Reasons To Blog

A Dozen Reasons To Blog Other Than Directly Making Money

For years the number one question I get from people about blogging is, “How do you make money from blogs“? We get this from everyone from experienced blogger to the local merchant that learns you are a blogger. It’s a fair question, I guess, but it’s also a little short sighted. Let me explain….

For the most part, the vast majority of bloggers will never earn a significant and sustainable income directly from their blogs. At least not from their blog alone. What? Did he just say that out loud? Yes I did, and as tough as that might be to hear, it’s the truth. But that’s okay; there are MANY other reasons to blog. A lot of those reasons may earn income from the indirect results of your blog.

Brand Awareness

How many similar products or services as yours are there online? Is competition a constant battle? The open discussion that blogging encourages can help build brand awareness and that’s imperative in a competitive market.

Public Relations

You don’t have to be large enough to hire about a PR firm to be active in public relations, or to even be concerned with it. Not every blogger will need to deal with public relations but any niche that involves community engagement can use a blog to maintain respect and transparency.

Customer Support

I’ve owned several websites that required both a helpdesk and a FAQ section. A blog, combined with a contact page, can eliminate the need for complicated scripts to maintain. A couple of advantages a blog has over traditional helpdesk/FAQ scripts are: blogs are easily searched, interaction among customers can be viewed publically if they wish to comment, and blogs posts & pages are easily updated.

Improved Website SEO

It’s not a secret that are well maintained blog with great content can provide better search engine placement than traditional static websites that are rarely updated and have little content expansion. Blog content is generally “added” rather than replaced. This constant content growth gives the search engines more to index and gives you more to work with in search engine optimization.

Displaying Testimonials & Customer Experiences

Testimonials lend creditability and a blog platform offers a wide range of display options. Testimonials can rotate above or below content areas, shown in a sidebar or even used as separate blog posts. A post featuring customer experiences and opinions can be of great value to potential customers.

Contest Promotions

One of my most popular posts was a logo design contest (on another blog). The interaction within the blog, matched with social media sharing by those readers, was enough to quickly inspire almost a hundred entries and produce some of the most creative graphic ideas I’ve seen.

Product Reviews

Whether your products or those you promote for affiliate sales, a blog is perfectly suited for that type of content. Blogs are flexible enough to look like a traditional sales page, a webpage or something in between. A variety of supporting content such as images and video are easily added and formatted without special skills or experience.

List Building

A blog is well suited for establishing a list of people interested in your mailings. A simple opt-in form, a separate squeeze page, newsletter descriptions and promotion are easily added to a blog. Even more important, a blog allows you to “show” your readership why they should subscribe to your list and why they can trust you.

Traffic Funnel

We generally think of a traffic funnel as guiding traffic to a sales page, one time offers, upsells and backend offers but you can easily use a blog to funnel traffic almost anywhere you need it. Need more YouTube subscribers or Google plus followers? Where better to start than with those already enjoying the content on your blog?

Building Influence, Reputation And Authority

I’ve mentioned influence, influence and reputation several times on this post and you will find it very often throughout this blog. That’s because it’s one of the most important aspects of online business and blogging is a fantastic way to build that authority in your field.

Damage Control

We all make mistakes every now and then that mistake requires immediate action. A blog can be a nice median for damage control whether a simple apology, an explanation r to convey your course of action to your customers or following.

Product Or Idea Research

The interaction afforded to blogging makes for a great platform to gather data and opinion on almost any topic.Β If you owned a small local theater, for example, and you wanted to get an idea on the popular opinion of opining a bar inside before you forked out thousands of dollars for a R&D firm, a blog might help gather the needed data.

Another example might be website looking for contest ideas. Who better to ask than those already frequenting their site? Or maybe a local flower shop would like to know if it will be cost effective to extend their hours or open on Sundays. The possibilities are endless with the two-way interaction of a blog.

Reasons To Blog

Why Do You Blog?

Can you think of other reasons to blog? Do you think most businesses can find a reason to blog? Why do you blog?

