Reasons To Blog

A Dozen Reasons To Blog Other Than Directly Making Money

For years the number one question I get from people about blogging is, “How do you make money from blogs“? We get this from everyone from experienced blogger to the local merchant that learns you are a blogger. It’s a fair question, I guess, but it’s also a little short sighted. Let me explain….

For the most part, the vast majority of bloggers will never earn a significant and sustainable income directly from their blogs. At least not from their blog alone. What? Did he just say that out loud? Yes I did, and as tough as that might be to hear, it’s the truth. But that’s okay; there are MANY other reasons to blog. A lot of those reasons may earn income from the indirect results of your blog.

Brand Awareness

How many similar products or services as yours are there online? Is competition a constant battle? The open discussion that blogging encourages can help build brand awareness and that’s imperative in a competitive market.

Public Relations

You don’t have to be large enough to hire about a PR firm to be active in public relations, or to even be concerned with it. Not every blogger will need to deal with public relations but any niche that involves community engagement can use a blog to maintain respect and transparency.

Customer Support

I’ve owned several websites that required both a helpdesk and a FAQ section. A blog, combined with a contact page, can eliminate the need for complicated scripts to maintain. A couple of advantages a blog has over traditional helpdesk/FAQ scripts are: blogs are easily searched, interaction among customers can be viewed publically if they wish to comment, and blogs posts & pages are easily updated.

Improved Website SEO

It’s not a secret that are well maintained blog with great content can provide better search engine placement than traditional static websites that are rarely updated and have little content expansion. Blog content is generally “added” rather than replaced. This constant content growth gives the search engines more to index and gives you more to work with in search engine optimization.

Displaying Testimonials & Customer Experiences

Testimonials lend creditability and a blog platform offers a wide range of display options. Testimonials can rotate above or below content areas, shown in a sidebar or even used as separate blog posts. A post featuring customer experiences and opinions can be of great value to potential customers.

Contest Promotions

One of my most popular posts was a logo design contest (on another blog). The interaction within the blog, matched with social media sharing by those readers, was enough to quickly inspire almost a hundred entries and produce some of the most creative graphic ideas I’ve seen.

Product Reviews

Whether your products or those you promote for affiliate sales, a blog is perfectly suited for that type of content. Blogs are flexible enough to look like a traditional sales page, a webpage or something in between. A variety of supporting content such as images and video are easily added and formatted without special skills or experience.

List Building

A blog is well suited for establishing a list of people interested in your mailings. A simple opt-in form, a separate squeeze page, newsletter descriptions and promotion are easily added to a blog. Even more important, a blog allows you to “show” your readership why they should subscribe to your list and why they can trust you.

Traffic Funnel

We generally think of a traffic funnel as guiding traffic to a sales page, one time offers, upsells and backend offers but you can easily use a blog to funnel traffic almost anywhere you need it. Need more YouTube subscribers or Google plus followers? Where better to start than with those already enjoying the content on your blog?

Building Influence, Reputation And Authority

I’ve mentioned influence, influence and reputation several times on this post and you will find it very often throughout this blog. That’s because it’s one of the most important aspects of online business and blogging is a fantastic way to build that authority in your field.

Damage Control

We all make mistakes every now and then that mistake requires immediate action. A blog can be a nice median for damage control whether a simple apology, an explanation r to convey your course of action to your customers or following.

Product Or Idea Research

The interaction afforded to blogging makes for a great platform to gather data and opinion on almost any topic. If you owned a small local theater, for example, and you wanted to get an idea on the popular opinion of opining a bar inside before you forked out thousands of dollars for a R&D firm, a blog might help gather the needed data.

Another example might be website looking for contest ideas. Who better to ask than those already frequenting their site? Or maybe a local flower shop would like to know if it will be cost effective to extend their hours or open on Sundays. The possibilities are endless with the two-way interaction of a blog.

Reasons To Blog

Why Do You Blog?

Can you think of other reasons to blog? Do you think most businesses can find a reason to blog? Why do you blog?

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