow what will surely be one of the most successful blogs the survival niche has seen.

The questions this series will answer

Setting-up a new blog is pretty simple these days, with the one-click installs and such. Wow, if it were that easy, right?

There is so much more to setting up a new blog than just registering a domain and installing WordPress. Either of those, however, can be a show stopper for many potential blogging greats.

We still need to tackle:

✔ How do we decide on a niche and whether or not we should niche down?
✔ How do we get our brand right?
✔ Who is our ideal avatar?
✔ What value will we offer?
✔ How will we monetize?
✔ What is our MVP (Minimal Viable Product)?
✔ We need a marketing strategy, right?
✔ Should we outsource the perfect logo? Custom theme? Social presence?
✔ What social platforms should we focus? Where is our avatar?
✔ What media formats will we create content? Blog? Video? Podcast?
✔ What plugin and tools should we begin with?
✔ Where should we go premium? What is our budget?
✔ How do we approach influencers?
✔ What about engagement?
✔ Do we need a timeline? Content calendar? Content strategy?

I intend on addressing all of these questions and more, one step at a time – in real time.

Who’s behind this new blog?

I bet you are wondering who this blogging genius is behind the blog that will dominate its niche like cold on a popsicle, right? Who do you know that loves outdoors, hiking, and survival stuff?

Yes, I’m talking about me. You didn’t know that, did you? You must not be following me on Snapchat or my personal Instagram account. No worries, that doesn’t matter for this case study. Any niche blog will suffice, survival just falls under one of my many interests.

The case study – What’s coming

In this first post of the series, I just want to introduce the case study and announce what is to come with future installments.

In the next post, I want to take a look at initial niche considerations and how to approach a very saturated niche. This step took my weeks to resolve because the survival niche is absolutely crazy when it comes to competition. I believe I have developed a strategy that will increase my odds of success. Be sure not to miss this one.

Future posts will cover:

✔ Laying out a strategy and plan of action.
✔ Setting up the WordPress Blog, theme, and plugins.
✔ Plugging in social media marketing.
✔ List building and reaching out for fast growth.
✔ Implementation of a monetization strategy.
✔ Working with influencers.
✔ Time to scale and grow.
✔ Doubling up the profits.

As you can see, I have my work cut out for me, and I just made it public so, no pressure, right? LOL

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to subscribe today so you can keep up with the steps I take to launch this new blog. Will I own up to mistakes I make as well? Oh, you can count on it. I have no doubt there will be plenty of mistakes along the way. I will share it all, good and bad.

Until next time, take massive action and blog on, Brian

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