How To Find Social Accounts When Your Brand Is Already Taken

Let me tell you all about it:

I’ve been talking a lot about domains and branding lately and in this post I’ll help you discover new social media possibilities when the brand you are setting up is already taken. Once you have secured your domain you’ll probably want to find matching Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. profiles to support your new brand. We often find the perfect Social Names are already taken and we’ll need to get a little creative and find another solution. That’s what we’ll get into with this post – Your Brand on Social Media. [Read more…]

What’s The Story Behind Your Brand?

In this post I talk about the importance of conveying your story in everything you do, building relationships and connecting on a deeper level. I tell my story on exactly what led to this post and how it can help you understand the importance of storytelling. [Read more…]

Branding Opportunities With The New Generic Top Level Domains

Sexy Audio Blog by Brian:

Have you seen all of the exciting new Generic Top Level Domains that are now available? This is the perfect branding opportunity for those a little late to the game and found most of the .COMs taken. In this post, I’ll go over the two most exciting aspects of the recent gTLD additions and why they just may be the perfect solution for new bloggers or new online business ideas you come up with. [Read more…]

The New Universal Blogging Symbol Is Here!

Back in June of 2013, I asked the blogging community to help create An International Blogging Image for anyone to use. Now, half a year later, I’m totally stoked to announce the launch of, where we give the community it’s new Universal Blogging Symbol – The New International Blog Image. [Read more…]

How to Make a Reusable Branding Watermark in

In this short How-To video tutorial, we walk you through step by step how to make a branding watermark that you can save and use on each of your images or photographs. So, unless a person downloads the image and crops out or covers your watermark, you will still have some branding even if attribution is not given. This branding watermark could also be used on your videos! [Read more…]