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  1. Good points. I totally agree with the issue about product research. it is the first thing you have to do before starting any business or marketing strategy

  2. Excellent points Brian and I’m glad you let the cat out of the bag about making money blogging πŸ™‚
    I would add blogging can be a form of a resume. I think it may replace resumes in the near future too. What better way to showcase your work and knowledge via a blog?
    I think you have to be passionate about it in order to continue to blog. So many bloggers quit after less than 1 year into it. It takes time, patience and dedication.
    I blog because I really enjoy it.

  3. Absolutely Martin, we have to know our market.

  4. That’s a good one Lisa, resumes. Absolutely. Thank you πŸ™‚

  5. The part of the world I stay in, most businesses have a website, but no blog. I think it would be beneficial for them to do so. I blog more on a personal scale, but now and again I do a small review (or try to) and give my impression of a certain site or thing.

  6. I blog to share my knowledge. At the same time, I’d like to increase my reputation and promote my service of building and design websites. Using WP for few years and being a developer myself, I learned many great things with WP so I think I’m gonna share it in my blog instead instead of wasting the knowledge.

  7. Absolutely agree with your points! There really are not that many people who are making enough to live on just from their blogs. They really are a great vehicle to build up your credibility and engage with your audience though. I think as long as you are providing relevant, original content then blogging is a good idea in terms of your business interests.

  8. Sai Krishna says

    Excellent points brian, Personally I started blogging as time pass, then it turns as interest and now its my passion. It gives me some money also.

  9. Hi Brian,

    Indeed the question is short sighted. I can’t imagine how you can make money directly from the blog. You make money from your list. You make money from selling products or services etc. Your blog is a key tool in your business but not your business.
    Two things are very valuable on your blog:

    1. promoting your products/services
    2. Building influence.

    This is why you build your blog. Unfortunately a lot of people think blogging means chatting and socializing. How can you make money from these?
    The number of romantic, idealistic, naive people on the internet is huge. Many people make a lot of money by telling them stories about engaging, relationships, attraction etc.
    I don’t buy this crap. Business is business. If you don’t make a blog for business, you don’t need money. In that case you ca do anything you want on your blog. It doesn’t matter.

    Have a nice day

  10. Wonderful list, and yes, all these reasons do exist and are quite often among bloggers, but I would add one more – actually enjoy writing about your passion. When you want to share your passion, knowledge and thought – to write a blog is probably the best idea. it would no be done for money but you will enjoy it. And what is the most amazing – such blogs often becomepopular, because they are made with soul

  11. Excellent Points… and I completely agree blogging is beyond just making money

  12. Javier Todd says

    I believe all your points are worthy and most businesses truly need to add a blog. Customers today like to see that a business has a heart or at least has a real person behind the website. Adding a blog with updates around the business such as new shipments or even sales is a personal touch that customers would love to see.

  13. Great post Brian – I liked it so much I shared it A LOT! Maybe your knowledge will help others! πŸ™‚

  14. Hey Brian,

    Blogging is not for money in the first place. I mean, that’s what it is before affiliates were introduce to blog sites. Blog sites were created to inform others, share each others thoughts and building relationships with other people who have the same passion in blogging. Nowadays, beginners jump into the blogging industry hoping that they can earn big money out of it while in reality, there are just few who have yet succeed in converting their blogs into a stable source of income. There are more reasons to blog other than earning money and that only true bloggers would understand those reasons.

  15. Heather Jabusch says

    Great post and a very informative! Thank you for the great reminders on the importance of blogging.

  16. I was blogging for money, but after I know how that work, I change my mind, now I’d prefer using my blog to build influence. I feel more enjoyable that way

  17. That sounds like a nice business opportunity for you Denzil, if you want to help those businesses set-up blogs.

  18. There you go Rudd, the mind’s a terrible thing to waste. lol Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. πŸ˜‰

  19. Absolutely Andrew, well said.

  20. I believe you Sai, I see you everywhere. πŸ™‚

  21. Don’t hold back Silviu, tell us how you really feel. lol As for business, the blog will usually act as a tool. That makes the most business sense but I can point you to many blogs where it IS the main business. That’s very rare and I hate to see so many bloggers putting so much effort into that “lottery ticket” and ignoring other business that can really get things moving. As for personal blogs, I’ve done it and have no problem with blogging just to blog. MOST blogs are not monetized or marketing tools, they’re just blogs. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  22. Definitely agree! There are so many reasons on the importance of blogging and profit is surely not the first case when creating new posts.

