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Story It With SnapChat – Why You Should Be Snapping

In this post, I’m going to show you why online businesses should be on Snapchat. Why YOU should be on Snapchat. I’ll offer some storytelling tips to use on Snapchat. I also embedded a couple of “Snapchat Stories” as examples of creative storytelling. Then I show you several people, you already know and follow that are working their Snapchat magic every single day. I included their Snapcodes and Boo-R codes so you can easily add them with your mobile device.

I installed Snapchat for the first time back in January 2015. That was a short trial for me because I couldn’t figure out how to even use it. Snapchat seemed SO STUPID.

Why You Are Going To Love Snapchat For Business

Fast forward a little over a year and I get an email from Cliff Ravenscraft that, while maybe not life changing, started a very exciting chapter in my social media life.

Why this email and not all of the others I’ve heard mention Snapchat? That’s simple. Value!

Cliff took the time to create a video tutorial.

Side Note/ Lesson:

I bet we can see a huge lesson here, can’t we? The word value is tossed around in our circles like a hot potato. The truth is, “value” actually means something.

In this case, the value, for me, was a video that showed me how to use what has since become my favorite social media platform. Snapchat.

Cliff could have invited his list to join him on Snapchat and left it at that, but he recognized a need. He filled that need with a video tutorial. That, my friends, is why Cliff Ravenscraft generates an income and lives a lifestyle that many of us strive for.

New To Snapchat And Need Help Figuring It Out?

As I mention a second ago, Cliff Ravenscraft created a nice video tutorial. that go me started.

But wait, there’s more. 😉 Leslie Samuel just released one of the most helpful and organized online Snapchat guide. And it’s there free for everyone. This guy isn’t even asking for your email address. You should give it to him though, he shares only pure gold with his list. I know because I’m on his list. 🙂

See: The Ultimate Snapchat Tutorial

Back On Track

Once I knew how to use Snapchat and found a few people to add, I instantly fell in love with the storytelling app.

Many Marketers Can’t Wrap Their Heads Around Snapchat

Hey, that was me just months ago. It was like Instagram – only worse. What, I can’t post a link on Snapchat?
✔ My pictures and videos disappear forever after 24 hours?
✔ They can only be seen or watched one time? (Kind of)
✔ What? They only last for 10 seconds or less?

Are you kidding me here? What good is a platform like that?

Besides, Snapchat is for kids sharing questionable photos with their friends because Mom and Dad invaded Facebook. Right?

Dude, that’s so wrong! NOT TRUE.

Not anymore. Yes, mom and dads have invaded Snapchat too. LOL

Seriously, Snapchat has grown BIG TIME recently, and I think I understand why.

I could be wrong, but I think it has to do with the “story” feature. This might be a new feature, and I believe that it is.

It’s where you can share snaps (10-second video clips or photos) to your “Story” where they’re stored for 24 hours. Anyone following you can watch those snaps – all stitched together. (You can also send snaps to an individual or group of people)

So Why Is Snapchat Is A Great Marketing Tool

Marketing tool? Silly rabbit. It’s not a marketing tool. It’s a connections tool. Is “Content Marketing” really marketing? I just blew your mind, didn’t I? LOL

Snapchat allows you to connect on a deeper level than any other social network. True Story.

Snapchat is a storytelling app that makes it easy as pie to be clever and creative. The secret? It’s the way your snaps are viewed by others – all stitched together. Watch this:

Here’s another example – this one using Vimeo to host the video.

Cast Iron Omelette Snapchat Story

I follow the day to day lives on Snapchat of people I’ve known online for years.Here’s the deal: I learn more in a couple of days on Snapchat than years of contact in any other form of media.

Here’s the deal: I learn more in a couple of days on Snapchat than years of contact in any other form of media.

I know what you’re thinking, “Brian, you stupid idiot, have you heard of Google Hangouts, Periscope, Meerkat, and Blab?

First, be nice, okay? There’s no need for that kind of name calling. LOL

Second, those are amazing apps and I love every one of them. Video is such a powerful medium.

Here’s the thing…Snapchat is video in your pocket – locked and loaded. <- Soon to be a famous quote! ~ Brian D. Hawkins (Don’t get my name’s spelling wrong). 😉

Snapchat is video in your pocket – locked and loaded. <- Soon to be a famous quote! ~ Brian D. Hawkins (Don’t get my name’s spelling wrong). 😉

Snapchat is with you:

✔ Every time you want to share something important.
✔ Every time you see something funny.
✔ When things are too cute not to share.
✔ When you’re in the mood for conversation.

When you want to connect – you connect. Instantly.

✔ There’s no camera’s and lighting to worry about.
✔ There’re no emails and tweets to draft.
✔ There’s no need for scheduling and planning.
✔ There’s no need for expensive equipment.
✔ No set-up and prep time.
✔ There’s no changing clothes or putting on makeup. Don’t judge. LOL

Storytelling At Its Best

Let’s get back to storytelling. The best way for me to explain it is to show it.

