How To Find Your Facebook Likes (Video)

image - Where Are The Facebook LikesWhere are your Facebook likes? Have you noticed that your Facebook “Likes” are hard to find now? They’re still visible, just not as easy to find. Sheryl Loch was nice enough to record a short two minute how-to video showing us how to find those likes, step by step. I hope this helps. Feel free to comment below, we love hearing from you. [Read more…]

Why Big Business Have To Pay Facebook And You Might Too

Facebook had made several recent updates that pose a significant challenge for bloggers and business. EdgeRank makes “engagement and interaction” vitally important and the only other option is to pay. Now there’s a new wrench in the gears with the feed “separation“changes. Let’s take a look at how this affects bloggers and both small and large business and what we can do about it. [Read more…]

Google Plus Is More Powerful Than Facebook – Your Online Reputation Counts: Part Three

G-Plus vs FacebookWe see it every day, “Facebook is more popular than Google Plus, and G+ is boring” or “Everyone I know is on Facebook“. Okay, fine. So What? Are you looking for an entertainment source or are you trying to build an online business?

This is our third instalment of the “Your Online Reputation Counts” series (See Part 1 & Part 2).

Where Traffic Comes From

Does Facebook send qualified traffic to your blog, if worked correctly? Of course it does and you should take advantage of that. So does Twitter, so does Pinterest and, yes, so does Google+. Let’s take a look at your two biggest traffic sources… Your search traffic and your referral traffic. We need to maintain a consistent balance between the two. We still want things like direct traffic from our branding but let’s stick with the two big ones for now. I’ll show you why Google Plus helps both of those traffic sources… [Read more…]

What Is Facebook EdgeRank And How Does It Affect Bloggers?

EdgeRank is simply Facebook’s algorithm (calculation) that regulates which updates and content is displayed in user’s news feeds. EdgeRank is a determining factor in when and how much of your content is shown, as well as where it is shown among other content.

Let’s break it down like this: Edge is the content, e.g. photos, videos, and status updates. The “Rank” indicates when and where these “Edges” will be shown in Facebook’s content stream. [Read more…]

Hot Blog Tips Facebook Fan Page – You Are Invited!

Best Blogging Tips Facebook Fan PageDid you know Hot Blog Tips has a Facebook Fan Page? We do and I’d be honored to have you as a fan. If your blog doesn’t have a fan page you might want to consider setting one up; it’s pretty simple.

What We Offer On Our Facebook Fan Page

We don’t use our fan page as just another place to post new blog posts; we offer that “extra” content that’s a bit too short for a blog post but still qualifies as valuable blog tips. [Read more…]