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Newsletter Partners – The Bar Has Been Raised

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I apologize but this post is outdated and should be disregarded. We’ll  maintain the content for archival purposes but we not longer accept newsletter partners. I am extremely happy to announce the newsletter has grown and transformed into a very focused publication delivering relevant content in the form of actionable blogging and social media tips. I invite you to join our VIPs and see how the list can help you in your blogging business.

Why Only Three Newsletter Partners?

There is room for a few more blogging partners and, honestly, we’ve had several interested bloggers that wanted to participate but for various reasons it just didn’t work out. A couple just couldn’t put the time together and I had to reject several.

What Has Changed?

The reason the bar has been raised is Mitch and Sheryl. I feel very fortunate that those two particular bloggers came in from the beginning. Let me show you why:

  1. I have never had to chase either of them. Both Mitch and Sheryl have sent a quality blogging tip on time, every week.
  2. Both are very experienced bloggers and have a wealth of knowledge to share.
  3. I have never had to edit, spell check or correct their blogging tips. They are truly professionals.
  4. Both Sheryl and Mitch contribute much more than weekly tips. They are active in the growth and improvement of the newsletter. In fact, both took the time to have a two hour video conference with me as a “think tank” style brainstorming session. We all agreed this was successful and it will be a regular meeting.
  5. Both have independently used their websites to promote the newsletter.
  6. And the most important reason is this; I have complete trust and utter respect for both Sheryl and Mitch. I have known both of them for years and I’ve had that trust and respect long before we started our newsletter. I wouldn’t think twice about giving either one of them complete access to this blog, or my entire server for that matter.

Newsletter Partner Requirements

So there you have it, the bar is very high right now. We can certainly find the time and room for a few more newsletter partners but we are only looking for partners, not quick content providers. Future newsletter partners will not be expected to have the history the three of us enjoy but all requirements must be met and consistent.

  • Already have a popular blog and willing to promote this newsletter on that blog.
  • That already has an established list and are willing to promote this newsletter to that list.
  • That is willing to submit at least one great blogging tip every week without being chased.
  • That is willing to help promote the newsletter with pride.

The reason our requirements are so high isn’t to show disrespect to anyone, it’s to maintain the quality of this publication and provide subscribers with true value.

If you meet those requirements, have the time and desire, feel free to contact us for details. Otherwise, I hope you will consider subscribing to the best blogging newsletter around. It is truly blogging tips by professional bloggers.

The Takeaway

For Hot Blog Tips, the takeaway is simple, never settle for less. For you, our fellow blogger, the takeaway is understanding the benefits of successful collaboration. Collaborating with like minded people can take your blogging business to new levels of success and satisfaction.

Thank You

I’d like to publicly thank Mitch Mitchell and Sheryl Loch for believing in the Blogging Tips Newsletter and in our collaboration.

I’d also like to thank our subscribers for taking the time to read our work and sharing their ideas and suggestions. The feedback has been very satisfying.

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About Brian D. Hawkins

Blogging superhero by day and internet super villain by night. Blogger, future online millionaire and an all around great guy.


  1. This is great idea with the newspaper, I think you will feel sensible difference in your traffic after it!

  2. Aaron Kelly says

    Sounds like a very good project.. I will check my sched if I have spare time, I will definitely help on this one

  3. Thanks Aaron, if you meet those requirements we’d be happy to take a look at that.

  4. Thanks Anna

  5. Alright, more love! Of course I love participating in the newsletter and I was honored to write about it as well. And I’m trying to think, didn’t I write some guest posts about a year ago or more here as well?

  6. Guest post on Hot Blog Tips? That might have been when Keith was running it. I don’t recall seeing one.

  7. No… did you have another blog at one time? Or maybe I didn’t write, but there was a request because you, or whomever it was, stated they might be gone a month and needed some content assistance. It was at least 2 years ago; I don’t remember now.

  8. Looks interesting.. Are newbie bloggers accepted Sir Brian? 😀

  9. sai krishna says

    yesterday i received your newsletter to my mail.really its amazing with 3 tips.1 video tip and 1 tip from Mitch Mitchell and another tip from you Brian.your Alexa tip is really very nice Brian .keep Rocking:)

  10. Anonymous (Read Comment Policy) says

    That’s really great that you collaborate with other bloggers and even advertise them somehow. I always say that collaboration with other people even if they are your competitors can be very effective and can bring everyone many privileges and opportunities

  11. Oh now you have made me blush. (Yes, I blush because I am shy like that.)

    I think I am pretty lucky to be in on this great opportunity with you 2 guys! Since we all have different types of niches and different views…it gives the reader a variety of ideas.

    I would never start a weekly news letter on my own but, doing it with ya all makes it easy.

    As soon as our Christmas rush is over, I have more articles to put up here. The video world has been changing super fast and I will be adding the new info to what I have written before I publish. I’ll also be using some of that new info for the newsletter tips. So many exciting things happening at YouTube and I already have next weeks tip ready for the newsletter.

    See, I’m so excited I’m doing the “happy dance”! Oooops nope, that’s the “potty dance”…bye!

  12. Thanks Sai, I appreciate you subscribing and I’m glad you like it.

  13. Hi Herbert, We’re going to be very selective on future partners, that was the point in this post. An applicant must, at a minimum, meet the requirements I listed.

  14. Thanks Sheryl, we’re happy to have you. Your video tips are fantastic and I’m excited to learn of the new changes.

    It sounds like the holiday season is helping your blogging business, that’s great.

  15. Nth Dimension says

    I had no idea about these News letter partners concept. Thanks for the tip off Brian. Now I gotta dig out more about it.

  16. Three is a nice number for newsletter partners, any more and bad things could have happened. It’s better to keep it low as you’ll have more control over what happens.

    Good luck with this project!

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