Now, let me say, I’m watching some amazingly creative storytelling skills by some real pros, but I don’t have their permission to share those snaps. I don’t know how I would if I did have permission.

I’m about as creative as a lugnut.

For realz, I know it’s hard to believe. 😉 But you should see me rock SnapChat.

In fact, watch me rock Snapchat. Hold on, I’m gonna take you for a ride and show you how easy it is to be a creative storyteller on Snapchat.

Snapchat Example – I Drive A Truck

I love storytelling. I love creativity. I don’t feel qualified to talk about content marketing, thankfully, but I can create content all over the place. And do.

Call me a content creation fool. <- Grammarly wants me to change that to “tool” LOL

Grammarly thinks I'm a tool

Snapchat is my content creation tool of choice when in comes to sharing my instant and spontaneous genius. ~ Brian D. Hawkins

Social Snap Tips

✔ Follow selectively but follow back – if you truly want interaction. Only those you follow will see the “chat” link below your snaps.

<rant>It’s hard to understand so many “marketers” that talk about interaction all day long yet only follow a small percentage of people – always the people they want to stroke. That’s right, I said it and you know it’s true. Don’t dump on the very people that support you. Or if you do, at least shut up with the interaction talk already.</rant>

✔ Try to respond to chat comments and questions promptly BUT be sure you are in a place and have the time to actually respond. I’ve looked at a few that were going to take longer than I had expected so put my response off until later. Then, later comes around, and the snap is gone. Half the time I lose track of who I was supposed to respond to or what they said to begin with. Snapchat makes it tough on us procrastinators. 😉

✔ Don’t ask for something every time you send a snap. Leave that for Twitter. 😉 Try to be yourself, open, and helpful. Blasting ads and requests won’t get you far on Snapchat.

✔ When including others for your Story snaps, ask yourself if that person would really want to be singled out. I have a couple of people that must think I want to be tagged in everything they do because they’re adding me to their story snaps daily. To me, this is spammy.

✔ People want to be heard. Show you’re listening every once in a while with a quick comment while you’re scanning and watching snaps. Not everyone and not all of the time, of course, but you might be surprised how many people crave that interaction. Make people’s day and make new friends. It’s one of the best things about social media – if you allow it to happen.

✔ It doesn’t take long before you have so many connections that it is impossible to watch everyone’s snaps every day. Find a system that works for you but I edit their names with a code, depending on our relationship.

Note: I’ll be the first to admit that the following system is loaded with flaws. Mainly because, as Sweet Brown would say, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” I’d love to hear from anyone that has a better system, other than not following back.

Here’s my code but you may want to create your own – or skip the hassle altogether.

(BTW, when new adds start coming in faster than you can edit names, don’t let it stress you out. It will happen.)

AAA – Must watch to learn. These are usually people I want to learn from because they are where I want to be when it comes to business success.

Content grades: B,C,D,F – Just like high school grades. I don’t have an “A” grade but that would work too. I know it seems judgmental but if someone I’m following only posts snaps of them hookah smoking while they blast trance music, I either unfollow or give them a “E”. Why not unfollow all the “E’s and D’s? Because I’m not here just for my own enjoyment, I want to help people. That’s just my personal approach, though. You have to take your own path.

I have a code for people that follow back and those that don’t. Friends, those that follow back, get an “F” and those that don’t follow back get an “NF”.

If I have chat interaction with someone, they get a ♥ before their name.

If I notice someone watching my snaps day after day, I add a checkmark ✓ before their name.

So if I have a nice lady that asks me questions about her blog, follows me back, watches my snaps, but only posts videos of her 15 cats, her edited name would look like: ♥ ✓ F SnapName.

Storytelling Snap Tips

✔ Keep it short.

✔ Pay attention to the 10-second timer.

✔ Think it through.

✔ Keep it simple.

✔ Easy on the filters.

✔ Don’t hide from the camera.

✔ Light it up.

✔ Let you be you – Let your hair down.

People You Know That Are Rocking It On Snapchat

Leslie Samuel on SnapchatLeslie Samual – This is big. We get to see the real you, if you let us, on Snapchat. So let your hair down and just be you. I love watching Leslie Samual playing with Noel. Don’t know who Noel is?

Add Leslie on Snapchat (Link only works if you’re on mobile and are logged into Snapchat).


Follow Ileane Smith on Snapchat Ileane Smith – Today I enjoyed watching Ileane Smith getting new floors in her kitchen. Yes, she brought me into her kitchen with SnapChat. How cool is that?

Add Ileane Smith on Snapchat (Link only works if you’re on mobile and are logged into Snapchat).


