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Site acceleration: Find out how to build traffic and make more money from your blog!

Find out how to use site acceleration and other secrets to bring more people to your blog and get a higher conversion rate!
image - site accelerationA lot of bloggers make good content aimed at a narrow, lucrative niche, but they don’t know how to get people to come to their site. Or, once people are there, they simply aren’t clicking on any ads or signing up for the blog’s lead registration program.

I’ve been in online marketing for over a decade and I’ve blogged prolifically since blogging became a widespread medium of communicating with clients. I remember what it was like starting out, so I want to share how to bring more people to your blog and how to keep them on your blog in those crucial first few seconds after they’ve clicked on a link to your blog:

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Most sites get around three quarters of their traffic from search engines, which means that your blog has to show up high on search engine results for terms that your niche searches for in order for people to find it and click on ads or otherwise monetize.

On-site SEO

Make sure your content is written in a way that allows search engines to figure out what terms to rank it for. Especially since Google’s Panda update, websites have moved toward content-rich landing pages designed to both keep people on the page long enough to monetize them (usually with lead-in headline and a good hook) and to rank high for one keyword or a few related keywords. Make sure to pick keywords keywords that are very targeted toward your niche and aren’t too difficult to rank for, which will mostly be keywords that are a few words long. But good on-site SEO is more than just spamming keywords in the beginning of your text; you also need to write and structure your page in a special way that search engines like.

Remember top to bottom, left to right…

Left to right” means that your page will rank higher the closer your keywords are to the beginning of the landing page, e.g., the closer they are to the top and left hand margins. For example, let’s say you want a landing page for the term “cheap 2012 calenders”. You should put “cheap 2012 calenders” at the beginning of your page’s title and put it as close to the beginning of the page URL as possible. Then, mention the phrase four or five times within the first 200 words of your landing page, especially in the first paragraph. If you do that, your landing page is now ready for some off-site SEO.

Off-site SEO

Off-site SEO involves getting links on third-party webpages where the anchor text is for the term you’re trying to rank high for. That means getting lots of links to your landing page with “cheap 2012 calenders” as the anchor text. You can do this yourself but it’s very tedious so a lot of people hire SEO companies to do it for them.

Hire a good SEO company

New bloggers and online marketers frequently make the mistake of assuming that all link building companies are the same. They thus go for the cheapest company they can find, which is usually an outsourced company based in India. They offer very cheap rates, have good customer service. And everything usually goes fine for a few months.

Google is very good at figuring out which links are good and which ones are bad, based in part on what website the link is coming from. Overseas companies have writers who are poor English speakers, which means that they can’t get blog posts (and thus backlinks back to your site) on sites with actual human readers. They can only get posts on spamblogs, or splogs, ran by other overseas link builders. Google sees these sites as “bad” sites and will remove your site from its search results if your site has too many links coming from them. The only option is to do the SEO yourself or hire a good, high-quality SEO firm with native English writers that can get you backlinks on legitimate websites.

Site acceleration

People aren’t very patient. They don’t want to sit around waiting for a site to load, or have our browser hang up and have to re-click the link. That’s why most potential leads are lost within the first eight seconds of clicking a link. That means that, at most, you have eight seconds starting the time someone clicks a link on a search engine or from another site to either get someone to convert immediately or keep them interested long enough so that they’ll convert to a click, lead, or sale later on.

Site acceleration makes sure your page loads fast

Traditional websites are hosted on a single server in a single location. This means that someone in Denver receives a site from London if that’s where the server is. As a result, sites that appeal to people across a wide geographic area, such as sites aimed at the United States or English-speaking North America, take a long time to load for people who are far away from the server. Site acceleration services work by hosting the website on multiple superfast servers in different geographic areas. So, that person in Denver will see a site hosted by a Denver server, and someone in San Francisco will see a site hosted by a server in the San Francisco Bay Area.

SEO bonus

Google rewards sites that load quickly with higher ranking on its search results. Thus, good site accelerators like MaxCDN have separate superfast servers for video content. Google doesn’t count video hosted on separate servers against a site’s load time (even though these videos, like any videos, might slow down site load time client-side) for search ranking so choosing a good site acceleration service will give you an even bigger boost.

About Murray Newlands

Murray and his company, Influence People, do blogger outreach and SEO work for a variety of clients.


  1. Happy New Years my friend! and great way to start the year. I did site acceleration improvements to my blog a few weeks back and dropped down my load time dramatically.

    And you are dead on with keyword placement. I sometimes get organic traffic from a new post within a couple days with 0 backlinks just because of proper on page seo

  2. Thanks Joshua, this was a guest post and I’ve learned a lot from it myself. I plan on improving this site’s speed even more but this simple theme change has done wonders so far.