  23. Ganesh J. Acharya says

    One should never blog for money or any kind of achievement. There is a high change of the same being biased. Money/Goal oriented blogs or and other work will always make one start with a deadline/conditions in mind… and with deadlines and conditions it is understood there will be lots of gaps left open

  24. Andru Lova says

    I believe you are eligible for points and most businesses really need to add a blog. Customers today have a heart of a business, or at least want to see a real person behind the website. Such as new invoices or even sell the business around a blog with updates to add a personal touch that customers love to see.

  25. I focus on the content itself first because I know money will follow after I put a lot of hardwork and well-established contents of my blogs. Sharing insightful, interesting blogs to people is more satisfying.

  26. Thank you knikkolette, you are very much appreciated and I’m glad you visited our blog. πŸ˜‰

  27. Yep, that falls into personal blogging for the most part and I know a lot of bloggers that fall right into that category, including our very own Mitch Mitchell. Personal blogs are often the best blogs to read just for that reason – they’re writing because they want to. Thanks Victoria.

  28. Thanks Carly, I appreciate that. πŸ™‚

  29. It looks like we agree Javier. Thanks

  30. Or businesses, hopefully, Farrell. That’s the reason for this post anyway.

  31. Thanks Heather and thank you for taking the time to comment.

  32. Building influence is the most important thing a blogger can work on Okto, in my opinion.

  33. Thanks for the support Tereza. Nice post by the way, I enjoyed it – Life without Internet in 2013?.

  34. That’s definitely something to consider Ganesh. I don’t necessarily agree because I think goals and direction are very important but it’s a nice point. Thanks for that. πŸ™‚

  35. It’s true Andru and if you blog with our individual personality, customers get a glimpse of the real people behind the product. That’s the first step at earning a loyal customer base.

  36. Actually, Aimee, the money may never follow if we’re blogging alone without a business and product behind it. Luckily, business and blogging can work very well together.

  37. Ganesh J. Acharya says

    Fixing a Goal is important as that provides direction. But beyond that hurrying at it should be avoided. Many a times it is observed moving ahead timelessly helps. Often in a hurry the right path is missed and the task takes extra time and efforts.

  38. One of the things that I also like about Blogging is that with writing posts about certain topics, it’s possible to get Inspiration, and Develope Ideas.

    By also looking at some of the previous posts I wrote about similar topics, combined with possible tips and experiences from peers that wrote their commants. or comments from customers etc. etc. For example like some time ago on my Writing Blog where you could read a post about the importance of frequently relaxing and taking Coffee Breaks, that got me a Comment about having – Tea Breaks –

    That actually did give me the idea, to besides offering Coffee Makers & Espresso Machines, to also offer a Water Cooker on the – Writer’s Kit – Page.

  39. AkmaOmar says

    It is true that many are open blog just to make money from blogging. What you mentioned above is the criteria that must be present before we think to make money. What I do is first introduce my blog and the opportunity to make money with blogs come naturally buy for sure we must know the tactics..thanks for sharing is really helpfull πŸ™‚

  40. You make mention of Static Pages. My homepage is a static page but i manually post updates there per new page so I can control navigation that way. Does that mean i get deducted for that?

  41. I only started blogging because of potential improved website SOE, but I’m finding it enjoyable and now I’ve started trying out different ideas for blogs, so maybe I’m getting the bug. It’s good that you’ve pointed out so many different reasons for blogging, there’s a lot of diversity there, more reasons to share good ideas and provide useful information.

  42. I started doing blog passionately, but slowly I learned to combine business with pleasure. Your advice is very relevant but where there is passion it’s hard to get to make money from blogging

  43. Hi Brian,

    Thanks for sharing this information. I think make money blogging is overrated. If you want to make money online, you got think like a consumer. People are not coming over to your site just to click on ads. Instead provide them good information and they will be back for more (plus increasing the trust).

    Just my 2 cents πŸ™‚

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