Follow Cliff Ravenscraft on SnapchatCliff Ravenscraft – I’ve watched Cliff Ravenscraft work through recent life-changing decisions. I mean, I feel like I witnessed the actual thought process as it happened – in real time. Oh, and he took me on an incredible trip to New Zeland.

Add Cliff Ravenscraft on Snapchat (Link only works if you’re on mobile and are logged into Snapchat).


Follow Lewis Howes on SnapchatLewis Howes – I watched Lewis Howes go to Ghana to build schools with Pencils Of Promise. No, I WENT with Lewis Howes go to Ghana to build schools with Pencils Of Promise.

I watched him dance with the locals and play with the kids. I see him joke with family and friends and hit the gym like he was on fire.

Check this out… I’ve known who Lewis Howes is for years. I’ve heard his story many times from various interviews. I listen to his podcast. I follow Lewis on Twitter and read his book.

I THOUGHT I knew a lot about Lewis and I thought I liked him. I know I respected him.

Now, enter Snapchat. I do like him. I respect him.

But now I feel connected with him. I WANT to see more. I feel closer to the person and trust who I see. Do you see the power in that level of connection?

I have no idea how that happens without ever meeting someone, but Snapchat has that kind of power. Are you starting to get it?

Add Lewis Howes on Snapchat (Link only works if you’re on mobile and are logged into Snapchat).

Follow John Lee Dumas on SnapchatJohn Lee Dumas – Each day John Lee Dumas takes me out on his balcony or walks on the beach with my and gives me inspiration. JLD shares a rant that’s bugging him that day. John lets his hair down, what little he has (He’s a fellow veteran), and has fun with us on Snapchat. I’ve chatted with John on Snapchat the way Twitter used to be.

Did you know John and Kate are leaving San Diago and moving to Puerto Rico? I did. I knew Friday night. You know why? Becuase we’re friends on Snapchat. 😛

Add JLD on Snapchat (Link only works if you’re on mobile and are logged into Snapchat).

Add Pat Flynn on SnapchatPat Flynn – So far, Pat Flynn isn’t as “addicted” to Snapchat as some of us -yet, but he does give us a quick peek into his personal life every once in awhile.

For example. I was surprised at just how early he can be somewhere, usually the gym. I was proud of myself for getting up this morning at 5:30 am. Pat? He was in the gym at 5:30 am. This guy is really taking the “Miricle Morning” seriously. LOL

I know Pat is still in “launch Mode” with his book “Will It Fly” (That is not an affiliate link – only because I didn’t want to do the whole affiliate disclaimer thing on this post. So it’s a direct link the book on Amazon but I do recommend it) just coming out so I imagine he’ll have more to snap with us pretty soon.

Add Pat Flynn on Snapchat (Link only works if you’re on mobile and are logged into Snapchat).

Follow Michael O'Neal on SnapchatMichael O’Neal – I watched Michael O’Neal try for days to get the right tires on his Porsche. I see him “getting things done” on the better side of town in coffee shops. I see him out having fun. Mixing it up and rubbing shoulders with other people we all follow.

I watched him open up packages like a cast iron skillet or his brand new speakers. These were beautiful speakers. Did you know they are the first speakers he bought brand new? You do if you’ve added him on Snapchat.

I’ve chatted with Michael on Twitter a few times, and I’ve listened to every single podcast episode he’s put out. Never have I felt closer than I do after connecting with him on Snapchat.

Add Michael O’Neal on Snapchat (Link only works if you’re on mobile and are logged into Snapchat).

Follow Joel Comm on SnapchatJoel Comm – The biggest, badest Snapchat storyteller? Hand’s down, Joel Comm is the one to follow. Joel goes all out on every creative platform, and Snapchat is no exception. In fact, I’d have to say Joel has had a significant influence on the recent rapid growth of the app.

Joel Comm likes to make a new “theme” each day. The best one was when he spent the day as a “tiny” person, running around all day long just a foot tall.

There’s no way to explain the creative genius of Joel Comm. You’ll just have to follow him to see it. I wish I had a way to show his day of tiny, though. LOL

Follow Joel Comm on Snapchat (Link only works if you’re on mobile and are logged into Snapchat).

Do Good Stuff like Joel CommOh, I almost forgot. Joel Comm used Snapchat to give away “Do Good Stuff” stickers. He sent a few to me, and guess what?

I have a couple of extra. Want one?

To show I appreciate that you’re still reading after 1600 freakin’ words,

the FIRST person to comment below with the words, “Do Good Stuff Like Joel Comm” will get one of mine.


Add Gary Vee on SnapchatGary Vaynerchuk – Gary Vee is all over Snapchat being, well, Gary Vee. I’m sure it’s no surprise that Gary Vaynerchuk is 100% real on Snapchat because that’s him everywhere BUT I do think you see a little more of that realness on Snapchat.

