Creating Original Content Struggles? Read This.

I'm All Original Baby

Creating original content can be a challenge at times. No worries, this post offers several "very doable" content creation tips to help you create content that stands out because it's something new. … [Continue reading]

Failure And Painful Problems – It’s Time To Act

Failure And Painful Problems - It's Time To Act

Failure doesn't suck. No one wants to see others suffer, and we certainly don't want to experience it, but that's how we grow and learn. How many times have you heard, "Find the pain points" when it comes to successful business? Ad nauseam, … [Continue reading]

5 Ways Evernote Can Make You Look Smart In An Interview

Evernote Can Make You Look Smart In An Interview

Evernote is an app many of us use more than any other, including Facebook. You can use Evernote for many different things but in this post, I'm going to show you how Evernote makes me look smart in an interview. … [Continue reading]

15+ Potential Income Streams For Bloggers

Income Streams For Bloggers

The most popular question among bloggers has to be, "How do I generate an income stream and profit from my blog?" The truth is, that's not a simple question because every blogger, every niche, and every goal is different. With that in mind, I'm going … [Continue reading]

The Pomodoro Technique May Not Work For Everyone – All Of The Time

Pomodoro Technique Pros & Cons

Anyone serious about productivity has at least heard of the Pomodoro Technique. But does it work for everyone? Will the Pomodoro method help you become more productive? Let’s take an honest look at the pros and cons of using the Pomodoro Technique … [Continue reading]