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Smart phone screenshot with feed shownUPDATE Oct. 05, 2014: Facebook no longer gives us an easy link for finding our Facebook Page RSS Feed URLs (they still do for our  main notifications found in our profiles) so we have a couple of extra steps to take to discover that feed link for our pages. No worries, it just takes a couple of minutes.

How would you like access to your Facebook Page notifications without all the messages? Not a problem, just subscribe to your Facebook page notification’s feed.

If you look at the screenshot below, you will see the link, Get notifications via: RSS.€ This is a very cool feature that will allow you to €˜subscribe€™ to your Facebook page’€™s notifications while letting everything else wait until you have time for it.

Personally, I love feed readers; I use Google Reader Feedly on all of my systems, including my smart phone. I check my updates, as well as news and blog posts, throughout the day no matter where I am..

To Find Your Facebook Page RSS Feed URL:

You will need your ID number (Your numeric ID, NOT your page name in your FB Page URL) to locate your Facebook Page RSS Feed URL. Luckily, there’s a page online that will find the ID number for you. You just insert your Page link and the free online tool will show you your Facebook Page ID#.

Go to findmyfacebookid.com to find your unique FB Page ID.


Go to findmyfacebookid.com to find your unique FB Page ID


For example: Our Facebook page is:


Our Facebook Page ID Number is: 154543354629681

Now find your Facebook Page RSS Feed Link

Take that Facebook Page ID number and attach that number behind the following URL:


You should come up with something like


That will be your Facebook Page RSS Feed URL to submit to your favorite feed reader.

Thank you  IT World for the updated info.

Viewed In Google Feed Reader
Facebook RSS Reader

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  1. Will it make any difference?

    I am tired of seeing so many notifications about events and stupid invites to liking someone’s page.


  2. Me too Samuel, that’s kind of the point. As far as I can see, the only way to to get Facebook Page notifications is to get ALL notifications, including our private profile stuff. By subscribing to our Facebook page feed, we can turn off those notifications if we don’t want to deal with the private stuff.

    This way, I get a lot less email and I still can see when and where others have interacted on my page.

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