Local Blogging And Marketing Tips For Getting Found

Local Blogging & Marketing Tips

This post is here to help local business and local bloggers get found within their local market. I've outlined a few simple local blogging and local marketing techniques and tools based on my own personal experience. There are MANY other things … [Continue reading]

Setting Up A Static Front Page And Moving Your Blog To Its Own Page

Single Page (or post) ReDesign

Is it time to move your blog posts to its own page and set-up a special front page for your blog? I'm going to introduce you to a free WordPress plugin that will easily allow you to build that new front page without touching your current blog design … [Continue reading]

When Brands Should NOT Start A Blog

I Love Blogging - Broken

As a long time blogger, someone that can get lost in the blogging world more hours than they care to admit, it's tough for me not to see the value of a blog for almost any brand. Think about it. What type of industry couldn't benefit from a … [Continue reading]

30 Featured Image Examples For Inspiration

Featured Image Examples Designed To Inspire

Thirty creative commons images on Flickr transformed into fictitious blog post featured images to inspire bloggers and content creators. I love looking at photos and I love playing on Paint.net. That made this post a fun one for me. I hope you … [Continue reading]

Email List Building Techniques for Serious Bloggers

Email List Building Techniques

How we've increased email subscription rates by over 400% Guess what? We've increased email subscriptions rates by over 400%. In this post, I'll going over the steps I've taken to achieve that increase. I have also put together a how-to guide to … [Continue reading]