  3. sai krishna says

    nice and cool explanation Brian , i think off site SEO is important then on page seo ,all search engines give first preference for off site SEO.MaxCDN service is very great 🙂

  4. Thanks Sai, Murray did a great job.

  5. Murray Newlands says

    Joshua, does your site have good internal linking? I didn’t mention it in the article since it didn’t fit but good internal linking helps out for SEO and is pretty easy to do, though it doesn’t help as much as say external linking.

  6. Site acceleration is really one of the top thing in my list for 2012, if a blog loads slow it can turn off many readers. Nice tips.
    Brian, good start to 2012, I like the new look of the Hotblogtips.

  7. Such a great article! I haven’t heard about that “top-and-left”-theory yet, I want to give it a try. I think the most SEO processes could be done by the blogger itself, I know that this means a lower value, but it doesn’t cost anything.

  8. This post clearly confirms the fact that off and on-site method is extremely helpful . great post!

  9. Murray Newlands says

    Cindy, “top-and-left” basically means that your keywords should be within the first 200 words of your page’s body, preferably in the first paragraph. Furthermore, keywords in your title should be at the beginning of the title, or on the lefthand side. “Top-and-left” a mnemonic device for remembering where to put your keywords.

  10. Hello, I am quite new to this site and am so excited about this discovery. I am very interested in SEO and can see that I will learn a lot here. I had questions about my site not appearing quickly. After reading this article, I now understand the basics of site acceleration. I will certainly follow the instructions posted in this informative article. Thank You.

  11. offline seo is most important with directory opinion

  12. Thanks Murray, great article! I haven’t heard about that top-and-left-theory yet, will have a look into that. Cheers

  13. Murray Newlands says

    What is offline SEO? Do you mean offsite SEO?

  14. yep my mistake i mean offsite 😀

  15. Possibly the best article I’ve read all day. Your tips for on-site SEO have had me quickly running to the sites I manage to move some keywords around! Closer to top left. I’m curious though wouldn’t you say that 4 or 5 uses of a keyword/phrase in the first 200 words is a little TOO keyword dense? It’s a real trick dancing between making content easy for Google to index and making it readable for a human -in terms of their not going to get sick of seeing the word Euromillions!

    The site acceleration information was also extremely informative, until now I hadn’t thought to factor in site load speed into my visitor experience as a point of real importance, and i certainly had no idea that distance from server affected the site speed.

    Looking more into MaxCDN, such a great idea.

  16. The most important thing for a blogger is to find that balance between writing for people and writing for search engines. Because you want to get traffic from Google, but you also want that traffic to stick. It’s a tricky situation we’re placed in every day.

  17. Dave Doolin says

    Brian: Glad to see the Hot Blog Tips domain back in action, although I’m disappointed all the previous content is gone (including a lot of my comments).

    Murray: SF Blog *always* seems to meet on Tuesdays when I have a long-running (6 year!) commitment. I’ll make it down to another one at some point.

    Keywords: I truly loathe the game, but I’ve bowed to the inevitable. Do it how Google wants, or do something else.

  18. I must admit that online marketing is not my cup of tea, but I need do be good in order to promote my blog. Thanks for the great advices. For me improving my traffic is a hard task, but I think that these tips will be of a great help to me:)

  19. Hiring a seo company not always can be reasonable, there are lots of “good” seo specialists who can do even worse for your site. First of all check the reputation of the partners.

  20. I believe PageSpeed recommends we get our files on a CDN to speed things up. I, for one, don’t see this worth the money. Sure, a little extra speed is great and could give you an edge in SERPS, but how much? There’s no way to know this, and the prices for CDN are not that cheap.

  21. Blogging has become the income source for the bloggers. But if the blog is not getting enough traffic then the blogger seriously need to think about it. SEO’s can be of great help in this situation. Even agree with you site acceleration will also be very useful. I think blog content should also be of high quality to increase the traffic to blog. Your suggestions are perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  22. Abhi Balani says

    Site acceleration! I am really working hard on this. I’m on bloggers so cannot use cache plugins like wordpress. But doing my best for increasing my site acceleration.

  23. Abhi Balani says

    Very well said, Chris. Before getting into something one should properly do a complete research about that. So not to get harm at the end.

  24. Abhi Balani says

    Traffic from search engines- What does it mean? I guess, it means traffic from people, right? So indirectly, traffic from search engines is traffic from people. So why not write just for people? People’s requirement? Don’t you think?

  25. Abhi Balani says

    Hey, Anna. I think, every blogger needs to be good in blog promotion. What is the use of great content if there is no one to read? Isn’t it?

  26. Yes Abhi Balani is agree with you but if your content is unique you get readers also.

  27. Yes you are right but it’s not for long time.

  28. Thanks awesome tips i get from your this comment.

  29. That was such an insightful post. Good content, on page, off page factors have to be considered to rank well on SERP. But the foremost are your readers. Write for your readers first think what will please them and make them stay on your website and then think of crawlers. Concentrate on Quality content, Quality links and surely you would get genuine readers as well.

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