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Reviewing Lap Desks By LapGear

Earlier this month Lap Desk by LapGear approached me with a product review request. I usually don’t accept review requests but after checking their website I was intrigued. Most requests I receive are digital products and has an entire range of very cool products; lap desks of every sort. Seriously, check the site out, they have everything! Oh, by the way, I am NOT using an affiliate link for this review but I did receive free product to review.

Update: Over a year and a half later (18 Aug. 2014) and I’m still thrilled with my lapdesks. We still use both lapdesks almost daily and they are holding up incredibly well. I checked out their website again (I’m thinking about buying a new lap desk) and it looks like they are still on the ball with great products. I did notice they aren’t growing on social media; I’m not sure why, perhaps it’s not a priority for them.


So was kind enough to send me a couple of lap desks so I could try them out for while. Let me tell you, they are first class from beginning to end; both the product and the company.

The Product

I received the package via FedEx in about a week. The lap desks were professionally packed and shipped. Each desk was sealed in its own packaging; exactly like you’d expect to see at the mall or local computer outlet. Hey, it even came with bubble wrap and a packing slip. Lol Seriously though, the packaging was a nice sign that I was dealing with a professional company.

My Review

I’ve really enjoyed using the product. I have a nice desk with a desktop computer and large monitor but I moved to my laptop over a year ago, for the most part. Those that watch our videos already know this. So for the last year I’ve been using a pretty cool table that slides up to my reclining couch, an external mouse and keyboard. The LapDesk has eliminated the need for the table, external keyboard and freed up a much needed USB port. I still use the mouse because I hate the finger pads on laptops.

The Design

Both laptop desks they sent are attractive, great quality and work very well. The bottoms are padded, the tops are shaped perfectly to sit in front of your belly; Hey, it’s true. lol

Reputation And Integrity

I did something that more people should take the time to do; I checked the company on the Better Business Bureau. I was happy to see Creative Essentials, LLC, the mother company of Lap Desk, has an “A” Rating and has been a BBB Accredited Business since 28/10/2010 with ZERO complaints!

I also ran a Google search and couldn’t find a single complaint there either. Reputation and integrity are important and it’€™s clear that Lap Desk has the service and support to match their great products.

What It Isn’t

I bought a laptop desk at Wal-Mart a couple of years ago. It was an awkward piece of hard plastic and had a USB fan built in. The concept was the fan would keep the computer cool. You NEVER want to sit a laptop directly on your lap, a couch or any type of fabric because it blocks the air flow but, truthfully, a fan isn’t necessary if the machine is placed on a hard, flat surface. If you still want a fan, offers it in a much better design than the plain, hard plastic ones you’ll find at the retail stores.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, offers a great product at a reasonable price. Those that know me know if I didn’t believe in the product, it wouldn’t see the light of day on this blog. For those that don’t know me, watch this video to understand: Paid Posts & Blogging Integrity

Your Call To Action

Check the site out. Consider having a Lap Desk drop shipped to someone for Christmas. No need for a Lap Desk right now? No problem; spread the word and share their site on your social networks – help out a decent company!

Great News

Guess what? I like the lap Desks so much I think it’s a great idea to give one out in a contest. How does that sound? We’ll set one up very soon. My goal is to have it in time for the winner to get their brand new laptop desk by Christmas.

What Do You Think?

Do you use a laptop desk? Is it as nice as these? Could you see yourself buying one, for yourself or as a gift for someone else? As always, your thoughts and comments are welcome here.