Send Google Plus Posts To Other Social Networks With Friends+Me

Have you become hooked on Google Plus and have a tough time staying fully active on other social networks? Friends+Me is a cool app that will help you syndicate (repost) your public G+ posts to other networks to help you stay active across the board. This post takes a detailed look at Friends+Me and some of the ways to use it. [Read more…]

The Difference Between Hangouts And Hangouts On Air (HoA)

Should You Hangout or Hangout On Air?

image - Hangouts On AirWell, that depends on what you want out of it. Do you just want to talk with your friends and family in “private” or do you want the entire world to have access to what you are saying and showing? Maybe you got an invite to a Hangouts on Air event, but you can’t figure out how to get in, and all you can do is watch. This article and video answers common questions on the difference between the two types of G+ Hangouts and help you decide which is best for you. [Read more…]

Google Plus Hangouts Custom Overlays FAQ’s Blog Post and HoA Video

Google Plus Hangout Custom OverlaysBranding is an important part of blogging and video is no exception. Google Plus Hangouts allow you to get pretty creative by using custom overlays. Add a bit of personality to your branding when you are using Google Plus Hangouts or Hangouts on Air. [Read more…]

Being blocked from Google Plus Hangouts?

Seems there are several people mentioning that they try to enter a hangout and get a message telling them they are blocked. Therefore they cannot join the hangout.

Some of these people are saying that they were blocked in a previous hangout for reasons such as; someone didn’t agree with them and blocked them to “kick them out“, others have said they were blocked because they had no live cam, and some say they have no idea why or when they were ever blocked. [Read more…]

Google Plus Is More Powerful Than Facebook – Your Online Reputation Counts: Part Three

G-Plus vs FacebookWe see it every day, “Facebook is more popular than Google Plus, and G+ is boring” or “Everyone I know is on Facebook“. Okay, fine. So What? Are you looking for an entertainment source or are you trying to build an online business?

This is our third instalment of the “Your Online Reputation Counts” series (See Part 1 & Part 2).

Where Traffic Comes From

Does Facebook send qualified traffic to your blog, if worked correctly? Of course it does and you should take advantage of that. So does Twitter, so does Pinterest and, yes, so does Google+. Let’s take a look at your two biggest traffic sources… Your search traffic and your referral traffic. We need to maintain a consistent balance between the two. We still want things like direct traffic from our branding but let’s stick with the two big ones for now. I’ll show you why Google Plus helps both of those traffic sources… [Read more…]