Did you know while Gary was recording the audio for his latest book and doing Facebook Live videos he was Snapchatting it up too? Yep, true story.

Want to see someone willing to walk the quiet streets (As quite as New Your can be) in the middle of the night and inject you with a massive shot of inspiration. Then you have to follow Gary Vee on Snapchat.

Add Gary Vee on Snapchat (Link only works if you’re on mobile and are logged into Snapchat).

And, of course, I would love to connect with you on Snapchat. Add me on Snapchat.

Brian Hawkins on Snapchat

Other Cool People To Add

I enjoy the following people’s snaps and they are listed in no particular order. By the way, you’re sure to understand by now, but the links below only work from your mobile device and if you are logged into Snapchat. 🙂

✔ Carlos Gill – thecarlosgil
✔ Amy Schmittauer – schmittastic
✔ Chris Ducker – chrisducker
✔ Tim Schmoyer – timschmoyer
✔ Scott Stratten – unmarketing
✔ Nick Unsworth – nickuns
✔ Michael Stelzner – mikestelzner
✔ Robert Scoble – scobleizer
✔ Jennifer Quinn AKA JennyQ – jennyq411
✔ Justin Kan – justinkan
✔ Tyler Anderson – tjasnaps
✔ Steven Applegate – stevenapplegate
✔ Owen Hemsath – owenhemsath
✔ Jeremy Montoya – whatupjeremy
✔ Kellee Mayfield AKA Delta Moxie – deltamoxie
✔ Austin Iuliano – austiniuliano
✔ Saba Sedighi – sabasedighi
✔ Andy Gelder – andygelder
✔ Steven Thompson AKA BIGDaddyPR – mrstethompson
✔ Victoria Taylor – victoriatayluk
✔ Jeannie Spuhler AKA fitfabfive – oursnappyhour
✔ Katie Miller – katiesmiller
✔ Vanessa Roberts AKA Nessa Makes – nessamakes
✔ Sue B. Zimmerman – suebzimmerman
✔ Jay Baer – jay.baer
✔ Ted Rubin – tedrubin
✔ Danny Nappi – dannyintampa
✔ Brian Franzo – isocialfanz
✔ Jeff Sieh – jeffsieh
✔ Pam Moore – pammktgnut

You might also want to check out Carlos Gill’s Snapchat Directory for even more people to add.

Your Snapcode Goes Here!

Are you on Snapchat? I’d love your thoughts on this rising social star. If you are on Snapchat, even if you just signed up, leave your snapcode link in the comments and I will add you to my account PLUS I’ll add you right here – in this blog post for others to find you. Fair enough? Good deal. 🙂

Oh, and if you know of other great people that we should know about, feel free to list their snapcodes as well.

There’s A LOT more to talk about when it comes to Snapchat so I see a part two coming. Maybe even a part three.

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  1. One more social network? You got me interested by saying it’s about storytelling. Thanks 🙂 Now to watch videos and stuff about it.

    Oh, and Do Good Stuff Like Joel Comm

  2. Hi Britt, I know, right? It seems like we’re being slammed with new social platforms every few weeks. Periscope, Meerkat, Peach, Blab, Anchor – that I can’t access because I have an Android 🙁 and now Slyce.

    Snapchat isn’t new but a lot of people like me (old) are just getting on.

    Congratulations Britt, you won the Do Good Stuff sticker. Shoot me an email with the address you want it sent to brian@hotblogtips.com 🙂

  3. Great article! Thank you so much for adding me to your list. I would also like to say, that you are 100% correct that a ton of people pander to the “big guys” and forget to pay attention to the community. The other main thing people need to do big time is to be original. There are to many people trying to emulate Garyvee.

  4. Absolutely Austin, we have to find our own voice and allow ourselves to be ourselves. We’re not going to be the perfect fit for everyone but we will connect with people that truly want to associate themselves with us and our brand.

    Great point about Gary Vee. One that I see being copied a lot on Snapchat is DJ Khaled. It’s funny but you can instantly tell when someone is trying a little too hard to be just like him.

    Another one is John Lee Dumas. He’s been copied by a bunch of new podcasters lately.

    There’s nothing wrong with being influenced by our mentors. I would encourage that. As you are well aware, because you are nothing if not original, copying our mentors is not “key.” <- Sorry, I couldn't resist throwing the key around. LOL My goal? To be so great at telling my story that people are emulating Brian Hawkins. 😉 Thanks for taking the time to comment Austin, I appreciate it.

  5. Hello Brian

    Have been using Snapchat for a couple of months, though never tasted this thing the way you did and described. Nevertheless, your way of narration the stuffs made me to fall in love with snapping. Credit goes you.

  6. I stayed away from using much social media due to distraction from my internet marketing work. This really opened up my mind on how i can use snapchat for my online business with the use of storytelling .

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