Empowering Brand Advocates and Encouraging Brand Advocacy

You don’t have to be one of the mega-brands to have brand advocates and even the smallest blogs can build and encourage brand advocacy. In this post we’ll take a look at recognizing brand advocates, nurturing those relationships and empowering your biggest fans. Well start with defining a Brand Advocate, give a couple of examples, clarify the overall meaning of Brand Advocacy and, finally, take a look at how you, as a blogger, can benefit from a team of advocates looking out for you and your blog. [Read more…]

Brand Your Blog As A Company or Person? (HoA)

Show Notes – video 00180

Original Airdate Sep 1, 2013

In this Hot Blog Tips Hangout on Air (HoA), we have Ben Barden return as a special guest. Ben was one of the original members of the Hot Blog Tips Hangout Crew in 2012. Ben joins us in a discussion with Brian Hawkins and Sheryl Loch on branding. We discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of branding our names where “we” are the brand as opposed to branding a product or company.

A few considerations for personal branding are selling the blog could prove difficult since we “are” the brand and, without us, the blog may not survive or continue to grow.

Ben coined a very descriptive name for the way we both (Ben and Brian) use our personal blogs and that’s as a hub. This hub can funnel visitors in whichever direction they seek, rather than finding themselves on a single niche blog that may no be of interest to them.
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