What Do YOU Love And Hate About Newsletters?

image - Love or HateYesterday we (Newsletter Partners) had an awesome Google Hangout On Air (HOA). Awesome in a highly professional manner? Far from it, it was a freakin’ disaster. LOL But it was fun and I liked it; we make a great team.

Anyway, the Hangout was about the Do’€™s and Don’ts of newsletters and now I want to know what YOU want to see in a newsletter. I’ll paste the questions Sheryl asked us below but, by all means, use your own. So loyal reader, what is it you love and hate about newsletters? Are you subscribed to ours? Feel free to comment below or directly on our YouTube channel. [Read more…]

Relationship Marketing Is Vital When Building A List

Building A List Starts With Subscriber Relationships

If someone were to offer me two choices for a list: 1) a list with 5000 credits or 2) a list with 500 trusted subscribers, I would choose the second one. Why?

If I were to recommend something, I would get better results with the 500 trusted subscribers. Why? Because those guys trust me. Trust is the keyword when it comes to customer/client and business/owner relationship.

In this blog post, we will take a look at various means through which we can build strong relationships with our newsletter subscribers. In effect, using a mild form of relationship marketing to establish trust and retain active subscribers. Let’s start: [Read more…]