Stop Crying About Popups, Blogging Isn’t Just For Kids – Silly Rabbit

How many years have we watched bloggers from every walk of life bitching about the way others are running their blogs? Well, I guess as long as blogs have been a thing because bitching is as much human nature as trying not to eat our young is.

I’m going to settle this once and for all. I will be the voice of reason for the underdog that wants popups on their blogs. I fully anticipate my say will forever end the silly debate of pop-ups and pop-up ads because, well, I am me.

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Promotional Contest – Lap Desk by LapGear Giveaway

Update – Post Archived
I apologize but this post is no longer relevant and/or out of date. It is kept online for archival reasons and may or may not be updated one day. I invite you to our Home Page for the most recent and best articles we offer. Thank you, Brian

Win a lap desk contestLast January I set a goal to have a contest this year… I guess we better get going. 😉 Last month we reviewed Lap Desks by LapGear and now we’re going to give one away to a lucky winner.

[shadowbox]We Have A Winner! The winner was Julie of Alexandria, VA. Julie picked a blue lap desk and it was shipped directly to her from LapGear. I was hoping to get a photo of Julie using or opening her prize bt we just couldn’t make that happen. No worries, congratulations Julie and a big Thank You to everyone that participated. [/shadowbox]

The Grand Prize!

The one and only prize in this contest is a nice one. We’re giving away one LapGear Platinum Series 500 LapDesk in a color of the winner’s choice. {{{ TWEET THIS! [Read more…]