Smartphones For Bloggers

Smart Phones Are Smart For Bloggers

Update – Post Archived
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NOTE: If you still want to read the post, I’d include Listening To Podcasts To Improve Your Online Business.

HTC EVO 4G Smart PhoneI’ve been enjoying smart phones for several years now and, I admit it, I am totally addicted. It seems like I do everything on the phone and supporting my crave for blogging is no exception. My choice of smart phones right now it the HTC EVO 4G by Sprint. Yes, an Android phone; I know everyone has iPhones but I am a Google lover and proud of it. I wonder if that statement will get me a better ranking 🙂

Blogging From Your Phone

You can download the WordPress app and actually write and publish directly from your smart phone. I no longer publish from my phone, I need a lot of resources at my disposal to keep from looking like a complete moron and the phone simply doesn’t provide everything I need. I do use the application to approve and reply to comments. At one time I had a micro-blog and the phone was ideal for that type of blogging and I used it several times a day to update and manage my blog.

The Facebook App

I use the Facebook app daily to keep up with pages I have built and “liked” and to interact with FB friends. The great thing about the Facebook app, depending on your settings, is you are always updated immediately of likes, replies and messages. The bad thing about the Facebook app is you are always updated immediately of likes, replies and messages. Yes, it’s a love/hate relationship but if managed properly it will help you support and promote your blog and build quality social relationships.


Oh my favorite. I’m in love with Twitter and I might never leave the house if it weren’t for the Twitter phone application. I can do everything from my phone on Twitter that I can online. Tweet, retweet, read DMs, follow, unfollow; you get the idea, everything. Going mobile with Twitter helps with the missed connections due to the constant stream of tweets.

I posted the following tweet on Twitter yesterday about using the retweet function as a form of bookmarking until I get home:


Here we go, the brand spanking new social giant, Google Plus. Google+ came out with an android app (sorry iPhone, you’ll have to wait your turn) and I jumped right in and downloaded it. It works great and I can see what’s going on with those I follow very quickly. Just like the Twitter app, I can do everything G+ right from my phone. I even have every picture and video I take automatically uploaded to my Google+ account for backup and to publish to my circles if I wish.

Google Reader

Update – Google Reader Is Dead

I’m using Feely now. See Thanks Google, I’m Lovin’ Feedly

I use Google Reader all of the time and I’m subscribed to far too many blogs and I am always looking for more. I am a blogging junky, plain and simple. That’s why I love having Google Reader on my phone. It actually syncs with my reader account so if I read something from my computer is shows it’s read on my phone. You gotta love technology.


Right now I am reading two eBooks, 7 Steps To Complete Search Engine Domination (direct download) by Ana Hoffman and Killer Facebook Fan Pages by Garrett Pierson. My time on the computer usually involves enough browsers, tabs and programs to confuse a team of computer operators so reading an eBook is all but impossible when sitting at my desk. The solution is carried on my hip daily. I simply upload the PDF eBooks to my phone and read whenever I get a chance. Standing in line or waiting on your order to arrive? No problem, break out the smart phone.


This is a no-brainer but I use my phone with several separate email accounts and it keeps my phone jumping. I’ve learned not to grab for the phone with every ‘ding‘ or I would be doing nothing but read email but it’s nice to have things shaved down a bit when I do get home. No more seeing eighty unread emails to sort through as soon as I walk into the house. It’s also fantastic for time sensitive emails like upgrading a paid subscriber on a membership site or finding out a client needs a visit before you kick your shows off at the front door. Email on the phone is the best thing since mobile GPS and MP3s for the car.


It never fails; we’re ten miles from home, get a great blog post idea and write it on something we just know we’re not going to keep until we get home. Honestly, how many gas receipts have you wrote blogging notes on? Enter the smart phone! I use a little app called Note Everything that lets me keep my thoughts neatly organized in folders that I create. I get home and check my notes and I’m a genius, or sometimes wonder what in the world was I thinking; that’s a dumb idea.

And More…

I could go on and on with great smart phone applications for blogging so I will rush through just a handful more.

  • Outsourcing with apps like Fiverr, eBay and Craiglist.
  • YouTube to keep up with your video management, watch online video tutorials, and build your YouTube social network.
  • Quick on the spot access to newspapers, magazines and radio for blog post ideas and research.
  • Barcode scanner to bookmark and subscribe to interesting blogs and newsletters.
  • Internet Browser to quickly go you that website you just seen on the billboard, heard on the radio, or noticed on the side of a car.
  • The camera to capture that perfect image for your next blog post.
  • The video camera to create your next YouTube video. You can even upload the videos directly to YouTube or Google+.
  • Google Search so you can quickly get facts and information that helps your research or even for spell check.
  • Voice record to capture great blogging ideas and tasks. Just speak into the phone and you are all set,

There you have it; the smart phone can make us a blogging genius. Even right now as I write this post, my HTC EVO is sitting propped up on its kickstand, plugged into my USB port, with Twitter loaded on the screen. As it plays my favorite Pandora station of course.

Do you use a smart phone? Can you see how the expense is worth the benefits it provides? What do you use your phone for that helps you as a blogger?