Chain link fence and SEO

Off Site SEO And Link Building, One Question Answered

Chain link fence and SEOYesterday we received a common question about off site SEO and link building and I thought we’d do our best to answer his question in the form of a blog post. Richard from Goodwin Car Detailing asked,

What is your advise for off page SEO? I’m a novice regarding building backlinks to my site. I have also been commentating on Forums relating to car care.

Blog Commenting For Links

First I’d like to address the idea of leaving links on blogs and forums as a form of link building. In my opinion, and I’m sure there are plenty of pro link builders that would disagree with me, it’s a waste of time and can actually backfire. In other words, if the only, or even the main, reason you are commenting on blogs and forums is to build back-links,  the risks may outweigh the benefits.

That’s not to say blog commenting is a bad thing; it’s a fantastic way to build authority, network with others, create the beginnings of real relationships and even drive a little traffic to your blog. Compared to just building backlinks, I’d say the real benefits of blog and forum interaction has as much value as it ever did.

Matt Knows Best

These are legitimate methods of building inbound links to your blog like guest blogging, providing invaluable content, offering something in exchange, and becoming an authority within your niche but I’d like to let Matt Cutts of Google set us straight. This video is almost three years old but the advice is still solid and, in my opinion, it’s one of Matt’s finest recorded moments.

Bloggers I Love Interaction

I hope that helps Richard and anyone else on link building. Like I said above, commenting on blogs is well worthwhile, even without backlinks, so start right now by leaving your thoughts below. Questions, comments or advice, it’s all welcome here.

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  1. The interview is really great! Thanks, this guy is a guru and knows what he is talking about. Year, spamming on some blogs in not very nice but it can be a first step in link building… The good thing is to answer the questions, not a fresh idea but it always works for bloggers. ok, stop spamming here) thanks for this video)

  2. all are want to increase its beck links and here is much knowledge about offline SEO this tips very helpful my blog thanks for sharing…

  3. I don’t know are you saying this but i think comments are a great way of building backlinks. Although mostly they are nofollow but still these links play a big role in seo.
    I can’t watch the interview because youtube is blocked here in Pakistan. Any alternative?

  4. Yes I do agree with you Blog Commenting is one of the best ways to get authority links and indeed to create good relationship with Bloggers.

  5. Hi thanks for the Post! When I started I was mainly commenting for the links. But now I read blogs to learn and to interact with people, ask questions and try and gain something from it. Same as the video, interact with a community and I guess my community are car enthusiasts. I have joined many forums and Car News websites mainly to learn and to give my opinions or help to other. Blogging is great and does get quality links but only if your not SPAMMING them for links. Then your in trouble!

  6. The biggest thing about blog commenting though is how much TIME it takes. I can easily find myself doing 2-3 hours dodging through blogs. There are so many ads that slow up reading, auto start videos, etc.


  7. If blog commenting is being done as a way to only get back-links, then I don’t think it is a good thing to do. But, when you really wish to leave your feedback, then commenting is very good. You get a link back for spending the time to write down some good feedback or experience related to posts.
    I’ve tried spamming others in the past, but that isn’t fun.. Now I only resort to comment on a few blogs, where I actually read the content and its fun and interesting to share self views after that. Well written regular comments can bring you in notice of the blog owner and who knows, you might become friends and get a permanent Blogroll link from them.

  8. I think that nowadays guest blogging and articles exchange should be the primary way of off-site seo as it provides the backlinks of highest quality. Surely, blog and forums commenting is also useful but it’s easier to get a good link from an article, I think.

  9. Forum posting is a great way to develop a tribe…It’s important to follow a forum in your niche and post responses in order to build great working relationships..Blog commenting is also a great way to do that..But some people overdo it and completely spoil their reputation.

  10. Forums and blog commenting are the best source to make look link natural to search engine and achieve the best results through offsite SEO

  11. You have cleared out my basic myth about backlinks from commenting to blogs. Thanks for it!

  12. I’m quite new to the whole link building concept. Thanks so much for creating this post, sure answers a lot of my questions.

  13. Commenting on blogs just to leave links on them takes away the essence of readership in the blogging business. I mean, if that’s what we should all do, then we don’t need to write fresh, quality content at all.Totally agree with you. A plan, if it’s not coupled with genuine efforts could surely backfire.

  14. Hey Brian, I think for myself blog commenting has helped me gain great search engine traffic. I can see it in my stats.

    I don’t comment just for a link, as I comment for the sake of adding my important opinion. I try to network at the same time!

    Plus the comments I create are put on a specific number of blogs I comment on a regular basis.

    Your’s is on there 🙂

  15. Nice points, Building links from reputable sites not just help you to higher rankings in SERP but also ensures to get relevant visitors on your blog. Thanks.

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